• Belgium VS Panama Preview: Red Devils Trident welcome good start and then get angry

    "ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night Sports Network June 17 report: Beijing June 18 evening 23:00, 2018 Russia World Cup?Group will conduct a focus of war, the Belgian team against European giants in the North American powerhouse Panama。The historical record: in the history of the two teams did not play against record, currently ranked third in the world Belgium FIFA, while the top 55 for the first Panama。See the balance of power from the rank and Belgium occupy a distinct advantage。Game Aspect: Aspect 1: Wang Ying opener Belgium Belgium team played 10 games into the high-gloss 43 goals in a World Cup, 9 wins and 1 unbeaten, while the World Cup opening game only to lose in the last nine a。Given the strength of the opponent and Panama in this field is weak, so the game can be described as high aspirations Belgium。Aspect Two: Trident continue strong in three friendlies before the World Cup in Belgium play well, three games to get two wins and one tie, scoring seven goals, which the offensive trident before playing field Loukakou three goals, Mo Tengsi and Azar were also scored a goal, the team swept all three goals of 57%。In the World Cup opener, starting with three very likely, the three will have a kind of performance worth the wait。Aspect Three: Panama make history?The Russian also the first World Cup in Panama to participate in World Cup history, so this game with Belgium, Panama will usher many for the first time in the World Cup, scoring ability Panama?The ability to obtain points?Starting Prediction: Belgium (343): Courtois / Bo Yata, 阿尔德韦雷 Stewart, Virginia on H / Davis Patel, the De Bulao, Carrasco, Meunier / Azar, Mo Tengsi, 卢卡库巴拿马 (451): wear in the multi / Ovalle, Torres, Escobar, Machado / Gomez Rodriguez, Cooper, Godoy, 巴尔塞纳斯/ Perez

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