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    People are really not the masters of the world. A person’s life has lived in the world for decades, but he has served all kinds of old services for the world. When his labor service expires, he will report to another world, whether you like it or not..   Now think of it, my concept of ghosts originated in the countryside. The old house plastered with yellow mud. People living in the old house.   My grandpa and grandma.   My grandfather is a village painter.   In those days when the son followed his father’s footsteps, grandpa’s craft was not handed down from home.   The patriarch said that he was also a farmer and reader, and had been a few junior officers.. Grandpa is a teacher without a door. A aristocratic family boy was reduced to the point of learning a craft to beg for food, and his family’s way of life was ruined, which is evident..   Grandpa’s craftsmanship was forced and he did not learn from his master. When he was a child, his family was relatively rich and he was happy. He applied a few strokes casually, but he did not want to, but became his possessions for later meals.. Grandpa was neither able to teach nor to carry it forward. But a bowl of rice has been held up for decades, and it is time to recognize a business as well.. Perhaps the reason is that the ancestors had been painters. Grandpa’s craftsmanship in his hometown is still very easy to eat. He drew the outline of the wall for the family with a few brushes of different sizes, which can keep the whole family from starving. Later generations’ children and grandchildren read the poem on and off for several days, which can’t help but be attributed to the brushes in Grandpa’s hand..   Seen grandpa’s kang wai. Black paint edge, both ends are similar to the’ swastika’ logo, which is divided into several equal parts and painted with various flowers and plants. The delicate ones are painted with mago’s birthday present, ladies’ drawings, evening banquet and so on. You will know that this kind of thing is similar when you walk a few more families..   Frankly speaking, I am not interested in grandpa’s craft. That kind of thing carved in the same mold can’t really find any special good, and will survive for decades in front of people’s eyes.. I’m afraid the average person can’t stand it because of that time and today..   Grandpa’s status as a village painter has resulted in many folk songs. What I like is the strange stories my grandfather collected from the streets and lanes all the year round, most of which involve foxes and ghosts..   Winter night, get dark, that is, seven or eight o’clock in the afternoon. Grandma urged her to go up to the kang. Reading books is naturally not allowed and she is afraid of consuming the lamp oil.. So, he put out the light and lay down. Grandma is on the kang, grandpa is on the kang, me, or cousin, cousin is in the middle. The family was silent, occasionally hearing one or two barking dogs, the rapid pace of people walking on the night road, the dull thumping sound of silence, and the sound of breathing.. He thought that the man was driven out by a dog, and his cousin next to him would say, followed by a ghost.   How small was I then? I can’t remember, but it’s not the first time I’ve heard ghosts.     My life memory is linked with ghosts, and the history of my childhood and even my youth is like a book torn away, incomplete and disjointed..   Play in the alley, folk songs have’ blue blush hair, yi yi yi plus fangs’, which is the original ecology of a ghost that a few-year-old child first came into contact with..   A little longer, old people warned that they should walk at night, don’t look back, and be careful to recruit ghosts..   Old people also said that there are two magic lights on people’s shoulders. They can’t look left and right when walking in the dark. They are afraid of blowing the lights on their shoulders and ghosts will get to the top of their bodies..   The specific ghost story comes from the countryside and grandpa’s enlightenment. Grandpa’s ghost is not the same as what others say in their mouths. It’s alive. The swaggering tomb ghost section.   That night, also don’t know how, just not sleepy. My cousin, cousin and I kept pleading and grandma was there to help me, so grandpa told me about the tomb ghost.   Said a man rushed home at night and was in a hurry to break into the graveyard by mistake.. It was March 3rd. I didn’t see the moon. I don’t know how many grave there are at the foot of it, big or small.. The man tripped over the raised grave and stumbled again. When it hurt, there was a sound: Who blocked Lao Tzu’s way? Cemetery was silent, big ghost imp, new ghost old ghost are quietly, ghost also has ghost rules, and the sun is about the same. The man made an evil speech and stirred up all the ghosts, and now some angry ghosts jumped out to punish him.. People, of course, don’t know. They are also emboldening themselves when they stumble forward and scold impudently.. Among all the ghosts disturbed, a new one has not been arranged by the King of Hades and is now depressed. Take the current words as an example, the person who is idle and has not yet found a regular job was surprised by this man, and then kicked and got this foot according to his back hip. The man felt wrong and did not dare to make any noise, and the steps at his feet were much faster.. He is quick, and the ghost behind him is quick. The ghost is playing tricks on people. In fact, he already ran out of the cemetery at that time, but the ghost is adamant and still bothers and disturbs people behind him..In the middle of the night, people were scared out of their wits and their heads were still awake, remembering that today is the third day of March, the folk lived in the third day of March, and died in the third day of March, thus becoming tomb ghosts.. If the tomb ghost wants to be reborn, he must find a living substitute in the sun before he can officially go on his way to the next life. The man was horrified. He probably hit the tomb ghost today. He quickly found a strong place to avoid it.. He ran, the ghost also ran, and there were days after that, and the day also followed