5 ways to keep you away from dark yellow skin

5 ways to keep you away from dark yellow skin


5 ways to keep you away from dark yellow skin

Click to buy the so-called one-white cover one hundred ugly, ethnic yellow not only makes us look unspirited, but also may think that the spleen and stomach are weak and malnourished.

Chinese medicine believes that the crowd is yellow, that is, there is moisture in the body and weak spleen and stomach, and lack of qi and blood.

How can we improve our skin tone in our daily life?

  1. Drink water, 1 cup of water in the morning. Everyone knows the nature of drinking water. Women need to replenish water. Too much water naturally leads to good skin. Therefore, insist on drinking 1 cup of boiled water after getting up every morning.Adding an appropriate amount of salt can clear the intestines and detoxify.

  2, do a good job of isolation and sun protection UV in order to make our skin dark yellow and black, want to avoid this problem, then you must do a good job of sun protection and isolation before going out, you can use good sunscreen and isolation cream.

Also, remember to remove your makeup as soon as you get home.

  3. Correctly wash your face and exfoliate. The dull and dull complexion appears to be caused by inadequate nutrition. It is said that the cuticle of the facial skin epidermis did not undergo normal metabolism.

The exfoliation of the facial skin is one of the methods to quickly change the dullness, dullness, and dullness of the skin. After exfoliation, the facial skin can completely make the facial skin white and tender, and it also brings skin care nutritionQuickly penetrates into the fragile skin, nourishes the skin, and brightens the complexion of the skin on the face.

  4. Don’t underestimate a small mask when applying the mask. Do it about once or twice a week. After long-term adherence, you will find that the mask is very effective in improving the skin. It can not only hydrate, whiten, but also goAcne.

However, people with dark yellow skin need to pay attention to hydrating, so it is recommended to moisturize the face with moisturizing water before applying the mask. Such a small action can double the effect of applying the mask.

  5. Diet Conditioning It is also feasible to adjust the dark yellow skin with daily diet.

  Milk: Drink more milk, especially pure milk. The statement that milk can make people white is scientific, so always pay attention to develop the habit of drinking milk.

  Jujube: Because jujube suffers from vitamin C and vitamin E, eating it regularly can make your skin very smooth.

  Sesame: The nutrients contained in sesame can rejuvenate your skin.

  In daily life, we need to improve the skin. In addition to the necessary daily skin care, we also need to adjust the diet internally so that we can completely improve the skin from the inside out.

Always make time to make a mask, so that the skin will not be dehydrated, and the skin with water can be full of vitality.

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