Chinese Year, Human Feelings-The second stop of Lions and Dragons 2018, drunk Hangzhou set off immediately

Chinese Year, Human Feelings-The second stop of Lions and Dragons 2018, drunk Hangzhou set off immediately

Chinese Year, Human Feelings-The second stop of Lions and Dragons 2018, drunk Hangzhou set off immediately

The paradise on earth, the United States and the United States are so drunk. In this most beautiful world in March, the lion and horse dragon, known as the “old-time” medicinal oil brand in Hong Kong, will come to Hangzhou on March 22 with a “lion horse and dragon, Healthy China Trip “happiness trip, and Hangzhou Station will be the second stop of this year’s national activities.

  On March 22, the second stop of Hangzhou Station, happiness continued on March 2, the “2018 Lions and Horses, Healthy China Tour”-the first Lantern Festival in Changsha welcomed the participation of many guests.

The venue of the event, Changsha Desqin Plaza, was once overcrowded, and the main venue of the event was so crowded.

Everyone tasted the show and played the game together. Shima Long gave a lot of surprises and gifts at the scene. The guests at the scene experienced the development of Shima Long medicinal oil from a century-old Chinese medicine family.

Changsha, the first stop of the national event of “2018 Lions and Dragons, Healthy China” lived up to expectations and staged a wonderful New Year performance for everyone!

  After the perfect ending of the first stop, our activities at the second stop will be more exciting and hot.

From the “2018 Lions and Dragons, Healthy China Tour”-Activity Group Committee was informed that the “2018 Lions and Dragons, Healthy China Tour”-the second stop of the nation’s event was held on March 22 in Hangzhou West Intime, a gift to Hangzhou peopleSupport and love for the brand of Shima Long during the year, this time Hangzhou Station as the second stop of the national event, there must be more surprises waiting for everyone in Hangzhou!

  In March of the Spring Festival, it was understood that the trip to the spring with Shima Long went to Hangzhou. Shima Long invited the famous Hong Kong actor and fashion model Zhuang Simin at the Hangzhou station event.

Zhuang Simin is brilliant and a rare multi-talented artist.

She is a sexy and sexy professional model, a powerful actor with a personality interpretation, and a heroic female racing driver. She has participated in many excellent film and TV series, including the familiar “Heart of Heart””Storm”, “Fashion Leader” and “Man in the Port of Passage”, which broke the one billion box office championship.

  In addition, we will be infinitely upgraded at the scene for more interactive fun and wonderful gifts.

There are sexy and beautiful models presenting lion and malone products to us in different ways; there are “lion and malone” series interactive games that make guests want to stop, as long as they participate, they can easily take away “branded washing machines”, “branded microwaves” and “lion and dragon””Special Gift Package” and other awards!

On the spring equinox, the sun is just right. Don’t let down this great time. Please follow our footsteps and start the trip to Hangzhou.

  Ingenuity, fearless forward lion and horse dragon medicinal oil, one of Hong Kong’s old classic medicinal oils, has always been very popular in its birthplace, and it is also one of the top ten gifts for Hong Kong travel.

The years of precipitation and development are inseparable from the trust and support of thousands of people, and the most important warm company.

  On the way with the future, Shima Long will “do not forget the original heart, and fearlessly move forward”!

Use action to awaken traditional culture, blend into the bits and pieces of life, and warm up everyone who needs to be cared for and cared for.

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