• After graduating 20-year reunion, I found the outcome of decisions in life

    February.26 InvestPro (Micro Signal: penetratingview) no absolute meaning of success, success in life does not come from survival of the fittest, the source of happiness mixed attitudes. Author | Third-ling 01 20 years after graduation, I suggest you go to look at a class reunion, comparisons not want you to success in life, nor is it to you to take advantage of student resources, but look at life after 20 years of long-distance running, winning thousands of miles of the stuff What exactly is, what life is losing long-distance running is something.In the “more terrible than farms elementary school class”, and I share their anxiety private not magic: the possibility of the worst and the best of the possibility of the child’s wish, but think the worst of this, but the best case, due to class fluctuation range is not large, perhaps you do not anxious.Today, I would like to share a private magic is not another anxiety: high school students will participate.Recently, I was quite keen to attend a class reunion, at parties, I can observe interest: these people together with my starting point, 20 years ago, we rank people together times 20 years is “survival of the fittest” in the era of the torrent man, what today has made what success in life?What makes them a lifetime, but what makes them stand still?What makes them come to today’s appearance?I would like to tell you about the fate of some nice good students, some so-called law of induction; then talk about the fate of the very few students are not doing well, then summed up some rules to our surly life through the first half to give the first half to inspire our children’s life.02 talk about most of those students I’ve had a good talk about life can give you outline some of the students: A student is our monitor, self-discipline law, but because of too much effort, that is not how the college entrance examination kind, on an extremely common university, said she is not satisfied, enrolled as a graduate of a university class.20 years without information, that she again is because online crazy pass a character article is a valuation of the company’s major executives billions of dollars, after carefully checked and found that executives who she actually is!B students do not Xu is not disease in high school, but we all know she was a good showing.She did not read a very good school, but she was not too worried.After graduating from college, had wanted to pass the time she read the accountant certificate, later found to have a training room next door training institutions abroad, so the grief of lost love to learn English power, she was not abroad, but in the world five hundred did Chief financial Officer.Propionic students in addition to writing well written almost nothing worthwhile to say, read a third-rate university, and later went to work in journalism Guangzhou to Beijing, director of the annual salary of a portal site do half a million.The site due to strong business atmosphere, she also took to become the founder and is now a multi-billion valuation of the company’s vice president (middle school age she is my classmate).K12 stage Ding students are in class leader for 12 years, and now she happily resigned as counselor and a full-time mom.Recalling the high school, said she hated phase class leader: feel big pressure, sure how well how to do, I did not play well the college entrance examination, a great relationship with the pressure.Amyl classmates martial arts every day, I still personally write novels, all stop myself before the entrance, then repeat reading of a tax college, then to the township, the county tax collector to.A few years ago she became a special tax the pipe personnel director, she told me to resign from office director, boring life because they can not do business.I heard the results of the last few weeks because she was too make progress, actually became a deputy director of Tax.Our students are already squadron leader, who has always been self-discipline law, college entrance examination results excellent, now an upright justice court judge Chongqing.I know her from the age of 10 onwards, to 42 years, 30 years has been so pure serious, it is estimated that life will go on like this make me wait in awe.Geng students are good test-oriented education, years ago knows how to mind map homework, good psychological quality, good play college entrance examination, the University of the South on the 211, and later became a reporter, and when the publishing house editor.Since we book points readers to study psychology serves decent, then wrote a public howl “Children’s Books mom Third-Ling,” she said to our class now becomes the largest known people.Needless to say, you know it was me.Shen students was the greatest pleasure is to wear new clothes every week back to our amazing, going to night classes too hot excuse out of the toilet and then went to the riverside hair, the student SAT score can be used to describe bad.But she was 25 years old, actually met online a husband to go to the United States read along, then actually got the only Ivy League doctorate of our class.But also actually, because the sales department to help a young man punching performance, and she agreed to the full amount of a house, turned down several houses, so that the young man is equal to more than sold several houses.Thus, in 2003, to Beijing two years, she go to buy a house 8.Currently friend outside the Anglo-American literary studies in addition to doing, is to raise funds overseas and then come back to help Chinese rural children.Kenneth Chen classmates and students to read the Chengdu University, but chose to return to the life of our county.They one by one in real estate in the insurance industry, because things sound simple heart and do not play mahjong, has been the most trusted executives boss.Of course, they all have their own big and beautiful house on the waterfront.Especially surprising is that they are too old to be slower than other students, and now looks almost kind enough to look like in high school, they both are dressed up, looks like from “Ruili” magazine to go down the clear Yaya Oriental young woman..Mentioned above outline life, all authentic, the population of its occurrence, is a county of Chongqing high school graduates.My classmates there, in fact, not be regarded as the birth