Don’t forget to let my little butt breathe

Don’t forget to let my little butt breathe

Don’t forget to let my little butt breathe

It’s been 7 months since I came to this big world, and I’m about to spend the first summer of my life.

This hot weather is so sad for my little one!

Especially my poor little butt, even with thick diapers, stuffy, hot, wet and itchy every day, I really want to say to my parents-“Summer is here, my little butt must be transparent tooBreathable!

“Mum will understand this more easily!

  In order to maintain their own skin, mothers know that they often need to breathe the skin, and also change the cosmetics according to the seasons. They are more protective in winter and more breathable in summer, so do n’t forget, my littleButtocks are the same, even more tender than your face, and of course you need to be breathable, (I ‘m a bit too analogy, don’t be angry!


  So, mom, summer is here, and you should change my diapers for summer!

Want to buy me those that are not good at absorbing and retaining water, and also have good breathability.

Jiajia’s mother next door bought her Anerle “Shu thin cotton soft” diapers, you see her beautiful!

In fact, it is no wonder that she is proud. If I use “Shu thin cotton soft”, my little butt will be a lot cooler, and will not cry and make noise when sleeping, so that you and your father can sleep well!

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