• The relationship between endometriosis and infertility is generally what are the performance

    Throughout the ages, for most women, having children is considered a complete "home"。However, endometriosis, many women became pregnant on the road "stumbling block", whether endometriosis causes infertility how a high probability of how to assess the appropriate treatment of endometriosis patients with infertility affect what is endometriosis What are the general performance does endometriosis and infertility relationship between endometriosis (EMS), refers to the growth of endometrial tissue has the function appears outside the uterine cavity of the other site, is a kind of pelvic pain and infertility characterized by persistent lesions, is one of the most common diseases in women of childbearing age, its occurrence, development and female fertility is closely related to the link between infertility and have been a number of study confirms。
    However, with regard to whether or not there is a direct causal relationship between the two remains controversial, current clinical data show that about 25%?50% of infertility patients were confirmed with varying degrees of EMS, the same, about 30%?50% of women of childbearing age have infertility emerging performance, regardless of the female population who have given birth or infertility, its incidence is relatively high。Endometriosis etiology and pathogenesis since this has not yet been fully elucidated, still lead to endometriosis menstrual blood reflux planting doctrine as the leading theory that the cause of infertility, also tend to a variety of mechanisms, and more the result of a variety of factors to participate。
    Common performance of endometriosis endometriosis have the following common symptoms: 1, menorrhagia patients often have increased menstrual flow, menstruation symptoms, when hormone stimulation to the endometrium, in addition to the normal site endometrial will fall off, ectopic endometrium of the uterus will fall off, and therefore increases the amount of menstrual。
    2, dysmenorrhea patients have abdominal pain, pain, fall feeling, a sense of dysmenorrhea began 1-2 days before menstruation, with increasing stage of disease, menstrual pain will become more apparent after the end of menstruation, dysmenorrhea will disappear。3, pain during intercourse if endometriosis in the uterus rectum fossa, rectal vaginal septum position, then sexual intercourse when suffered stimulus will be greater, the surrounding tissue will be swelling and pain, and affect sex life。
    4, infertility patients with endometriosis often accompanied by infertility, ectopic endometrium each month because of the abdominal cavity are constantly bleeding, tubal surrounding tissue adhesion possibility of relatively large, so it is not flexible to pick up the fallopian tubes oocyte , there will hinder delivery of fertilized eggs, then the pregnancy will be more difficult。
    These are some of the symptoms of endometriosis occur, it is more obvious, the majority of female friends hope a lot of attention to their physical condition, especially women during menstruation dysmenorrhea long-term, but also to guard against the occurrence of the disease in a timely manner to the hospital to check, beating early treatment。related suggestion。

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