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    Double crab flavor is how to do in Zhejiang has a very well-known dishes that double crab flavor, making it a unique flavor, and small series together to see that the double green crab flavor is how to do double crab flavor is how to do it introduced!Double crab flavor is how to do Ingredients: crab crab conger Fat meat materials: egg seasoning: small onion salt nutrients coriander rice wine vinegar, MSG starch present lard 3 kcal calorie recipes, grams of protein, fat g, g carbohydrates, dietary fiber, g, 1 mg of cholesterol, 18 g carotene, thiamin mg mg riboflavin, niacin mg, 2 mg of calcium, 2 mg of phosphorus, potassium 2 mg, 4 mg of sodium, magnesium mg, milligrams of iron, mg of zinc, selenium microgram, mg copper, manganese mg.The Moray slaughter rule the net, taking net meat chopped into pieces mud; add salt and water in the crab flavor is double what do fish mud 100 ml, whipped to pull its weight, add egg, 50 grams of MSG playing through; the wok centering the fire down into lard, green onion, ginger, crab stir-fry, then add salt, rice wine, vinegar and a little MSG, fry dish, set aside; wok cooking pig fat fat, dry cool cut into 5 cm diameter, 7 cm thick circular sheet by sheet with a knife poke a few holes;。

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