• All of apathy, are from the “I’m busy” to start

    Wen | Lakeshore Chang’an source | before Yanbo (changan_1990) a few days to see a piece, I laugh hop (not a typo): I found a lot of boys ah, just the knowledge of good leisure it every day, particularly time, never too busy, chat anytime, anywhere, on call to accompany play.Later began headlong headlong, not to mention the initiative to find me, I find his love to ignore the answer, do not know why, I asked said busy, so the question is: I’m sure this is not the life Vanves it wrong?Finished laughing about it, really is such a thing son.Like once knew a girl and I said, she talked about love three times, each time love basically can be divided into three stages: the first stage, the boys mustering the effort to chase her, greetings meticulous, her insomnia, the other can chat with her until two or three in the morning, and occasionally it comes to what to eat something, the next day express delivery on the door, a weekend, it will be sent several plans, she went out to meet about.The second phase, she promised to pursue the other, he began to fall in love at first pretty good, and after her time as, but generally not more than three months, the other to cool slowly, the words are not less how the initiative, of course, she sent messages in the past, within the same day or the other would reply, but obviously it did not feel so enthusiastic ago.Weekend asked him what arrangements, he said nothing; her sleep, he said, “You’re trying to look at” early child sleep.The third stage, and gradually into a “know each other alive, but I could not find one,” the state, there can be no reply reply, someone answered the phone is impossible, and asked how, the person said, busy, or to “have no words,” ask, it becomes “Do you want more”, “Do not vexatious”.She would sleep, but the cause of insomnia become his, and she sent him those “sleep”, never did not care for the.After three stages, are her own stand, said the initiative to break up, there are two people hurriedly agreed, as if looking forward to this day as early as the third affectionately asked her: “I care about you, you feel do not?.That is, I do not feel, just break up and you say, ah.Girls and he is very depressed: three consecutive love all this, it is my own problem?I’ve been very careful ah, the problem can usually be resolved on their own to solve their own, try not to bother the other half, afraid he was busy, he is looking after him after work, just for a day and he wanted to talk not seen it, so can be considered vexatious it?In fact, nothing to do with her, but luck is not very good, it encountered the same cold violence.All of cold violence, are from the “I’m busy” started.To know more about some of the love story you will find that this principle applies to almost everyone, time-tested.Began as a busy, no time to call the same as before, there is no time to chat with you, every day only a few words of idle can be assigned to you, so much that he would sleep, you can not say he pulled again chat ten dollars of it you do not sleepy, or he would say you do not naive.Still later is particularly busy a day or two to find you are not the norm, you can go back the next day saying “going to bed early yesterday, did not see the message” are considered to have a conscience, even the most polite about patience are not directly disappear , over time around suddenly appeared, as if nothing had happened before.What he does is busy?I do not know, anyway, is busy, busy playing the “good night” two words have no time.Of course, if you look at the dynamics of his day, he will find that the game did not play a small circle of friends no less hair, the drink or go out drinking with friends, few people still tease nice little sister on the microblogging.Then you will understand, how busy he is not, he is unwilling to spend time on your body.Violence in so horrible, because you change the man in front, back and forth too much.Chase you never say when sleepy, you let him go to bed he said he is not willing, then less than a ten-point tired and do not want to say that today talk.When you chase never tired, you said you did not do a good job with him and he said he’s ready you can wait a lifetime, then you occasional small temper, he said, too tired to coax.At first love can take more than an hour by car across the city to see you, then it rains you want him to take you home, he asked himself why can not you come back.Just the love that you eat every day to worry about not eat sleep did not sleep well, there is no one to bully you, and then you and he says bad mind you encountered today, he said this thing and I said what.Long before his cell phone like him, you just say what, thought he would not see right away, and he immediately replied.Then his cell phone to die, while out of power while not fault the net for a while, you made a lot of heart and he shared, over most of the day, he returned with a “oh”.Before he seems never temper, a fight was his first kid you, take you to eat your favorite, quietly at your side until you feel better so far.Later, he will not do so, he pretended not to see you angry, fight to bow before you, the Cold War for a week, you do not find him, he will not find you.Why is it so?Some people because of his passion for you, you can only continue to happen, no matter the date.All his sense of achievement comes from the “pursuit” of this process, at hand, you are his, and validate his own charm and outstanding, as to how to do after the catch, he had not thought.Some people because he did not understand, love is the need for careful management of.He thought he had been good to you, these memories can guarantee the survival of your feelings, emotional stability, he would not need to spend too much thought to the.He did not know, love is actually a table, need to tidy up every day, no matter it stood, the table will indeed be in, but soon dirty.This is often the person who you pointed out his change, he will feel wronged: my heart is yours ah, just twenty-three days you did not find it, so serious it?Yes, there is such a serious.Ultimately, all because of the cold violence, he was convinced, you can not really leave him.Anyway, do not coax, you will be with him and good, then why Yaohong?Anyway, do not reply to a message, you will not be angry with him, why should reply?Anyway, I do not find you, you will sooner or later come to him, then why spend the effort to come to you?Moreover, you also have put up is not it?The next day he came back with the message that “did not see yesterday,” you say, “Never mind” is not it?One week he does not find you, you still find him forced a smile is not it?He thinks that you no longer announce when disgruntled too much trouble will not admit that you swallow all the discontent, and his initiative and good is not it?He knows how vulnerable your bottom line, it is so clear conscience.Of course, you will not always Renxia Qu, one day you will suddenly realize, I decided to leave him.Some people may this time was a rude awakening, hastened to come to you.However, it was too late.Say one more thing, someone asked a person like you is what it looks like.In fact, there is only one way: so fear you bored and you talk too much, hurt so afraid of you protect you in my arms, afraid you happy so do all sorts of things that make you happy, you will be afraid to go so you feel safe at all.That would be it.Author: Lakeshore Chang’an, not professional Internet industry, non-mainstream emotion experts, eleven in the evening every day, and you talk about love, talk about love.Micro-channel public number: Lakeshore (changan_1990).New book “confused world, people are going to love” by its owner.Like a point, I hope we can be away from the cold violence

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