• Hometown land

    Tongzhou has a town of Yongledian, and there is a village of Banhe in the town. A cool water river meanders by and stands on a big stone bridge across the river, giving a panoramic view of the fields in Hebei province. This village, with many water, trees and land, is indeed a treasure land of geomantic omen. This is the land of my hometown. I do not know how many generations of hardworking and frugal native people have been raised in this land. How many epic and exciting stories have been translated.     Poet He Jingzhi wrote a poem entitled ” Taking part in the regulations of returning to Yan ‘an”, one of which reads: ” I will not put my hand on the loess and stick it tightly to my heart.”. This is, of course, an exaggeration when the poet’s feelings are bold and unrestrained. But every time I return to my hometown, I always walk into the field, take a handful of wet soil, study it carefully and smell its faint fragrance. In the past, people said, ” Poor families are hard to leave and hot soil is hard to give up.”. The soil in my hometown is a hot soil with deep feelings. Although I have already left this hot land, my thoughts on it have not diminished at all, but my respect for it has grown deeper and deeper.. Every time I lift this deep-feeling country soil, I pull out the thread of my long thoughts about my native land.. The tide of that feeling also seemed to open the gate and rush out.     Old people in my hometown often use the words ” thin alkali sand hollow” to summarize my hometown soil. This is also the actual situation in the past years. However, in the 1950s and 1960s, when I was sensible, the characteristics of my hometown land could be summed up in two words: one is the word ” alkali” and the other is the word ” depression”. At least half of the village is saline-alkali land. No place is not a depression. Planting crops on saline-alkali land, although only some drought-resistant crops such as millet and corbel sorghum are planted, is only the absolute low yield of’ planting a gourd and harvesting two ladles’. Depression is afraid of waterlogging. A heavy rain in summer, the standing water in the field waist – high, the original green fields, suddenly became ” a vast expanse of water is missing”, and the harvest of one year will be ruined.. I don’t understand, my hometown’s grandparents survived hundreds of thousands of years of starvation with what kind of strong will? All I know is a folk song often sung in the village as a child: ” Half of the river is long at both ends, except for the small temple where there are no earthen houses.”. Another sentence, even harsher: ” There are women who don’t marry Sanwa Banhe, and tares are the hot spots for ants.”. The ” ant basket” is a basket with only coarse surface. It’s no exaggeration to eat chaff and swallow vegetables instead of grain in the fields.. , the villagers can’t even eat enough food, where can I build a new tile house?     People often say, ” The earth is the mother of mankind.”. The son is not too ugly for his mother, but the native people still love this land. In spring, the saline-alkali land was gray and covered with a hard shell half a centimeter thick. The villagers will scrape off the hard soil with hoes and pickaxes, push it home and boil the salt with saltpeter.. Selling is also a little contribution to the land. By the end of the fifties of the last century, the party and the government led the farmers to build water conservancy projects, and with the reservoir, the original dry land had turned into paddy fields, and from then on, the saline-alkali land in their hometown had been completely removed..     I always feel that the land of my hometown is like a magic magician. Today, decades after the reform and opening up, the sickly saline-alkali land has disappeared, and the wasteland, graveyard and sand table also seem to have quietly flown to’ Java’. Looking ahead, it is a fertile field. After the first rain shower in early spring, the moist soil gave off a faint scent. As a result, the blind date sowed the seeds of hope and soon grew watery seedlings. With the call of thunder in summer, the crops in the field seemed to hear the’ congregation number’, and each was full of energy and scrambling to grow up.. It is said that the sound of sorghum and corn jointing can be heard at night. But in more than ten days, boundless green covered the fields. This is how amazing?     As for autumn fruit, its color, its fragrance, its shape and its taste really have their own characteristics and charms. As a child, I inevitably have a big question mark in my heart about how the ordinary soil bred these delicious fruits.? I asked grandpa, his eyes narrowed and he smiled, only saying, ” maybe the earth god will know. go and ask him.”. ‘ grandpa nature could not answer, grandpa nature also can’t find the land. Up to now, I still didn’t understand it, but I deeply realized the magic of the land. The ordinary yellow land seems to be a fairy tale kingdom that can write moving poems and paint colorful pictures every year..     Recently, I returned to my hometown, Banhe River, and once again I saw my dream land. His appearance and attire have changed a lot.The original ridge turned into a greenhouse with fresh green vegetables and bright flowers.. The original pond turned into a fish pond. The lotus leaves in the pond are green and the lotus flowers are very beautiful.. There are fruitful orchards in the east of the village, red apples, pear trees in Chengcheng Huang, and grapes that slip through the trees.. On the river slope, beside the ditch, are full of fast-growing economic forests. The tall and straight trees are strong and straight, reaching straight into the sky. Now the land in my hometown is full of vitality. Its prosperity, where to find the original’ thin alkali sand hollow’? Is immersed in excitement and relief, accidentally met Wang Dabo, director of the village committee. I sincerely praised the sentence: ” Our village has changed a lot.”! The old director replied, ” the party’s policy is good, the villagers are willing to do it, and the land is powerful.”. Not the kui is a director, summed up very well.     ‘ Matter is primary and spirit is secondary.” This is the basic viewpoint of materialism. To this end, I will eulogize the earth and praise the earth. Recently, the party and governments at all levels have placed special emphasis on protecting cultivated land and forbidding arbitrary occupation. I think this is the most urgent and fundamental policy. Looking to the hometown, this lively field. I love and respect my hometown more. I also thought of taking part in the serial novels on Tongzhou News Regulations to take part in the draft Regulations on Kneeling to the Land, which immediately aroused my deep feeling about how much love the land has given to people, and even if I kneel down, it should be.. Thought of here, I took up a handful of township soil and carefully put it into the paper bag. I want to take it home in order to remind me from time to time that my family and friends and relatives all come to cherish the land. Because it is the most precious wealth in the world. Naturally, I love the land of my hometown and hope that all people in the world will treasure it, because each of us is the son of the earth.     an.d

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