of prominent figures in the world, this is actually the fate of some of the ordinary people in the mainstream of the times, you will find that these people live good.Most of these students are my junior high school classmate, the crowd in the range of about fifty.These flies can also be life, we can see so few rules: a rule: Life is not a chain, a stepping stone does not read good and reliable nursery school is no good, no good elementary school is no good, no good University High school is no good, no good university is not a good job, a good job is not no good life – the legendary chain of life, in fact, does not exist, my classmates might take off at any time basically living a life.We have not read the university that year enrollment, the university can read that victory, we a class of 40 a few people, a few read the last 30 went to college, some went to 985,211, and some went to college, some go then just set local universities, these students just graduated from different universities when the starting point, very different.But now the age of 40 after a long run to become middle-aged, has found little difference in the fate of, at least, there is no entrance examination scores big difference.As we raise children, but also began to remember his exact height and weight of each month, child crazy rivalry with the district where the children, to children after a teenager, you already feel these are not important, absolutely do not care about the.We timeline stretched, these temporary results, the decision is not a final achievement of fundamental human.Rule two: winning a thousand miles of real, some not test after test the ability Ke Jie throw in the towel in the face of Afar dog, as usual, we discuss what the future ability of education should play a leading training is.We can clearly conclude that: Any machine can replace or artificial intelligence capability, that is not worth the ability to spend time training; those who can not migrate to other areas of capability, capacity is also not important.Our education, we spend a lot, even the greatest time and effort to assess students’ mastery of knowledge – and not really enhance the ability of.So what kind of ability is something we see in it?Be curious can have a strong desire to get a wealth of stars in any world inside the brain.In short, reading and lifelong learning.I read that the accounting certificate students and read English, to the United States after reading Dr. classmates, and even I do not need any degree in people hungry to learn every day, fate will let you easily see the results of learning.Harmonious interpersonal relationships wife of her husband’s heart and one mind, mutual understanding and support between friends, working partners of teamwork, which is an important source of a successful career person can obtain happiness.I recently telling anyone to ask a question: “You have become today’s you, is the most benefit.”.60% of people told me encouragement and support from others, some people recalled the unconditional love of family, again and again tears.The cut-throat competition, we must understand a battle not willing to destroy this relationship most often.Better and even noble character Maryland Young students recently graduated speech was all out to come up with a Harvard graduate to compare how Jiang’s speech, two people can board the graduation podium schools are successful secular sense, but speech content but compete with established contractors: Yang Shuping superficial and exaggerated retelling of air and freedom after most people know, not below, where the river after the child was talking spider venom fire treatment, should think of good medicine spread to more barren place to go.The difference between the two front road which is more spacious, which is more recognized by everyone, in fact, an exquisite egoist and a man of character of social feeling better.Mom reading children’s books will be in the analysis of the elements of success in life made man, found that the most important actually is a virtue, with virtue, the child will automatically do what pattern of play and even the big things that go down in history.If your child retain curiosity, good karma good character and good character, then you simply need not worry your child will be too bad in the future.Conversely, if the child’s good grades, or grades by school children in advance, well a lot of practice, but these acts if curiosity hurt, hurt the harmonious interpersonal relationships, hurt build a better and even noble character, then, I tell you from the course of life that dozens of students, this is definitely worth the candle.On Three: There is no absolute sense of success, success in life does not come from survival of the fittest, the source of happiness mixed and then go to our attitudes when the road 20 years after graduation, your mood would be more peace and quiet, because you find that in the year to let your jealousy burn students, did not actually affect your life; then worship God Overlord ‘school and later in life turned out to be too similar to tell you I’m not not chase away.A class of children, through a variety of paths, and lived a happy life – almost little to do with survival of the fittest, chicken competition.You will find that no one’s life is worth absolutely have to envy, no one’s life can go absolutely despise, concentrate Live your own life will be able to come to life a rich vertex.Everyone, including your children, is likely to lead a life not a hundred percent frame of reference.In other words, everyone should have a unique and happy life of their own.Life in a sense, is a lonely road, the road is also a self-cultivation, it is determined by your inner thoughts how far you go.Those who are ahead of others in the way of life, not because of how much he wants to beat you, but because of where he decided to go to the farthest.If you do not build their own real strong heart, but also stubborn belief that survival of the fittest, it is believed to snatch the best educational resources to succeed, then the greater the likelihood of life of children fail to get.03 talk about those students doing a good handful of my classmates there, and some access to a wide range of sympathy and regret the whole class of students, so the number of students is small, but there are concentrated in a few categories of people, because involving privacy, I will not detail