• About mind and choose

    About the mentality and the choice of many students should all remember the eve of exam anxiety: by one point might have to drop several volunteers, and even the fate of his life would change!To a senior, this anxiety may be more intense and complex: in the end the army first, employment, or Institute Xiankao?I often encounter full of anxious students asked me these questions.However, these are really unwarranted anxiety!Life is a long-term and sustained accumulation process will not be because of a single event and ruin a person’s life, not because of a single event and saved a man’s life.Ours deserve, sooner or later will be; we should not have to belong to, even if luck can not long retain skillfully taking.If we see this fact, many so-called big choices in life can be at the indifferent, no need to anxiety.The plight of the so-called life, often becomes the moment no foot peg teeth.  I’m a living example.From the university decided not to enter graduate school, so most of the time four years of university study in the humanities stuff.After graduation worked for several years before deciding to graduate school.After graduating from master’s degree, she determined to stand: no longer studying for the diploma.Who knows, things are unpredictable, after five years as a lecturer, I was forced by the current situation, ready to go abroad PhD.When abroad, college classmates laugh at me: the latest class of PhD should come home, you want to go out now?Two years later I came back from Cambridge, feel the impermanence of life experience, Mo this is staggering: a man decided to no longer seek personal gain from freshman degree, not even to get a master’s and a Ph.D.!Ours deserve, Which had been less?And this was how life was and how much should we ever know and?Since then I can not be more indifferent to the fate of the issue.When the time lecturer, some students will face more extreme attitude showed their disdain; came back from Cambridge when, as a student but was an incredible thing to look.Such ups and downs on the surface, in fact, is a good thing man ‘s tongue, totally not the truth of the facts.On the surface, two years to get a PhD in Cambridge, this seems to be great.However, before the last two years I’ve spent a whole year, the research on the topic read all the papers, and to identify research; and has spent three years before more control to do research, and the world’s leading academic journals published.The time to graduate from the Master Na Boshi, during the seven years I never stopped research and self-study.So, this is actually Dr. accumulated seven years of achievement, or just count the time I spend control subjects, there are at least five years, there is also nothing surprising.

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