• Birthday greetings

    The flowers in the house are still sending out strong fragrance and permeating the whole living room for a week, but they are still so gorgeous and have not withered at all. As a matter of fact, smallpox in the July summer is not long, and I did not think that the flowers under my careful care will make me witness this magic..       There have been too many changes this year. Xiao Bao, a colleague born on the same day of the same month, unfortunately died a month before his birthday. His mood has been very depressed and he laments the fragility of life and the helplessness of life.. As the birthday approaches, it is even more sentimental. I only think that the birthday is just smeared with sadness, so I have no interest in having a birthday..       Maybe life is like this, when I am going to close this door, but open another door for me, let me feel the true love of the world.       A few days before my birthday, my sisters called me and said they must celebrate my birthday in advance. That loving love was transmitted by radio waves and I couldn’t refuse it.. At ordinary times, I am very independent, I don’t like to trouble others, I don’t like to be self – centered, but I am used to working for others and arranging for others, and I like to live lightly and do things in a low profile, so I have spent my birthday with my family for so many years.. Maybe I don’t want my sisters to worry about it, maybe my sister’s words touched the weakest place in the bottom of my heart, and finally I accepted my sisters’ arrangement embarrassedly..       Ten sisters carefully arranged a birthday luncheon and presented cakes and flowers. I was so excited that I never wanted to celebrate my birthday so ceremoniously.. I once told myself not to cry, not to shed tears, not to give people self-hatred and self – pity, but to see my sisters’ real care and sincere blessing and loving eyes, I can no longer disguise myself, with tears in my eyes, and my mood can not be calm for a long time.. At that time, I realized what happiness was. There were many kinds of happiness, and my sisters brought me another kind of happiness. I had an unforgettable birthday ahead of schedule.       Birthday is just a common day. I see it very light and very light.. However, it may be especially easy to feel sad on a special day. There is a wordless feeling about the past years of the road that has gone by. It regrets that life is like a dream, the years are cruel, it regrets that life is helpless and the world is impermanent..       Maybe I have a good relationship. On my birthday, there were many messages of blessing, classmates, colleagues and friends, and promoters from the telecom market also came to cheer up and sent flowers in different ways.. In the face of so many flowers, I was really moved. I am not lonely and not lonely. There are so many people around me who care about me and love me. I have no reason to close myself down, and there is no reason to be decadent. Although I have been hurt before, what should I do? Maybe people are growing up in such constant falls and collisions … Ah, every day I sprinkle water on flowers with great care. I have never been so attentive and earnest in caring for flowers and plants. Perhaps this is the reason why flowers bloom unbeaten.. . ‘ ” ”

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