the course of one life, but talk directly about the law.Rule four: intimate positive family relationships, education is the best investment of my classmates inside the child, there is a class of particularly bad passes, and that is the original family suffered a major accident, poor child’s parents marital relationship.Parents concerned about children at home there, like, this thing in our eyes for granted, in fact, difficult to achieve in many families.Do not make good parents together before, not a good break up families, harm to the child is very large.After this adult children will live model to the new family to go, not even choose not to marry a family.Some “men have a deep distrust,” the single mother, her daughter will occupy the living space, will never go to trial in-law, such a family forbear – outbreak – deserted them in circulation, do not say what’s Apprentice career, even more than happy to live average lives are difficult.So, than buying the school district room, trying to get children to accept extra-curricular courses more important thing is good business his family, his relationship with the business partner, business intimacy between myself and children.”Husband and wife concentric, the benefit payments”, I have seen too much of one mind on the couple self-made rich life was enviable.Intimate positive family relationship is the best investment in children’s education.Rule five: do not follow the wishes of their true life, life sunk costs are very high you have to believe my classmates there really beauty like a girl, she married into the wealthy too early, looked over the sheltered life.But you can think Fifteen years later, this girl will choose to divorce, almost cleanse the family, with her daughter together with high school students love it?If she just love together from the beginning, fifteen years together running a business family, can go bad?It is often said fear of the old house on fire, but, most fire-prone, is the old house, the cost of sinking the largest, but also the overthrow of all previous efforts.Those who do not choose to work according to their true wishes, and later have a nice complaints and negative; those who do not follow their true wishes in marriage, marriage like most grave.Sometimes we on efficiency, cost about those aspects of the mind moving, it takes effort, basically arrived, but a shining light of the yearning “I do”.We often ignore a very important one, is the value of life lies in the selection.At different ages, people have different areas, there is the desire of their choice: eat from clothing, to read the game, to social friends, and finally, of course, school, work, spouse, etc. of all independent choice.However, many times, our right to choose an early age by their parents, teachers, schools, units, leaders, public opinion, etc. kidnapped.Even more frightening is that many people have no sense of self-selection, since it plunged into confusion and could not find myself.05 What is life’s most precious “to copper as a mirror, can dressed; people-Kam, you can see advantages and disadvantages; history as a mirror, one can know the rise and fall” participated in high school reunion, you’re reading a history of recent events, for how to design your child’s future, how to plan today, the most vivid of the most historical reference.Inside the past history of that part of life written by fifty men, we find: that is, believe in the college entrance examination is a difficult path in life happy times, we reach the path to happiness is also a wide variety of.Now more diverse generation of city children, almost everyone can go to college, everyone can go on the Internet, access to the books of wisdom, or even very easy to go to other countries to study, will arrive on the path to happiness than we.We also found that we reach a happy life, a desire for life, is curiosity, a noble character, then we will do what it takes to protect it.We found that will lead us and the kids, unfortunately, is bad relationships, personal wishes are kidnapped, we should go to good business relationships, to respect the wishes of the child’s heart – my greatest fear is that those who value small immediate goals missed life grand strategy, it seems very very clever parents fight.Gao Xiaosong In a recent interview, said: “Life in the second half, leaving only the enemy himself.”Our growing inventory of 20 years, I found that the first half of life, and only their own enemies.Capable of winning a thousand miles, is always inner strength, that has nothing to do with the outside world seemingly intense hustle and bustle of the world.Writing this article is to advise you not anxious, although I found that anxiety is not advising people the hardest thing in the world.I would like you to imagine the life we are waiting for the bus, anxiety is on your shoulders heavy luggage, you put anxiety on his shoulders, bus and bike is not a little faster, you put anxiety on the ground, even throw away, the bus will not result in a bit slower.Everything is the best arrangement.-THE END- interactive Today, we launch a kind of interaction: After many years, is what opened the gap and your classmates?Say in the comments area to share for small partners penetrating view it!We will sort out the wonderful answer, pushed to everyone Kane?-THE END- Author: Third-Ling, publisher of children’s books, children’s education writer, China Education Alliance camp director, TedXkids think tank experts, family education, founder of the first media Children’s Books mom.No public: children’s book publishing Mom San Chuan Ling (ID: tongshuchubanmama).InvestPro authorized release.More penetrating view hot text read “Fu Lei,” I finally understand: Why the rich, but three generations?”Red Sea action” in the tens of love: the details of the easiest seller heart Zeng family why more than 200 years, the prestigious 240 descendants, stretching ten generations is not a “black sheep”?Zhong Nanshan, a comprehensive interpretation of the flu: virus mutates, March comeback!Watercress ultrahigh 9.3!CCTV is another file conscience variety night scraper, back classic, chasing read poetry has become a new trend of life!Just refresh the “moss”, you know the story behind it?Chinese New Year stall the best word of mouth!This instant film adapted from real events, to reproduce those very tears collapse

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