5 Commandments Moms Must Obey

5 Commandments Moms Must Obey

5 Commandments Moms Must Obey

Every parent knows that it is important to educate children to observe the rules, but what should and should not be?

The “homework” that parents must do every day includes urging the little ones to go to bed on time, ensuring the nutrition of each meal is comprehensive, and educating the children with high morals . Everyone knows that there is no speculative way to help us raise a healthy baby.

  Some must insist that children need to know something that you absolutely will not tolerate ‘examples: dangerous behavior, violent behavior, malicious mischief.

  Safety first. Children need the necessary safety knowledge. Some of them do not know how much disaster a fire can cause, so be sure to install necessary facilities to protect the children in the room, and never leave the children alone at home.

  Highlight positive factors When children make mistakes, learn to understand why they did it from their mistakes and what they want to achieve-usually we will learn that children are behind these mistakesKindness and hard work.

  Pay attention to hygiene Every day you pay attention to children brushing their teeth and washing their hands-things like this may be boring to you, but it must be done.

Good hygiene is essential for the healthy growth of children.

  Criticize things instead of children. Children need to know explicitly that mothers love him anyway.

Therefore, when you need to criticize your child, be sure to talk about it ‘don’t directly define the child as a “selfish ghost”, “naughty bag”‘ but tell the child: you don’t like this thing you do.

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