closely . oh, I don’t know how long it took, the day began to be crowded, and in the twilight, he saw the clock tower in front of him.. Well, the door left unlocked, he went to the top of the clock tower, raised his big stick, and the bell buzzed like thunder. The ghost was captured and couldn’t get up.. People were awakened by the sudden ringing of the bell and took to the streets one after another to find out what had happened. The bell ringer was finally unable to hold up, foaming at the mouth, and fell under the clock … ah, grandpa’s rise, with the help of storyteller’s method, kept shaking in the hot bed, thinking about the man who was chased by the tomb ghost and running for his life, feeling that the drumming step was stepping on my head.. The sound of grandma’s snoring on the kang, and grandpa at the end of the kang also ended ” ghost talk” and entered the night of life.. Listen to the cousin on the left, there is no movement, push the cousin on the right, babbling like talking. On such a night, only ghosts and I have company, which is the most thrilling ghost story I have ever heard. For a long time, I couldn’t extricate myself from the shadow of the ghost in the tomb. As soon as I got to night, my forehead was weak and I was thinking about all kinds of people killed by the ghost..     The second thing that gave me the feeling of detail about ghosts was that besides grandpa, there was also a relative in the countryside, and we called her ” three sisters.”. It’s on grandma’s door, and it’s far away. When I was a child, three sisters came to my house every year to stay for a while, usually after the autumn harvest.   The three sisters were invited by their mother.   Mother is going to work, three shifts. Grandma’s hand was broken, shaking and could not hold the tiny needle.. So, every autumn, my mother sent a message to three sisters. A few days later, three sisters came to the door, carrying corn and sweet potatoes harvested from the field. That’s a capable old lady. Although she came from the countryside, she was clean and tidy all over her body.. The three sisters came to stew a pot of meat at home and dig a spoonful of it every day. Even if they can’t eat meat, it is also a meat dish made of meat oil and smells like meat..   The three sisters set up their legs and were doing the sewing work of our family on the kang.. While doing this, I have a conversation with grandma. When the three sisters came, we didn’t often go outside to play, thinking about the pot of meat at home, especially the’ nonsense’ of the three sisters.. These, but also carrying the mother. Usually the mother is in, such a request is not allowed, the brand of that era. But most of the time my mother is not at home. I, brother or sister will beg three sisters to tell a ghost. My sister is lively in nature. She usually asks for help. My brother and I are listeners.. Back and forth, three sisters also spoke a few paragraphs. One of the little jokes is more exquisite and vivid. Write it down.   It’s about a man in the village and his wife is relatives. a person at home. Coincided with some discomfort, lying on the kang for half a day, thirsty, burning saliva to drink. The fields were lighted and the fire was burning.. As he was fiddling with the fire, someone came in and said he wanted to borrow a fire, but the man did not look up, so he picked up a piece of burning coal and handed it up. The bearer bowed his head and lit the cigarette in his mouth.. At the moment of two people’s attention, the fire-burning man discovered that the man had no chin and hurriedly lifted his shovel to shoot in the past, and the bearer was nowhere to be seen. His wife came back, touched his forehead hot, and was ill for many days.   This involves another kind of anecdotal testimony about ghosts. ghosts have no chin, and I don’t know why, nor do the people who spread them.   One thing that has been going on in the town for quite a while actually came from the hospital.   At that time, I should have grown up a little and had already entered school. The result of breaking feudal superstition at that time was that some methods of demagogy became more popular in secret.   In the hospital, a patient with a high fever went to the toilet. At that time, the hospital was a bungalow and the toilet was in the open air.. The man who used to go to the toilet happened to have no family to accompany him, and he squatted in the pit all by himself.. A young woman came in. What did they do? The messenger was in a daze. There may be some gentle movements. The woman untied the red scarf tied around her neck and gave it to the sick man as a token of her love.. When he returned to the ward, the man was still not freed from the affair in the toilet, and told his roommate about the adventure he had just had. Among the sick friends was an old sick man who heard the description of the woman and said that she had seen her and had just been sent to the Taiping Room.. Someone who had a good job asked the nurse about it, and there was a red scarf around his neck..The sick man was terrible and his cold turned into pneumonia. He stayed in the hospital for less than half a year..   This apparently peach-colored female ghost incident spread in our area for a period of time. In the school, after class, several students gathered together automatically, with their heads close to each other to discuss a few secret words. The class began, with female ghosts still turning in their heads, and female students thought more. The appearance was handsome and handsome, and the age of youth was geometric. All these need to be further discussed during the next class..     