• Connect time in series

    At that time the mood, as distant clues to the agreement. Days from a street that has already passed can’t wave back to the past, saying goodbye to heavy sentimentally attached, so we have to stop now with a slight smile..     Time has lost itself, like an illusion, when it fell heavily in different places, the night in another country was easy to be cold, and the cold let the few tenderness left melt away.. I cried when the night demanded the day for no reason, and the sun could not find the plot hidden for a long time..     Things are not people, people are not. I can’t go back to the past, the campus, the beautiful sea and the happy chapters, so the story has been separated for a long time, just like taking it out of context..     When I was still walking with heavy steps under the lights of the dead of night, when I watched my figure walk alone on the familiar road, I began to think about the group of people, where there was the beauty I did not dare to expect, the tired figure, the look that I understood with a smile, the smoke sucked into my lungs, the memory of some days, the street, and the dormitory, but now, while I was still breathing in the vague busy season, I passed my beautiful university..     Time left us behind yesterday, and a person ran’ now’, so we found that what often drives us mad is to easily think about what I have just done, rather than what I am doing now..     I began to associate yesterday’s memory with the present with a pencil. The faded pencil words showed yesterday’s yellow past, while those deep and obvious black marks recorded today’s life, and I don’t know when life will become so boundless and so vicissitudes.. I no longer pursue those old worries.     With the drift of time, the small boat in our heart has experienced many reefs, many wind waves, still incessant injuries and incessant setbacks. After the injury, it still faces the new injury coming in, climbing over the mountain, still facing hardships and hardships behind it. The way it has walked beautifies and smoothes the forehead of time, making a mood go back and stop with the time and then move forward indifferent.. When we have already looked down on reality early and echoed it early, only our inner heart still exists, we begin to walk out of ourselves and out of the desolation of our hearts..     The time map appears in the scenery of North China, and I see the Gobi Desert touching the horizon, which is lofty and empty and has my beautiful pursuit.. In that beautiful yurt, I yearned for a kind of life, a kind of leisure. I imagine the beautiful sunshine in the south, the long lane of the water village, painting it into a beautiful landscape picture. Time has settled down.     The sunshine in Inner Mongolia is like a naughty child, escaping in the rain and emerging rapidly again.. Today, I am in Inner Mongolia, near the Tianshan Mountains and the Gobi Desert. My memory is gradually cool, passing through my forehead in autumn and directly entering winter. Looking back to the past, I am always intoxicated with the beauty of the past. After these days, I will surely miss the present in the future..     How many years have passed before he stopped to take a look at the present, how many stations he passed, how many realistic stories he stopped in the corner of a city, and how many stories he saw before he laid down our youth. The story has set aside its preamble and is busy recording the mark at his feet..     The appearance of time, dignified and brilliant, the memorial that I can’t go back and the assumption that I can’t afford luxury, have to walk the road now. The road is a long and steady one, and I began to enjoy the beautiful weather, beautiful customs and beautiful stories in Inner Mongolia quietly.. Here, I see my shadow behind time, strong and brave, and persistent.     In fact, after such a long walk, I have been on the road, without regret or disappointment, facing the Tianshan Mountains and never being discouraged. A child who looks at the Tianshan Mountains, time streaks through the blue sky and white clouds, scattering a ray of warm sunshine..

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