• Half leisurely and half impetuous

    The long wait finally waited for an expected result. The waiting day is really half leisurely and half impetuous, as if rushing forward surrounded by waves.. Surrounded by waves, the weather is still hot, the sky is still full of floating clouds, burning the impetuous earth and flowing soul.     It seems that the picture in the sleeping dream is still asleep, sometimes vague and sometimes clear, and deduces a certain cross section of life.. The sound of the’ ring bell’ phone immediately stopped the smooth picture playing. The strange and familiar voice was supposed to deliver the expected good news only because of legend, but it was not proved by formal channels.. The conversation still cannot hide the excitement and listen to the latest developments of people who are familiar with it..     The time after the announcement is brighter and brighter, and the reunion time has really changed its role. The first meeting was decided by fate, and the meeting once again made clear the common direction. The leap of identity from guest to host confirms a story about sincerity and touching, and may continue to write a new legend about the story.     For the first time, the’ family happiness’ gathering atmosphere was warm and men and women gathered to greet each other, express joy, meet each other and share happiness.. Leaders spoke one after another, and suddenly there was silence and voice was heard over the slightly crowded conference room. Sometimes under the field mixed with slurping, immediately will encounter strange eyes.     At the meeting, the leader’s voice was loud and passionate, which ignited the participants’ ordinary heart and activated the participants’ calm heart.. Enthusiastic words, approbation applause, expectant eyes, comfortable steps and so on have all turned into a magical wind, gorgeous flowers and towering trees in a small courtyard..     The days that followed became flat. A cramped courtyard, several crowded houses, and several groups of busy people are dwelling, running, plowing, working and satisfying in an unusual rhythm.. When they meet, they exchange politeness, and when they talk, they convey sincerity, mediocrity and simplicity..     The playground is full of youthful life, bouncing basketball and flying badminton, which explains the vigorous vitality and boiling momentum. This also always infects the unruly personality and restless body of over half a hundred people.. The small courtyard provides a stage for badminton lovers to show their skills, and the small stage displays the charm and elegant demeanour of the exercisers to the fullest..     More often than not, they are conducted in an orderly procedure. The leadership’s hands-on work, the department’s organic scheduling, the co-operation of colleagues and so on cannot be separated from the fast-paced and efficient operation. The miscellaneous details seem to be magnified, the scraps of paper falling in the corner will always be noticed, and the trivial matters will definitely be implemented.     Appraisal and exposure complement each other, while criticism and reward go hand in hand. Competition is like undercurrent flowing unconsciously from time to time, and individual enthusiasm can be publicized and released in a special atmosphere.     Lunch is the most eye – catching time. Like a date for fear of falling down, while chewing on the delicious and affordable food, they listened to the relaxed and fresh topics, and the time passed quietly in ease and comfort, while looking forward to a new round of interview and sharing..     Everything seems like a dream. Reality turns pages at any time. September, an unusual September! From the Mid – Autumn Festival to the National Day, in a short time, the blue sky suddenly darkened, the bright moonlit night no longer poured silver light, the broad road seemed to be getting narrower and narrower, and the clear steps made me feel confused.. Admittedly, everything is about to pass, and everything will pass!     Sudden changes quietly hit, making it difficult to parry, and it seems difficult to strike back. In desperation, only pray to god to bless home and antai in the future.     Although many of the above words are memories, it is inevitable that they will not be able to say what they want and will not be able to change their mood. If there is anything wrong with them, please come to Haihan and correct it..     ( 2011. 10. 03 )

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