• 9 principle of doing things quiet

    9 1 principle of doing things quiet, do not fool yourself – first of all identify themselves, understand themselves and their environment, have the resources, so as to make an informed decision 2, I believe that mixed motives – people do any one thing, is not only a simple goal, not only to understand others and make complex decisions when the motive; but also to understand their own, to make complex decisions when motivated, and it is reasonable to believe.3, to gain time – faced with a complex problem and needs to take appropriate measures, to gain time.Time can only make us think more deeply, but also make more facts emerge.4, wise investment – make any decisions, are an investment process that is not only time and money, but of your political capital, how much capital you have, can be used to make this important decision yet.?5, delve into – research problems you encountered, and study the rules, to be a deep understanding of the rules, so as to achieve the next chapter taught you: 6, work rules – not asking you to break the rules, but ask you to respect the rules in the case of workarounds to get a better result.7, stoning examine the situation, nudging progressive – even made a decision, but in time to promote the event, and still should be done cautiously and carefully.8, Cherish the compromise – compromise does not mean give up, compromise represents a target to achieve a higher level.Like Nixon said: democracy is the product of compromise all sectors.9 three quiet virtue: restraint, humility, perseverance – did not say, to do those mentioned above, these three estimates is also doing very well.The key is to learn and use, otherwise: all tools, there is potential for abuse.The world as a complex variable, which they can be used as an excuse for not thinking of major heart problems; flexible rules, may become a subterfuge to evade the time of very clear responsibilities; to gain time and in-depth study, it may evolve into procrastination and cowardice; a some concessions compromise betrayed the basic principles; while some people are too cautious to use their political capital, too slow to advance, in the end, they basically nothing.

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