• A deserter

    Perret is Sandell artist friends.In the United States, it is the largest of the artist tolerance of a hat, worn on the head who are appropriate.and so.A tramp say that they are artists, no one would be surprised, because this is the living condition of many artists.Art is one thing, how to replace bread for dinner, it is another matter.  Perret tall and big, it is not inevitable that the United States often middle-aged beer belly.He backs straight, sitting there feeling a surge of gas was holding, a common anti-American look very loose, feeling that he was somewhat military posture.But an opening, and conceal his fanciful, confused temperament of the artist.  Perez had been the Navy, told me Sandell.  I wonder: how an artist would think to be a soldier?  Sandell Let’s talk about the story of a soldier Perret distinctive.That’s because an Arab girl.He blinked to our eyes, the girl was called Ye Haiya, and she wanted to dump Perez, Perez kept a sharp look poor.So she took part Mei Jun, Perez is also going to follow to join the navy, not think about it, the Navy so much, is not a days of the South, a place north?Ye Haiya course of life left Perret.However, Perez has been to make every effort to convince the Navy to accept his.  The navy, Sandell said with a smile, the artist Perez can only brush hanging outside the warship number.Americans think that outsiders are very relaxed, American soldiers must also slovenly, in fact, military curried, big strength training, strict management.Perret completely unable to meet.Endure for two years.He felt in any case not boil veterans, and finally out of a last resort: desertion.  Deserter caught on to the military court, the decision based on the circumstances.So, this determination is not easy.  It was twenty years ago in the past.  Perret was grateful old Sandell at a critical moment helped him.As deserters as criminals wanted by.Perret need hiding, hiding at the same time also we need to make a living.Whenever he was desperate, end of the road where there is always Sandell, left his last job opportunities.Sandell open a restaurant.More importantly, Sandell gave him advice, brothers, you have to face reality, can not be avoided.  Walk a few states, played two years of casual workers, he repeatedly consider the advice of friends, he decided to pay themselves in, surrender.  We have close to where the original naval military school, he went in and explained that he is a deserter surrendered, received him very surprised soldier.Perez thought he would be handcuffed immediately, but no results.That soldier just told him, officer in charge not to wait for him.Wait until dinner time, he let himself go to dinner.Officers came, following more things contrary to his accident, officer contact a bit, bought him a plane ticket and let him fly back to their original troops, surrendered to the military bases back to Virginia.Perret foot on the road, do not send someone to follow me.  He was a little nervous to return to Virginia naval base, I never realized troops to his first choice: freedom from punishment, as long as the rest of the military service served.Perret problem is that it can not adapt to military career.So, after he considered, or declined the kindness troops, he felt himself no way out but to accept the military trial and punishment.So he entered detention, nervously awaiting court-martial trial date.In these days, his old friend Sandell wrote a lot of letters, portrayed himself depressed mood, he thought, which, to lead on the rest of my life in prison.  Perret Navy to arrange a free lawyer, he also had a lawyer friend, I heard Perez in trouble, came to do legal assistance, and finally symbolically charged him dollars.Two lawyers to defend the impact point is that Perret’s personality and personal qualities, totally unsuitable to be a soldier.All their efforts to provide evidence to the court to illustrate this point.Perret still remember the name of his case to undertake a military court judge, the judge said in sentencing: the child, I’m sorry.I think we made a mistake.The original people, the US military to accept the young recruits, there is a provision can not accept unfit soldiers to join the army.  As active duty, of course, there is something wrong Perret.He had should apply for early retirement, rather than desertion from the army.Therefore, according to the law the judge gave him the slightest punishment, sentenced him to imprisonment for more than a month, and announced he does not honor veterans.Perret because deserters events get lessons, but also become mature.  In retrospect, Perez grateful to all those who helped him at the critical moment.Sandell advice, counsel dedication, naval forces and military court judge for his fair treatment.Everyone may have a wrong step, when is not it?Perret raised champagne.I wish us all good luck the new year!

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