• A different kind of care

    1950s, the famous writer Eileen Chang to settle in the United States, a few years later, after a friend introduced her to the Center for Chinese Studies at Berkeley University inauguration, Berkeley arrangements Taiwan scholar Chen Shao-tsung as an assistant to Eileen Chang, the same two people in a office office, the middle separated by only one veneer.Chen Shao-tsung the outside, Eileen Chang in the back room.Through observation, we found Chen Shao-tsung, perhaps gone through too many vicissitudes, has severe autism ingredients on Eileen Chang character, extremely like with people deliberately avoid the crowd.Understand this mentality Eileen Chang, Chen Shao-tsung will deliberately reduce the chance of contact and Zhang Ailing, I try to live sensible to restrain myself, not to harass her quiet unless she took the initiative to call what I do, otherwise I will not disturb her go.So, Chen Shao-tsung always need to Eileen Chang’s collated data cards, fastened with a rubber band, from time to time, while Eileen Chang is not the time, on her desk, the matter should be noted that a note written on on, but also together with Eileen Chang on the desk in such a way to reduce the contact and the Eileen Chang.Because Eileen Chang’s office in Jian Wu, Jian Wu Chen Shao-tsung out of office, so Eileen Chang to work every day when, inevitably Chen Shao-tsung and a face to face, had to smile about, or nod, but Chen Shao-tsung found that even this smile and nod on the scene, Eileen Chang is also very reluctant, then, Chen Shao-tsung has taken a measure: in order to compassionate her mind, I took a new approach: approaching the moment of her arrival in the day, I will simply avoid it, temporarily slipped book chat room to find someone else until after determining she had safely and steadily into her lonely kingdom, I was back to his seat up.Doing so entirely for entertainment so that she can save my strength.It should be said, Chen Shao-tsung very concerned about the well-known writer Eileen Chang, Eileen Chang and in the understanding of psychology, she used a different kind of way to express his concern for Eileen Chang, is this: do not bother.Do not disturb not only a different kind of care is also a concern from the bottom of the heart.

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