• Abe ultra-liberal economic benefit from the Japanese brokerage: Nomura added 4 times donations

    □ Chen Hongbin announced donations alone balance of payments report, keep things under control where "wealth" of politicians?Because the political parties, especially the ruling party to accept some of the industries and enterprises of donations, it is difficult to ensure that does not favor these industries and enterprises in decision-making。Not to mention the donations provided by companies and organizations as well as a considerable number of politicians directly to the individual, whose whereabouts nobody knows for sure an even more。  Japan's Ministry of Internal Affairs announced earlier this income and expenditure of political funds report, disclosed political funds in 2013 enterprises and social organizations to political parties provided (using the Japanese expression "donations"), the Liberal Democratic Party donations up to 19.5.4 billion yen, an increase of 42%。Provide donations enterprises and organizations in more than 20 million yen to the LDP soared from last year's 9-23。  Democrats in the House of Representatives election in mid-2009 proposed to ban businesses and organizations to provide political contributions。When the end of the party got his wish, for the first time beat the Liberal Democratic Party became the ruling party and fulfilled its commitment, once disappeared for years of political contributions。But the Democratic Party is really "can not afford to help Liu fools", three years after the defeat in the general election。And once again in power after Abe of Japan, through the implementation of so-called "abenomics", the implementation of ultra-loose monetary policy, the share price rose sharply, the vast majority of listed companies earn pours。Of course, companies Gratitude。Keidanren separated in September last year after five years again call on member companies to provide political contributions, businesses and organizations Yihubainuo, so donations rise。  Donations should count the most active securities industry。Because Abe's ruling more than two years, Japan's stock market rose by more than 70%。With the stock market continued to rise, trading volume soared, stock exchange fee income increase。Then securities companies will be added to the corresponding donations。The most prominent is Nomura Securities, the amount of its contribution in 2013 was 2012, 4.6 times!  Abe took office policy implementation depreciation of the yen, the depreciation rate of up to 40%, a significant increase in automobile exports。This, of course overjoyed the auto industry, Toyota's 2013 fiscal year profits to new highs, Nissan and Honda, too, they certainly do not forget to return the Liberal Democratic Party。  In these two years, Abe will visit each bring a large number of entrepreneurs, selling Japanese products and equipment to countries, act as a "top salesman"。For example, to sell nuclear power plants to Turkey, Abe intercede directly to the Turkish leaders, let Mitsubishi Heavy Industries acquired the status of priority negotiations, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, of course, to thank cash。Abe during his visit to Chile, Japan to attend the opening ceremony of the sole proprietor of copper, so Nippon Mining Association in 2013 provided 21 million yen donations。  Those who failed to benefit from the industry, of course, is not intended to spend the money wasted。Japan Department Stores Association since 2010 have never provided a penny donations。Since 2008 the global financial crisis, Japan's working-class income is almost no increase in consumption remained weak in 2013, department store sales down by 15 compared to 2008.7%。Japan Chain Stores Association (supermarket), while providing donations, but in 2013 the amount offered only 500 million yen, only one-quarter 2009。  Construction is true。Although the LDP returned to power, no longer apply the policy to cut public utilities, but the situation has not improved construction。Japan Construction Industry Association member companies have 140 construction companies, the Liberal Democratic Party bluntly requested the association to provide 4.1.7 billion yen donations, but in 2013 it provides donations of building only 36 companies, amounting to offer.1.6 billion yen, the LDP hopes of a quarter。  This year, Japan is also stepping up the TPP negotiations, and this is a very controversial policy。Because once Japan joined, Japan will suffer a serious impact on agricultural market, which is strongly opposed to the agriculture sector。Japan Dairy Association will not again LDP headquarters donations, and provide donations to those LDP members speak their personal interests, which amounted to 9.3 million yen in 2013, a record highs。Similarly, the "revitalization of the Japanese Association of Pig" is also an object of donations, "Mr Pig Association" Members belong。  In order to promote good governance, not only at the central level to the provisions of Japan announced political contributions revenue and expenditure report, the local should also be the case, in order to ensure the transparency of political operation to prevent lift off the rails。The report not only provides detailed records of donations or association and the amount, must explain its use, including capitation expenses, election spending。These reports can clear understanding of voters who support a particular politician, how the fund-raising ability of politicians。The higher the status of politicians by providing donations of companies and organizations are also more。However, for ordinary voters, really want to read these reports will not be easy, because some politicians and many "stakeholders" associated with, among these groups are also no lack of financial transactions, the delicate relationship between them is by no means as announced figures as a glance。  Japanese politicians of funding from three main sources: the constituency where this political party branch, fund management groups and related political groups。As Abe's branch is the "fourth branch of the Liberal Democratic Party constituency in Yamaguchi prefecture," the political capital group is "Jin and will be" relevant political groups called "Tokyo Political and Economic Studies"。Funding of political parties and political funds mainly from community。Although politicians and laws are only a fund-raising channels, namely, political fund management groups, but in fact already become a dead letter of the law, almost all politicians have multiple channels to raise funds to raise funds。  Therefore, relying on donations announced revenue and expenditure report, where those who keep things under control, "wealth" of politicians?Because the political parties, especially the ruling party to accept some of the industries and enterprises of donations, it is difficult to ensure that they do not favor their industries and enterprises in the decision-making process。Donations of enterprises and organizations to provide, in addition to providing the political parties, there are a considerable number of individuals directly to politicians。Into the personal account after that nobody knows for sure the whereabouts even more。  Abe reshuffled his cabinet after a few days, two female ministers would have resigned, after which the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries people had therefore easily understood, even Abe himself did not escape the media exposed it in the political party branch accepted in 2013 tokyo a chemical company 50 million yen in donations。Although the amount is small, but quite lethal, its causes and business interests are implicated。  (The author is well-known expert on Japanese issues)

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