Coach teaches you the most effective fitness exercises

Coach teaches you the most effective fitness exercises

Coach teaches you the most effective fitness exercises

Action 1: Bend your knees and bend to exercise parts: tendons, calves and hips.

Action essentials: Put your feet together and bend your body downwards.

Bend your knees slowly until you feel pressure in the front, hold your blood sugar tightly with your hands, and take a deep breath.

At this point, the body will feel a sense of fluttering, relax the head, appropriate and forward, slow down breathing, slowly swing the body, or gently shake your head, hold it for one minute, return to the posture.

Role: exercise leg strength, lower blood pressure.

  Action 2: Squatting exercise area: hips, arms and legs.

Action essentials: Step forward with your left leg, squat down, point your hands at the body, right knee at the left heel, inhale, slowly lift your left leg up, hold it for one minute, then change your legs and repeat.

Role: Relax hip muscles and reduce sports injuries. Action 3: Sit on an empty chair. Exercise areas: shoulders, chest, and legs.

Essentials of movement: Straight body, feet close together, palms facing each other, posture raised up to head, head tilted back.

Inhale, bend your knees, and then sit down, as if sitting in a chair.

Do not let it over the toes.

Hold your chest and abdomen every time you inhale, and sit down a bit each time you exhale.

Role: Strengthen leg strength and reduce abdominal aunt.

  Action four: Swing body parts left and right: shoulders, hips.

Action essentials: Take a big step forward with your right foot, squat stepping, inhale, palms facing each other, arms up, lean back.

Keep your front legs still and swing your body from side to side.

Keep your knees on your forelegs no more than your toes, hold on for a minute, then repeat your legs.

Role: Strengthen the strength of the upper and lower limbs, exercise the shoulder and head complications, and enhance stability.

  Action five: Bend knees and raise hips Exercise areas: chest, tibia, spine and hips.

Action essentials: bend over and bend your knees, reach your heels with both hands.

Place your arms on the floor on both sides of your body with your palms facing downwards, exhale, and lift your hips upwards for 45 seconds. Repeat this action 3 times.

Role: Many men’s intercostal muscles and connective tissue around the thorax are very stiff, limiting lung capacity.

This posture can make breathing even, relax those tight muscles, and make breathing more smooth and relaxed.

Over time, continuous bridge practice can improve the performance of all aspects of the body’s activities and help relieve the pressure on the upper respiratory tissues.

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