The classroom where I went to primary school was rebuilt from an old temple, with a main hall and a side hall. The so-called reconstruction is only to paste a few layers of white paper on the wall originally painted with murals and replace the wooden lattice windows with glass. The places where the paper has been pasted are full of endless imagination. Some of the male students were bold and mean, poking through layers of sticky paper to reveal the murals inside. Buddha Lord, Guanyin, their respective campaigns, eight donkey kong’s ferocious features, evil spirits, auspicious clouds, where dragons and Hades step down, are endless hell. At that time, in the concept, God and ghosts could not be separated. God was ghosts and ghosts were gods.. In winter, the whole class lined up to make a fire to keep warm. It was my turn to be on duty, and I opened the classroom door with a flashlight. A little glow of the flashlight darkened the classroom that was already dark. I gingerly took out firewood and waste paper under my armpits and struck matches in my pocket.. While nervously staring at the black walls. One, two, . a box of matches was struck, the fire was still not alive, but the sky was bright and was seen by the boys who came to school early and passed on as a laughing stock..   I live in a secluded alley in the old city.   Among the neighbors, there was a woman named granny Wu, who was younger than my granny but had early cervical cancer. At that time was an incurable disease.   Granny Wu’s yard was large and a sweet apricot tree was full of fruit. Her children are out of town, and every year the apricot is ripe. Grandma Wu will invite us to pick the apricot.. After the illness, my face turned sallow and I was afraid. I never dared to go to her house again, but granny Wu still wanted to bring a large bowl of sweet apricots until she disappeared from my sight. I dared to stretch my finger into the bowl of apricots, and by then, there were few apricots left..   As she was dying, grandma went to grandma Wu’s house every day to help with some housework, and I followed her in twice. Later, grandma Wu left. Her sallow face seemed to stick on the gate, and every time I passed by, I had to avoid it.. Rao is such, still can’t hold himself, dreaming at night, the sallow face came to me, often horrified from the dream. Such dreams have been on and off for several years.   My dream was also led by grandpa Zhang in the alley. White beard and white hair, an elegant old man, also because of his residence in the depths of the alley, narrow concave dozens of steps, high door, door painted black, with bronze animal head ring on the door. Passing by at night, dark, scalp pins and needles began, grandpa Zhang’s bearded face was unusually clear, and he chased him repeatedly in his dream..   I don’t know if everyone will be frightened by ghosts in childhood, childhood and even youth, but the horror scenes that often appear in dreams should not be unique to me.     Four have to say impermanence.   The word impermanence came into being only after reading Lu Xun’s regulations on participation in impermanence, and Mr. Lu wrote in detail. The impermanence of performing nature in the sun can travel through the streets and alleys of that era, and can be close to people or strangers.. Looking at it, I felt like I was in it, and the cave was like a god. Maybe it was because of growing up, maybe it was because of reading some similar bibliographies. At that time, the mentality and the world of ghosts and gods were like watching fire from the other side and seldom dreaming. But the world of fairy foxes and ghosts is a yearning for the heart, and books are also read by choice..   Mr. Pu Songlin’s participation in the Strange Tales from a Lonely Studio Bill was not read over and over again. Some of the passages are familiar and vividly portrayed.. In particular, after watching Hong Kong films participate in the painting regulations, they are more intuitive to the various forms of ghosts. The popular version is not as good as the book, and the old man’s nonsense can’t lift his ever-expanding appetite..   Tang Duan Chengshi’s participation in the Youyang miscellaneous regulations was recently recommended by friends and was absorbed by Mr. Li Jingze’s order at the beginning.   ‘ What happened between people and things and between days? What do we know or don’t know? Li Jingze said that participating in Youyang’s miscellaneous regulations is a book of the night, and his poetic questions should also be issued at the time of the night.   A modern man, separated by more than 1000 years, shuttles between ghosts and gods and communicates with spirits in the late Tang Dynasty. What is the appearance of ghosts in the Tang Dynasty?? More than one thousand years, how many people have evolved, and ghosts should also evolve simultaneously.   I took another step forward. From Nanshan to Beishan, from the sea to overseas, a draft of the Shanhaijing Bill has let me go for how long. I don’t know how long time has frozen here. Those strange monsters jump between mountains and rivers, or shout or whistle.. The whole nature has become their blissful world. People are just spectators who have been covered up, lurking in the ravines, gathering their spirits and holding their breath. Even when they come out, they seem to lose their heads..   It turns out that there is such a magical world and such a joyous species besides human beings. People in front of them are like lambs hiding under the table in Gulliver’s Adventures Regulations, looking up at the huge monsters in horror..   Yes, there is a human history, that is, a history of ghosts and gods haunting us. They share the same sky and earth with us, and even do the crossing and transformation between ghosts and gods.. Thousands of years ago, Zhuang Zhou gave up the encumbrance of being a man in the world and turned to a butterfly to soar in the universe. It seems that people are really not the masters of the world. A person’s life has lived in the world for decades, but he has served all kinds of old services for the world. When his labor service expires, he will report to another world, whether you like it or not..  Compared with the evil in the world, I prefer to be friends with ghosts and invite them to sit down at night. A pot of light tea, how much of the past, comfortable, vent, mad, estrus, involuntarily.   There was no way out in the last generation, and it has also been finalized in this life.. So, what about the next life?   What is next life, if you know, I would like to be a ghost. Even if you are punished by Yan as a tomb ghost, you will not be afraid.   Freely, the wind comes and goes like the other way around.

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