• In 2016, thank you for coming with us!

    The clock ticks quietly and the years are silent and silent. It seems that only in the blink of an eye will 2016 wave away.     When he got up in the morning, he said with emotion, ” It’s been another year so soon.”! I said, ” I really want to hold the pace of the old man of time fast.”! Maybe it’s the person who will be old, maybe it’s too precious, maybe it’s the feeling that the footsteps in spring, summer, autumn and winter are too hurried, and there is always a kind of helplessness and feeling creeping up on my mind every year-end end end.. There are too many people who do not give up, too many nostalgia, the most important thing is time, and the most important thing is time. Heart, it seems, is still immature, feeling, it seems, still has some hot excitement, dreams, it seems, haven’t been realized, some of life’s plans seem to have just started . Ah, the years are so shallow and dark, day by day, taking away our most exuberant years.. Once the liveliest age, I don’t know how to cherish time, once wasted time in waste, but I don’t know how to remedy it. No matter how much I lament, how unwilling, life won’t start again.. This is the summary and repentance of human beings in their twilight years.     ‘ to see the sun, for all his glory, buried by the coming night. ‘ The shorter the sunset road is, the more precious and useful the time is.. Since retirement, under the influence of friends, I have fumbled into the internet world, and I am now nine years old.. In the past nine years, I met some people who are predestined friends on the Internet, from first meeting, unfamiliar to becoming familiar with each other, and establishing interaction. You come and go, exchange, study and learn from each other’s strong points … Ah, this has become my classroom for learning. There are poems, essays, paintings and wonderful comments in this classroom, and it is a classroom that blooms in all seasons.. I’m glad to be able to enter such a class in the twilight years.!     Attending prose online regulations in the online world is my favorite green garden. There is no distance, no height, no nobility, no distinction between old and young, and it is based on the power of strokes and talents.. Here let me find my dream and pursuit. In this garden, I constantly absorb literary nutrition and constantly pursue progress and growth. Every time I get a red” recommendation”, like a heat injected into the body, I will redouble my efforts. Even if it is not a blank recommendation, it will also castigate me hard. Looking back on the best days of the past two years, it was to participate in the online prose regulations that dispelled my once vacant position, enriched my mediocre life, opened a new path in my life, and made my hard work never stop.. I sincerely thank the editors who participated in the prose online regulations for your encouragement and recognition, so that my later life can be full, wonderful, romantic and meaningful.. The tree of my life is also full of vitality and bears different fruits. Here, I had an unexpected surprise, and I got a happy and happy license to participate in the signing of the regulations for writers.. A small certificate is unimportant and dismissive to a great writer, but it is a great honor to me in life.!     In my working career, I have obtained many certificates of honor. When I retire, I have no place to put them in, and collecting them is useless, so I broke them and threw them into the dust.. Just like throwing away that experience and process and drawing a neat full stop to that life, let all the noise, prosperity, honor and disgrace in the past be set on fire, and there will be no pain, no resentment and no pity in looking back. I vowed to start a new life without any conflicts of interest, such as phoenix nirvana. At this time, the online draft regulations for participating in prose that entered my life opened a door for me to be happy and to pursue my dream … Ah, the gift of signing the regulations and certificates for writers has added to my passion.! Writing needs passion, I dare not waste time, dare not slack off my pen and ink, and dare not let passion condense. In life, no matter in spring, summer, autumn and winter, there is the sound of flowers, the scenery that makes me move, the emotion that makes me cry, the affection, friendship, national conditions of my family, and the feeling of my neighbors … Ah, let me walk happily in the firework writing all the time..     Because of the relationship with participating in prose online regulations, there has been no gap in time and no desolation in the heart beds since then. Didi Mo Xiang is dizzy and stained with the changing rings of the sun and the moon, spreading into the world of life with smiles and contentment of harvest everywhere … In 2016, two works won first prize and gold medal respectively in the two literary invitation competitions.. This certificate of honor has half of mine and half of the online regulations for prose. Because participating in prose online regulations is a hot soil and cradle for me to grow up.     I sincerely thank you for participating in the prose online bill, but with you, my heart will bloom. But accompany with you, harvest a lot; But with you, life has another scenery. This is an immeasurable spiritual pleasure! ‘ All enjoyment of happiness belongs to the spirit. This joy turns suffering into enjoyment is the triumph of the spirit over material things. This is the philosophy of life. ‘ Mr Yang Jiang said. My own experience: if we want to seek spiritual happiness, such as reading books, writing articles, singing poems, painting, singing, dancing and playing musical instruments, no one will deprive you of the right to enjoy spiritual happiness!     At the end of the year, I just celebrated my 66th birthday. At the age of 66, I was surprised to think about it. Life is really old! Do you still have to work hard? On second thought, Mr yang Jiang still insisted on writing at the age of 100. In front of the centenarians, 66 years old is still a ” child”. What’s more, if you haven’t got a grandchild, why not give up pursuing, giving up your dream and taking part in the beautiful literary garden of prose online regulations??     Mr. yang Jiang wrote in the regulations on attending the speech at the age of 100: ” a person can gain different degrees of accomplishment and benefits through different degrees of exercise.”. . Ah, we were so eager for the waves of fate that we finally found out that the most beautiful scenery in life was inner calm and calm … Ah, we were so eager for the approval of the outside world that we finally realized that the world is our own and has nothing to do with others.. It is a writer’s interpretation of the supreme state of life! The writer really needs to have such a calm and calm state of mind!     There is still a long way to go, and brush strokes need to be polished for a long time..Let oneself take the late writer Yang Jiang as a model, not to say that he is too old, Do not forget your initiative mind, is inseparable from participating in the online regulations of prose and walks arm in arm.!     In 2017, let the pursuit not be old, let the heart blossom gracefully!

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