• Bohemian girl love story

    Spring, green poplars beside those on the riverbank of the mussels, put on his coat correct, as the warm embrace of her daughter, the picture frame into a hand-drawn map。He smiled, and eyes as bright as the sun, she was wearing a white dress, her face also glowed softly sentimental eyes, the two of them hugging together and warm each other。He finally no longer a joke to me like Cengfan people moving bricks that moment, he is a hero, spring, mussels new embankments on both sides of the long poplar, which are his welcome them male and female the guard of honor, have witnessed this beautiful love story。The initial issuance of new poplar, like many ordinary little tales, unpretentious, but very real, novelty,“That the whole world do not want me, I will answer you left”He often ignored by everyone, she would respond to him the first time, he also found that he has been in love with her。He walked in mussels on the river bank said,“Most like to see a new poplar after the rain, fresh and natural, of course, not as you look good,”Actor remember those lost memories, or a hint of sadness and sweet 。Paris night rain, the sky is gray, like Suzhou。She is a fashion designer, because it is very fond of bohemian clothing design, a lot of people call her Bohemian Girl。She started talking about her professional content, she explained,“Bohemian style, is the kind of colorful mix of wind, is my favorite style of clothing design。This style among many of them in the natural ambience, gypsy girl who likes to wear this style of dress, stepping on a brisk pace, next to the caravan, dancing, there will be a gorgeous and colorful dance skirt color。”Gypsy girl like the most colorful mix and match clothing styles, so bohemian often equated with gypsy style。There are many Gypsies call, Bohemia, Ganz and so on, with a wandering gypsy is for the national life, they removed people's homes, stubborn to go the distance, this uninhibited free and easy, just like her part of character。Her pace of life is played for Paris, London, Shanghai as the city, so she will have a design inspired by the works。She as a fashion designer, in order to have good works, must let the mind go wandering。And he likes and orchids together, do not want to wandering, fear of wandering, he likes to stay mussels nature of this small seaside town。Later, she did not go wandering, love is better than any clothing style。She accompanied him to stay in this small seaside town, they often go on that narrow causeway side, listen to the song "I ran," will bring the rhythm of Paris, London, Beijing on the Super。Thanks to the progress of the times, her seaside town, but also through the network to see Beijing Shanghai Paris Suzhou appearance, but also to find inspiration for fashion design。She was at home with network design clothing, sent to the company, because that music is the weather forecast for background music, where there are weather forecast weather forecast their home city, the music will have a taste of home, thanks to this era, so many Dreams come true。

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