How do children with flatulence help these coups to help you

How do children with flatulence help these coups to help you


How do children with flatulence help these coups to help you

What about children with flatulence?

Children are the most like New Year, and most children like Chinese New Year because there are so many things to eat!

So pay attention to the amount of food!

Next, let’s see how to deal with the child’s bloating!

Diet: bloating, bloating, bloating, bloating is mostly caused by indigestion, slow stomach movement, gastritis, stomach ulcers, people often bloating, here are 2 food therapy, 3-5 days can improve the situation.

Therapeutic side one: 15 grams of fried buds, 2-3 pieces of kumquat (or orange cake) fried buds have the effect of spleen and qi, kumquat has the role of qi and stomach.

Production method: Wash the kumquat, crush it, put the fried bud into the casserole, add 200 ml of cold water, soak for a while, simmer for 10 minutes, then add the kumquat for 5 minutes, and pour out the medicinal juice.Add water to fry 1 time, combine the two juices, add a small amount of sugar, and drink tea.

This food therapy is available to anyone.

Therapeutic side 2: Betel nut 12 grams of the previous 60 grams of betel nut has the effect of digestion.

Production method: Wash the betel nut, fry with water, remove the juice to the residue, wash the previous rice, add it to the juice, cook the porridge with a small fire, add a small amount of sugar or salt according to your taste, eat it with the amount, one dayEat once, eat the best in the morning and evening.

Nutritional product conditioning recommended vitamin C: has anti-oxidation, detoxification effect, reduce mental stress; promote collagen synthesis, enhance gastric motility.

Vitamin B family: promote digestion, accelerate the body’s metabolism; stabilize mood, relieve stress and improve sleep.

Multivitamin tablets: supplement the vitamins and minerals needed by the body, promote digestion, accelerate the body’s metabolism; accelerate the repair of damaged tissues; stabilize mood and relieve mental stress.

It is recommended to take the urgent need for nutritional supplements, take 3 times the labeling dose until the symptoms are relieved: vitamin C, vitamin B family needs basic nutritional supplements, according to the label injection: multivitamin tablets.

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