• I miss those days when I taught in Mangalon

    Memorizing those days in Mangarnon, Wa Mountain Wind, Wa Mountain in the end of autumn, is like a gloomy and changeable face, with continuous rain for several days, making people feel the same as the weather, wet, cloudy and chaotic.. In the afternoon, I must arrive at the office to work. Made a cup of tea and put it on the table, slumped lazily in a chair, and the tiredness of taking a nap has not completely subsided.. Lift up your eyes and stare out of the window, the sky is still misty drizzle, Mengdong town has nearly and far gradually disappeared in the smoke of the sky.. The curling heat from the mouth of the cup disappeared in the slow ascent. In the trance, a ridiculous question arose in my heart. I was a substitute teacher, not a teacher? I asked myself in my heart, but my thoughts were caught up in my thoughts about what I had been going to do for 30 years … ah.     Don’t like or worry, don’t sink or float, food and clothing and quiet days always live quickly. As if he had only left school yesterday, in a twinkling of an eye, more than 30 cycles of spring, summer, autumn and winter passed unnoticed in the ordinary busyness. Looking back suddenly, the past is like smoke, leaving only fragments of life in Mangarnon in mind.     I went to Manga Agricultural Middle School to teach by accident. According to people familiar with the situation at that time, the county agricultural middle school resumed enrollment in 1983 and lacked professional teachers. The county decided to appoint a professional and technical personnel from the Agriculture Bureau and the Foreign Trade Bureau to be seconded to the agricultural middle school as a substitute teacher.. Before I came to report for duty, I had decided to be taught by Luo Huaxing, the stationmaster of Nuoliang Agricultural Station, a senior brother with profound professional knowledge and rigorous style of work.. Because of the leadership of Nuoliang District at that time, it was very reluctant to transfer the backbone of agricultural technology extension to affect local production.. Besides, the school is having a summer vacation and hasn’t started yet, so brother Luo has been dragging his feet and hasn’t gone to work.. It was only half a month before the opening of the autumn school, when I and seven students from provincial and local agricultural schools came to report.. Perhaps the leader of the Agriculture Bureau was unwilling to loan Senior Brother Luo out, so let me replace Senior Brother Luo as a substitute teacher for more than two years in Nongzhong..     When I first came to farming, because I was unfamiliar with the land and my students were angry and heavy, I always looked forward to everything very well. I suddenly changed my role from student to teacher and always felt unnatural.. The desolation of the campus, the obsolescence of the school buildings, the occlusion of munka and the bad weather really make me feel dispirited and discouraged. my mood is like the weather in wa mountain in autumn. it is always cloudy and humid.. I don’t know how many times I secretly curse in my heart: the person who made a bad note and made a bad decision to run an agricultural middle school in this desolate and remote place really deserves a thousand knives and ten thousand blows.! be not able to die a natural death!     Mangka is 103 kilometers away from Meng Dong in Cangyuan county and 30 kilometers away from Gengma Meng Ding town in neighboring county. Nanting River, which originated in Beauchamp Town, Linxiang District, lincang, after flowing through the four counties and districts, was already a river with a large amount of water when Manga left the country, and ordinary people could not wade through it on foot.. Manga is called’ ba’ and is far – fetched, but it is actually a platform by the Nanting River, just at the junction of the two counties of the two countries.. Munka, with a small area, belongs to Mungang Brigade and Laipian Brigade in Nanla District. Residents in Munka are mainly composed of three natural villages, namely, Lower Munka, Upper Munka and Munjiu, a primary school, a middle school, an armed police border station, a post office staffed by a staff member, a border company with only a dozen soldiers, a grain store and a buying and selling group, with a total of only a few hundred people.. In the middle of the Armed Police Station and Xiamangka Natural Village, the campus is about 1km away from the Sino – Myanmar border line, and the road from Mengdong to Mengding runs through the middle of the school, dividing the campus into two parts, with warehouses, power generation houses, pig pens, cattle pens, vegetable fields, fish ponds and other ancillary areas under the road.. The road is the main campus, and there are two horizontal and one vertical three adobe tile houses next to the road, with four small tile houses connected into a row of adobe tiles and columns at the top, and some naturally growing trees still remain in the middle of the campus..     The closed border is a remote and closed corner, while the frontier to be developed is poor and desolate.. The roads in those days were really poor and cheap, and vehicles were scarce. It was not easy for people living in Mangaba to come out and go back.. There are also passing trucks and walking tractors during the dry season. The passenger train from Meng Dong in Cangyuan County to Gengma Meng Ding Town once every ten days, although it is difficult to get a lift, still has a chance.. When the rainy season comes, the bus stops and there are very few walking tractors and trucks passing by. No matter whether you want to go out to handle affairs or go back, you have to walk on two legs.. Remote is ok, block or not. The most unbearable thing about working and living in Mangaba is her bad climate, where there is no frost in summer all the year round, the altitude is 640 meters, the annual average temperature is 21 degrees, rainfall is about 1950 mm, the dry and wet seasons are not clear, mosquitoes and flies are rampant all the year round, malaria is very severe, and it is a malaria recurrence area with some famous names.. The rainy season is from mid – may to mid – November, and the dry season is from late November to early may of the following year.. The rainy season is overcast and rainy, with high temperature and humidity and few sunny days.. In the dry season, the morning fog was very thick, the fog cleared before noon, the sun was burning hard, and the heat of boredom continued until midnight.. Just a month before I arrived at Mangaba, I was so tortured that I couldn’t eat and sleep because I couldn’t adapt to the climate there. I couldn’t breathe because of the heavy teaching tasks..     