Boldly said to use Wang Ruolin’s mentality to gain weight

Boldly said to use Wang Ruolin’s mentality to gain weight


Boldly said to use Wang Ruolin’s mentality to gain weight

In the interview with the media, Taiwanese singer Wang Ruolin said that she could not accept the music being intervened by the contact person, and was fed up with the rules of the music scene. She also publicly said that 鈥渨hen pop singers are very embarrassed鈥?.

Her remarks immediately caused the angry refutation of Yan Guanghua, the general manager of Rolling Stone Records.

The reason is that she refused to record her as a warm image of the Taiwanese version of “Old Taiwan Lisa”, which is much worse than her own.

銆€銆€Since the debut, Wang Ruolin has been able to express her love and talent for music, and bravely launched her first album, in both Chinese and English, with good results.

Being able to sing English so well, so popular, shows that there is a market.

Wang Ruolin once said that he hates “ignorance, stupid and selfish people for money.”

From this we can easily understand that she will say “when pop singers are very shameful”.

銆€銆€瀵规璁拌€呴噰璁夸簡绫讳技鐨勬瓕鎵嬶紝鍏朵腑鍒涗綔姝屾墜鏋椾繆鏉拌锛氣€滄垜涓嶈寰楋紙褰撴祦琛屾瓕鎵嬶級涓㈣劯锛屼絾鏄垜纰拌繃鍏朵粬浜虹敤鈥樹粬寰堜涪鑴糕€欑殑琛ㄦ儏鐪嬬潃鎴戯紝濂藉儚鏈夊緢澶氭瓕杩凤紝灏辨槸Very no personality.

“Singer Chen Weilian said that he can understand the feelings of Wang Ruolin’s words. “Maybe she thinks that the songs she sings are too popular, and the style of being sung by the producers when recording songs is so dissatisfied.”

However, Chen Weilian also felt that pop singers would not be embarrassed. “Everyone has a different purpose as a singer.

In the real world, if you have a reputation and earn enough money, what is the use?

“In doing so, Yan Guanghua, the general manager of Rolling Stone Records, said: “She should not feel embarrassed by making money on this line.

Her words hurt the entire pop music scene and people who like her, and erased many people’s efforts over the years.

Even she doesn’t respect herself. Does the person who buys her album want to hit the wall?

Listening to her songs is also very shameful!

“What makes Yan Guanghua puzzled is: “Why is a singer like her who feels talented and will say something like this, then do not respect this industry?

No one forced her to do this. If she felt embarrassed, don’t do it!

“From this we are not serious. What a person wants to do is intentionally free, but the social market gives too many limitations, so that we lose ourselves.”
鈥?Especially in the fashion trend of slimming fashion, many friends who need to gain weight do not dare to speak out their needs.

What is the most important thing?

Mentality, then action.

The reporter of the fattening encyclopedia believes that the fattening person is completely forced by the social customary forces, and boldly wants Wang Ruolin to study. What you think is what you have to do. If the fattening person has such courage, why should he care about the stranger?What about your vision?

It is always understood.

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