Healthy finger fuck

Healthy finger fuck

Healthy finger fuck

Modern people often hit the computer keyboard and move the mouse, and they will feel numb hands over time. This is what doctors often call “carpal tunnel syndrome”, commonly known as “mouse hand”.

Therefore, this newspaper specially recommends a set of small gymnastics to prevent “mouse hands”, and everyone does not prevent regular work during work.


Place it vertically above with your body upright.

The right arm is straight forward and the shoulders are horizontal, with the palms facing upwards, fingers separated and pointing to the ground.

Move your fingers and wrists upwards while gradually tightening your fists, flexing your wrists to point your fists towards you.


Bend the elbow joint towards the shoulder with your fist.

Extend the upper arm to rotate, still keep the elbows and fists, and gradually turn your head to the fists.

Straighten the elbow joint and finger in turn, point your finger to the ground, and slowly turn your head to the opposite shoulder.

(Left upper limb repeat 1?


The upper arms are level with the shoulders, the back of the hands are close to each other, and the fingers are straight and point to the ground.

Keep your hands up, palms and fingers close to each other, and palms and shoulders to be recycled.


The palms and fingers are still tight, with both hands above the head.

Gradually move your hands to the back of your head and your shoulders to move backwards at the same time.


Straighten your upper arms with your shoulders and make a fist to bend your wrists.


Gradually lower your upper arms to the side of the trunk, and extend them to the back of your body with your fingers up and your jaws up.

Double upper arms are hung on the side of the main shaft of the spindle, and lightly hit the hand.

  Note: Steps 1 to 4 can be performed at any time.

The overall movement should be continuous, slow and coherent, and each step should be 5?
About 10 seconds.

People who have suffered from “mouse hands” should consult the doctor concerned before replacing this method to avoid causing serious injuries.

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