• Bing Xin

    I once told my mother quietly that I was looking for him in my dream. My life and my youth belong to a crystal heart . Ah, don’t show your deep feelings, don’t boast about your loyalty. If you want love tenderness, may you have a crystal heart. La.. La.. ‘ Picking up a moment’s peace in the busy life and work gap, picking up a song that has been used for many years to delight the soul, but has been deeply intoxicated by it without passing through it..   Chuang Tzu said, ” If the blink of an eye between the heaven and earth of life, suddenly it will only happen.”. ‘ busy for decades, often in my spare time, I will always lament a lot. I often lament that the pace of time is not passing, but fleeting. All of a sudden, I will also think of the very classic idiom ” Bai Ju Guo Gap” invented by predecessors. This analogy is both exquisite and vivid. ‘ Spring has been slow, plants and trees are growing up. Cang Geng Kai Kai, Qi Qi Qi. ‘ today, comes at a rare good time in spring. The billowing spring sun is warm and warm. Although the grass is not yet green, I think she is already in the dark earth and is eager to try again after a winter’s hibernation.. At the moment, somewhere in the depths of my heart, it seems that a faint strand of loneliness and loneliness still haunts me, very light and soft, but I can feel it with my breath.. And with this illusory artistic conception, bathed in this spring breeze, let the loneliness and loneliness of this seat slowly disperse with the spring breeze, and disappear on its own. All of a sudden, a word came out of my mind: ” Be happy when you live, because we will die for a long time.”. ‘ This is a sentence I accidentally read recently. Yes, smiling, in my heart.   The grass hangs green in chun yin, and there are flowers and trees everywhere. The Spring Festival has passed, and the steps of the season have once again stepped into the sequence of spring. Although they are still too late to recognize the east wind, they are always full of vigor and vitality in spring, but they can also make people feel the breath of spring through the gentle spring breeze.. Recently, in order to acquire a state-owned enterprise, they are busy all the time.. I am always meticulous about everything. I may have been born a hardworking life.. Although I took a back seat for more than two years, I was supposed to be at home enjoying the leisure time of my grandchildren and the rest of my life, but I was not willing to be mediocre but I once again devoted myself to the enterprise and struggled in the business world.. In this short period of more than a year, I have undertaken countless major and minor matters, but as far as the company is concerned, it has acquired several enterprises through negotiations and discussions, with real estate issues in the middle.. From private enterprises, there are no holidays, no rest days, and every day is spent in a busy time.. Although I often drive as far as dozens of miles and as far as hundreds of miles to negotiate and handle various matters, sometimes I feel really tired and tired! There were also years when I wanted to back down, but I was not convinced by nature and did things with rigour. When this flash in the pan passed quickly, I would chuckle and laugh at myself: Am I old? Are you really old?   Every day driving between home and company, the scenery along the way has never been taken care of. When you sit at your desk, everything goes on orderly and orderly. My office sits in front of the street, responding to the window every time. Through the window, what I see is the shuttle car and the rush crowd, all of whom are hurrying along their own way.. Sometimes after a busy day, an anxious heart always wants to find peace in the hustle and bustle. Often at this point, a cup of green tea will be brewed and held in the palm of your hand, making your mood calm and calm as much as possible … ” Time flies to make people old, and the sun and moon move like teenagers.”. ‘ living in this reality can no longer be realistic in the world, I have already known my destiny and am sprinting toward the flower armor. I never expected to have a wonderful life and a rich life, but learned to save myself in time with my own thoughts when I was unhappy or agitated.. ‘ ChengNian not again, a day difficult to morning again, timely appropriate self – encouragement, time does not treat people. ‘ in fact, riches and honour and poverty, greatness and insignificance, and so on, are not completely opposed to each other, and they will also change each other under certain conditions.. There is already a gap between people in this world. Why should we let ourselves care about it??   ‘ jasper makeup into a tree height, ten thousand hanging green silk thread. I don’t know who cut it carefully. February spring breeze is like scissors. ‘ inadvertently, a wisp of spring breeze playfully blew in from outside the window, gently scratching my cheek, is so comfortable. I can’t help but smile and accept it as an attempt to amuse me. Maybe it should be the way to live! To this end, the heart also epiphany Ming Che a lot. In fact, in the vast expanse of the earth, the difference between the big things and the big things of sesame and mung bean lies only between your thoughts. No matter how big the matter is, if you don’t think so in your heart, then he will also be unimportant. On the contrary, if you don’t think about it and don’t want to worry about it, it will definitely kill you.! There was a movie, I don’t remember the name, and there was a line deeply imprinted in my heart: ” Live well or die quickly.”. ‘ yeah, how cool!   Following this sentence, it reminds me of a real thing that a friend once said to me.. In a middle school, the school organized teachers to have a physical examination in order to ensure their health, including two male teachers, one of whom was found to have a suspected cancerous lesion and the other was diagnosed as a cancer patient.. The state of mind of the two teachers when they go back determines their fate.The male teacher suspected of canceration has always been entangled with the word ” suspected” in his heart, worried about his aggravation of illness, and looked like he could not live all day long. He did not want to eat or drink all day long, and was extremely depressed. He was also rapidly emaciated and emaciated.. Despite his family’s hard work, he could not change his worries and anxieties. As a result, the illness really worsened and finally died after a week of suffering and anxiety. In fact, he was frightened by himself and suffered from the mental torture he imposed until he completely collapsed and died.. Besides, the male teacher who was diagnosed with cancer was born a optimist.. When he learned that he had not had much time in his life, he put his heart wider, did what he should do as usual, ate what he should without scruple, lived happily and quickly every day, enjoyed the gifts of limited life and bathed in the warmth of family and friendship.. Perhaps it is his optimistic and open-minded psychology. His condition has not worsened at all, but the cancer cells have gradually disappeared.. When I went to the hospital for a second visit six months later, even the doctors were very surprised and thought it was really a miracle on earth.. In fact, this is two different attitudes that lead to two different life outcomes.   ‘ Baichuan east to the sea, when to return to the west. ‘ Time is slipping away quietly. Now, I still can’t say what I like best until late autumn.? What do you hate most? It is often said that the heart of hurting people is indispensable, and the heart of preventing people is indispensable.. Maybe it’s his nature to be kind; Perhaps, when people encounter problems, they always like to think on the positive side, and for this reason, they especially yearn for harmony and harmony with others.. Because in my eyes there are no bad people, so there is no psychological alert. The life I aspire to is simple and clear, bitter but not bitter, tired but not tired. Life has been storming and storming for decades. In fact, I have experienced a lot of things and can be counted as a person who has experienced experience, but so far I am still not mature enough to have talent.. Of course, I am more secular and philistine, and I have not wronged myself to cater to anything. For this reason, as long as I have leisure time, I must swim in the sea of literature, experience in writing, collect wind in calligraphy and absorb nutrients in the incense of books.. I just want to praise the beauty of life, the beauty of love and the beauty of life with discernable sincerity and kindness in my more than half a century.. Although sometimes I feel a little superficial and do not have the understanding to see through the world of mortals, I feel that I live a very real life, a free and easy and calm mind, and a childlike heart yearning for freedom to fly … A philosopher once said, ” I can do what the world does, and I can do what the world does.”. ‘ Through more than a year of living and working experience in the enterprise, I have a deep understanding of this sentence and have a deeper understanding.. Busy is not terrible, it will make people feel the fullness of life and the fullness of life. If a person is idle and idle all day long, wouldn’t it be just like walking dead in a leather bag? What’s the point of such a life??   ‘ all day long wrong broken dream, suddenly wenchun do strong mountain climbing. After passing through the bamboo courtyard to meet monks, he stole half a day’s rest. ‘ This is a Tang Dynasty poet Li Zhi’s draft to participate in the topic of the wall of the Helin Temple. This poem has scenery and feelings, is really written, blends scenes and directly expresses my feelings. I appreciate these poems very much.. What a” stealing a floating life for half a day” ah! If you can come to such an elegant and refined environment, you will surely be influenced by the elegant scenery in front of you, and you will get some comfort from the natural landscape. Li Zhi, Tang Xianzong, once granted Prince Tongshi Sheriff, and was later demoted to join the army.. Wen zong was called doctor of business and exiled to the south. During his exile, he ascended the Nanshan mountain in Zhenjiang, opening the depressed gate from chatting with monks, falling into the fresh air, strengthening his feeling and understanding of reality, and adding a lot of joy to his numbing mind.. If he doesn’t leave home all day and sits at home, sighing and complaining about himself, how can he’ steal a floating life for half a day’ and’ have such a quiet and leisurely taste?? It is no wonder that Su Dongpo, a writer and calligrapher in the Northern Song Dynasty, also likes Li Zhi’s poems very much! The place where ” bamboo courtyard meets monks” became his most nostalgic place in Nanshan, and at the same time ” Su Gong bamboo courtyard” was built to enjoy the fun of chatting with monks.! Travel is a mirror. ‘ This is a famous Spanish saying. Mr. Hu Yuzhi specially commented on this famous saying: ” People can’t see themselves, only when compared with people elsewhere can they see their true colors.”. ‘ Modern and developed science and technology networks have shortened the distance between people, and a poem is the most true portrayal of this.” and yet, while China holds our friendship, and heaven remains our neighbourhood. ‘ A square screen and a line shorten the distance between them, even if they are far away from the ocean, it looks like it’s just around the corner. It’s really and heaven remains our neighbourhood, near at hand and far from the end of the world.. Before stopping at the screen, although we were still, our hearts were able to fly over the Qian Shan of Wanshui, to conclude friendship and connect our hearts and veins.. Whenever this happens, we always ignore time and space. Some people say that the Internet is virtual, but it is sincere. Every night, you peel your heart off one layer at a time and take out your mood one pulse at a time. At this time, you will surely see that those joys and sorrows are real. Even if they are decorated with gorgeous words, you can read the pain and joy in your heart.. It is also because of this sincerity that we can find something moving ourselves from the text. All this has nothing to do with who wrote it. Let’s continue to virtualize in the text, as the song sings: You are the stranger I know best … ” I wonder why my inlaid harp has fifty strings, each with its flower-like fret an interval of youth. the sage Chuangzi is day-dreaming, bewitched by butterflies, the spring-heart of Emperor Wang is crying in a cuckoo. mermen weep their pearly tears down a moon-green sea, blue fields are breathing their jade to the sun. and a moment that ought to have lasted for ever, has come and gone before I knew. Time is a piece of sandpaper, which burnishes memories without edges and corners but with luster. Perhaps it is the replacement of the annual rings that reflects the old mentality, or it is the sharpening of the years that has gone through sharp edges and corners. I, who arrived in late autumn, always basked in the old memories and searched for traces of the old after my busy work and in the quiet midnight of the night..In fact, people need to learn to live with their future in memory. Because any path of life is a path of active or passive choice. People are easy to get hurt on the way and will certainly experience some wind and rain all their lives.. People must regard the ups and downs of their fate of being abandoned, betrayed, cheated and left out as a road of perseverance and spiritual practice.. The world is inherently impermanent. If you have a calm and tough heart, you can hold up a brilliant face.. After the vicissitudes of life, people have realized the state of enlightenment from gladness and shame to loftiness.. A wise man is a cup of good wine, but since ancient times, several people have been able to brew themselves into a light and precious wine.? For this reason, the world also has similar flowers each year, and people sigh differently each year..   ‘ Day broad cloud idle, nowhere to find Xiao Sheng, wine to buy flowers young things, muddy not like, the old mood. ‘ Leaving aside the triviality of day work, after work, driving alone on the way home. Looking from a distance, the lights of the city are brilliant, but they can’t cover up Xiao Suo’s desolation in the depths of memory. With the help of the light of the last soul, they cater to the dream and look back at the story.. Yes, too, too! Between trance, Li Bai’s poem jumped out of his mind again.’ You’re missing, the water of the Yellow River is coming all over the world, entering the ocean, never to return. You see, how lovely locks in bright mirrors in high chambers, though silken-black at morning, have changed by night to snow. Yes, it is! As time goes by without mercy, the lovely feelings are growing day by day. It is a shower of affection, a moistening of love, and a continuous friendship. Therefore, it will make a cool and cool ice heart exquisitely clear and clear, and clear and clear … Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.

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