• James 31 points and 8 three-pointers JR wild shot off wins Knight Hawks 1-0

      DENVER May 21, Cavaliers on the road to 97-89 victory over the Eagles to a 1-0 lead in the Eastern Conference finals。   Knight to grab home-court advantage。 LeBron – James scored 31 points, eight rebounds and six assists, Tristan – Thompson 14 points and 10 rebounds, Carey – Owen 10 points and six assists, Dimo Fei – 10 points and 11 Mozgov rebounds。
    Smith came off the bench JR- angry, 8 of 12 shooting three-pointers, scored 28 points and eight rebounds。
      Hawks general Demar – Carol in the fourth quarter injury leave, had 5 points。 Jeff – Teague scored 27 points, Al – Horford 16 points and seven rebounds, Paul – Paul Millsap 13 points, Kyle – Kyle Korver 9 points and 7 rebounds。   A year ago, when James to attack the championship, the Knights can only look on。 Now, James returned to the Cavaliers, they become a championship contender, successfully immediate concern of the Eastern Conference finals。
      Eagles also made considerable progress was made 19 regular-season winning streak, eventually locked first position east, got home advantage。
    Since mid-1970 to 1971, the first time they enter the Eastern Conference finals。
      However, Knight only one game, it will be the Eagles struggled a season away results。
      After the opening, the Eagles continued their overall offensive, turns five starters score。
    After playing four minutes, Kyle Korver and even scored three points with a fine cast, they lead to 12-6。 Knight is an excellent singles by personal ability, then James Owen pass, to a record one-third。
    After the lead to 16-9, the Eagles slightly observed James the ball, fast ball suddenly stuffed into the basket, Thompson dunk and cause foul, Knight began to fight back。 The gap between the two sides was only 4 points, but this section last 2 minutes 08 seconds, the Knights rely on free throws got 1 point, the Eagles only hit a ball, after the first section, leading the Hawks to 26-20。   Smith broke out in the second quarter, this section played less than four minutes, his third hit three times, even under the two still hit the opponent's guard against the Cavaliers to 15-7 start this section, in one fell swoop to exceed 35-33。
    After leading the two sides alternately several times, when there are seconds in this section, after James break layup, the two sides battle 49-49。 After the Eagles illegal defense, but free throws in Irving。 Thompson alley-oop layup, giving the Eagles four seconds left。
    Shilao De pick up only when close to the midline ball, quick to the basket, he still has a margin point shot, Baze Moore immediately shot after the ball, hit the buzzer, the two sides battle 51-51。
      James soon "three-point play" success in the third quarter began, but then he was right cramps, short leave。 Fortunately, back on the court soon after, the third quarter and 3 minutes and 27 seconds, he hit two free throws, the Cavaliers to 65-63 lead again。
    Eagles since been blown offensive foul, but Smith once again rise up and hit two consecutive three-pointers, this Knights prevail。 This section will end, but Smith hit a ball, the Cavaliers to 74-67 lead。 Although the Hawks hit a buzzer, but a few tenths worse disallowed。
      Smith completely broke, the fourth quarter played less than one minute, he hit two consecutive three-pointers, followed by his assists, alley-oop dunk Thompson。
    His performance is not over, this section there are 9 minutes and 59 seconds, he again hit third, the Cavaliers completed wave of attacks 11-0, 85-67 in one fell swoop in order to widen the gap。
    Knight Yuezhanyueyong, when more than half of this section, a person James scored 5 points, leading the Cavaliers to 90-74。   Eagles appeared in trouble, this section there are 4 minutes and 59 seconds, Carroll sprained knee at the time of breakthrough pain and fell to the floor。 His injuries were not light, had to leave, you can play the next game unknown。
      Loss of a general, but the Eagles frenzied counterattack, the breakthrough to the basket when the game 1 minute 56 seconds, Horford layup, although the ball did not enter, but the referee that the opponents goaltending violation, giving the Eagles plus 2 points , they finished 11-1 wave of attacks, only to fall behind 85-91。
      Knight continuous shot, scored only 1 point in the last seven minutes。 Competition also seconds, Baze Moore in fast-break layup, the Hawks only to 87-91 behind。
      Critical moment, but a loophole in the basket Eagles, James seized the chance, after a fast break dunk with one hand, the Cavaliers to 93-87 hold its ground。
    After the Eagles not in the third, had to foul。 After James hit two free throws, Knight firmly control the situation, won the first win。     (Angkor)。

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