Three months later, I gradually adapted to the climate of Mangaba, became familiar with the surrounding environment of the school, and got along well with the teachers and workers in the agricultural middle school, gradually overcoming the loneliness and uncertainty when I first arrived.. At that time, the agricultural middle school included my teaching staff of 14 people, including 10 teachers and 4 elite school workers, all of whom were local wa except me and the other two teachers.. I heard about the basic situation in Mangarnon from the founding patriarch, Wang Fuhai. Nongzhong has also had a glorious history since it was founded in 1967, and has trained a large number of rural practical technicians for Cangyuan County.. At its most prosperous time, the school had more than 30 mu of paddy field, 50 mu of dry land, 200 mu of rubber land, 8 mu of tea and 3 mu of vegetable field as a training base for professional teaching practice. Because Nongzhong has been closed down for several years since graduating from the normal class and resumed enrollment in September 1983, the paddy fields and dry lands that have been abandoned for a long time have been robbed to cultivate by the masses in several villages around, and only 100 mu of rubber land is left..     In the fourth month after he arrived in Mangarnon, the teacher Wang Weizhong from the county foreign trade bureau also reported that the school leaders arranged for him to live next door to me.. Teacher Wang is a native of Lanping County, Nujiang Island, and Bai nationality graduated from Yunnan Agricultural School in 1962. He has been working in the county tea factory under the Foreign Trade Bureau since he was assigned to Cangyuan County. He should be my father’s generation in terms of age.. Miss Wang has a fair skin, a small figure, little talk and a limp left foot.. It was not until I chatted with him one night that I learned that Mr. Wang had suffered from cerebral thrombosis in a serious illness not long ago and had dropped the root disease of his legs and feet after recovering from the illness.. Teacher Wang and I have just resumed enrollment in the school. Only 95 students from two classes in the first grade of junior high school do not have professional and technical classes in the first and second grades, but only in the third grade. The school has arranged for me to take biology classes in ordinary junior high schools and teacher Wang to take history classes.. Miss Wang didn’t come back after returning to the county seat to see a doctor after three months because of her poor health..     I still insisted on staying to continue teaching until Tuesday, September 10, 1985. I remember that it was the first teacher’s day in the People’s Republic of China..After morning exercises, the students carefully cleaned the campus health under the guidance of the teacher in charge of the class. In the morning, all the teachers and students attended the first teacher’s festival celebration meeting.. The canteen slaughtered the two biggest and fattest pigs to improve food for teachers and students, which was already a rare courtesy at the time when grain, oil and non-staple food were rationed and vouchers were purchased.. In addition, the school also made an exception and squeezed out a little money from the rubber income of the work-study program to pay every teacher and employee a holiday fee in 100 yuan, which is not a small amount. My salary was 64 per month at that time. 5 yuan and 100 yuan earn more than my monthly salary.     In the afternoon, 288 students from six classes in three grades all over the school, with the exception of a few who went to the canteen to help the kitchen, most of the students moved freely. Teachers also gathered in the office and conference room to hold a’ Celebrate Family Teachers’ Day’ seminar, and everyone expressed their views on the significance and role of the national teacher’s day. After a free talk, the phone rang and President Zhao Jiabi answered the phone.. After answering the phone, she motioned for everyone to stop and immediately announced: ” We received a phone call from the County Education Bureau informing us that we have four new teachers from the agricultural middle school who will report within 10 days. Miss Xiao Yang will return to the County Agriculture Bureau to work and we will hold a forum here to send Miss Xiao Yang back to the county seat for the first teacher’s festival.”. As soon as the words sound, I changed from a participant in the forum to a leading role, and the teachers quickly cast envious eyes on me. You say a word, I say a word, and congratulate me one after another.. ‘ Lao Yang! Lao yang! Go off work. The cries of my colleagues interrupted my thoughts. I came to my senses and smiled at my colleagues and myself. Stand up and take a sip of the cup. The tea is cold.     In fact, the second day of Teacher’s Day early in the morning, I took a ride back to the county seat. In the next 20 years or so, my work unit and place of residence have always changed and changed, but the days I spent in farming have never been forgotten in my heart.. In those days, Mangkaba was really remote and desolate, and life was hard. However, the spirit of honesty among the teaching staff, the concerted efforts of teachers and students, and the determination to do a good job in farming made it difficult for me to let go of my life.. Yeah! After all, substitute classes in farming and middle schools are the starting point of my work and life in Awa Shan. For ordinary people, time is also life, freedom is right, and experience is the most precious wealth. To be able to cope with ordinary life and work every day with calm heart is called Tongda, to discover the truth, the good and the beautiful from the details of daily life and work, to enjoy the truth, the good and the beautiful, and to create the realm of truth, the good and the beautiful.. The substitute teacher is the person who handed in the book in a few days. Is the real teacher no longer important. Life is a kind of experience and process. I have taught books for two years and experienced the first teacher’s festival. It is enough to know! The weather still hasn’t cleared up. It’s time to get off work and go home!

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