• City parking difficult to crack, "shared parking" quietly started

      Parking is difficult to crack the city (on) "Shared parking" started quietly residents living in the old district of the old city, there will be a lot of people home from work, "grab spaces" experience。
    The kind of mood around the house in tiny circles, and people really extreme anxiety。   Census data show that the city parking, parking Beijing residential area a total of 2.19 million; the city's total overnight parking in urban areas, namely overnight parking demand for the 3.84 million; the total amount of the city's public buildings, parking spaces 1.47 million, the total amount of overnight parking only 580,000, accounting for Liu Cheng of 900,000 parking resources actually available……Parking healthy children get a clear idea, this year, how to solve the parking problem looming?City Traffic Commission official repeatedly said that this year, parking legislation was pending, some parking spaces were "sharing the wrong time", to establish parking public information management service platform, the basic information of parking resources of the city into a unified regulatory, to encourage residential areas during the day, public building area at night, when parking spaces are provided wrong。 Also, clear parking mode, the flow and use of fees。
      Perhaps, in continuing to explore the potential increase in the number of parking spaces at the same time, allow free parking "sharing" them in a specific time period, it is to solve the parking "anxiety" of a medicine residents。 APP and other shared parking, quietly started to test the water in the capital。   Intelligently lock can be shared parking Liu six months before the arrival of the Maple Run water yet, here near Joy City shopping district, Metro Line 6, life more convenient。 "Nothing good is that we did not stay late rent district where the long-term lease of parking spaces, temporary stop of fewer parking spaces also always grab, parking is a hassle。 Every time after work to grab a parking stop, I felt very lucky, for several days together not want the car drove off, the thought of open and very likely no place left to go home to stop it upset。 Sometimes, really I do not want to drive again。
    "Sometimes Mr. Liu come home late, really no way out, the car had just parked on the roadside, night sleep is not practical, the next day to quickly drove away, for fear of being 'stickers children'。
    "Because parking is difficult, I will pay special attention to the familiar and nearby parking lot after the Spring Festival this year, suddenly he found Joy west of the commercial surface parking, actually more a new thing。
    This new thing, to solve the big problem I came home parking。
    "Mr. Liu mouth 'new things', that is shared parking housekeeper '49 Parking' intelligently lock。 There are above two-dimensional code, download the APP, enter your name, phone number, ID number, license plate number, after completing the registration is approved, binding micro-channel or pay treasure, prepaid parking fee limit 200 yuan inactive, you can search for wanted to the parking place there is no "shared spaces" can be used, or even an appointment tomorrow want to use the parking spaces, most importantly, stop all night in the relevant "shared spaces" where there will be a substantial discount on the price。
      Liu Last month, drove home at night not to be so anxious: "have in mind the Dier, 21:00 to 7:00 in the morning, spent a total of $ 15, and then from time to time some concessions。
    The parking lot is usually one hour parking costs $ 6, no such offer I can not stop all night, and now it。 You can make an appointment from the unit when the good parking spaces, parking reservation period can also be determined to put down a locked parking can be controlled using a mobile phone Bluetooth, mobile micro-channel or direct deductions Alipay。
    "Correspondent met in the car park management personnel, Wu Jingli after 90, the young man initially did not understand what these people want to promote," they who came three or four times, at first I thought it was to sell lock, and later listened carefully to it, the situation looked software, I feel this shared philosophy is to。 Now more than 400 yard parking spaces, more than 100 of them free of charge to install a lock intelligently, regular maintenance checks locked to the battery and so on, only about a month, two or three parking spaces utilization has increased to。 "Shared parking earns 100 yuan a month, Mr. Song, who lives Zhujianglvzhou, he is old residents here, there an annual rental of parking spaces, parking from work, he is the worry of。
    But the difference is that Mr. Liu and Mr. Song is willing to work during the day when their own at home, and parking "sharing" out。
      "We have residential parking fee 3 dollars for an hour, 150 yuan a month renting a parking space owners。 At that time, shared parking so I volunteered, I study, I feel this is a good son, a win-win。
    They give free installation of smart locked, I resolved to go home parking spaces occupied to worry about from a technical level, I can freely control period I want to rent their own spaces in the APP, such as our home base every morning 8:30 to open the car gone, come home almost 8:00, I put the parking period from 9 am to 19:00 this time 'sharing' out and let people drive to work near children's convenient, I still have a portion of parking fees income, earn 100 yuan a month, more than good。
    "Song told reporters:" APP can put directly in the income account mentioned micro-channel or Alipay flower。 Our parking spaces on the south side of the floor area, more than 450 parking spaces, there are now more than 200 can be 'shared', as well as half the residents prefer the white sky does not accept 'sharing' of this new thing, especially when compared to some of the Age big neighbors, who feel that they can not handle the phone software, we hope they can be more than willing to try new things right。
    "Mr. Song also expressed the hope that 'shared parking' on the platform to show more and more, after driving to more places, you can also use other people, other units, public buildings, shopping centers provide a 'shared parking'。
      Staff Xiao Yang said that in line to promote "shared parking" when the greatest difficulty encountered is part of the grassroots communities, property and parking management, parking for Internet solution concept is completely blank。 "Some people are thinking more traditional, some people thought I was beginning to sell things。
    "Xiao Yang recalled these days to promote the experience, quite some emotion:" Joy west side of the parking lot also went a few times and eventually talk down, the high cost of our intelligent locks, and the installation is now free to promote our shared ideas at the same time, need to really be able to effectively share them technically guarantee parking spaces。 Now the evening can drain a lot of residents parking on weekends and holidays can be draining people to go shopping parking, parking profits rose more than 10%, but also benefit the residents of convenient parking, our philosophy is gradually recognized。
    "With the 'Internet thinking' to solve the parking difficult in fact, start 'stop sharing' R & D and marketing is not a long time, due to an accidental cause, the founder of several companies to drive to eat Chongwenmen shopping district, looking for a half an hour there were no find a suitable parking space, and finally had to violations parked on the roadside, after dinner came back and found the car was "stickers"。   '' Shared 'spaces is a good way out, Beijing relatively large size of the phone APP have shared parking '49' 'Tintin parking' '49 Parking 'currently has more than 40,000 registered users, but only a few thousand active users, we have to do also many。
    "Beijing forty-nine share of Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., chairman Zhou Rui said:" We now share parking spaces to the east, less the west, surrounding the city, less the core area, the layout imbalance, these are to be changed this year。 We hope that through government guidance, we actively promote more parking management side can be more things like, 'Internet thinking', to accept the concept of 'shared parking' of。 "In addition to Internet companies in the software actively promote the transport sector, community streets aspects of 'shared parking', but also concerned about the huge space and the need to 'stop sharing' and start action。
    Dongcheng District Traffic Commission official said that with the construction of social Dongcheng District parking lot, unit compound parking, overnight parking rate of only 40%, the region can take advantage of a shared parking spaces have ten thousand。 Xicheng District Traffic Commission official also revealed that, Xicheng District, has been promoting shared parking in the wrong, such as Cassia Cedar Street peripheral units, provided a total of more than 1,000 parking spaces available to residents at night wrong。
    Desheng Street developed a "Ruby parking" APP, use the software to 27 people Huangsi Street hospital long-term lease 24 parking spaces out to share, it will be expanded to more than 100 this year。   Newspaper reporter Meng ring text and photo。

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