• A Distant Cry from Spring

    Summer season is very tough people in this sunny day, especially in May season, it is a good busy season, the paddy field countryside is about to mature, scorching summer.    No wind coming day, the sun shining and the sky you cloud fluttering, sunny shadows, as if the human mind, from gloom to bright, blue sky and white clouds, the sky and clean air, earth heat evaporation more irritable, mountain Shumao Beatrice wind , under the shadows, sometimes twigs waves, smiles, and sometimes the wind lifted my hair, while calm mood, hovering lingering.Hill calling sound, echoed, crying quilt euphemism late, only to hear the silence of the silent language, affects shadow, step frown, drip stream flowing through the field, covered with soil moisture with this fertile soil.    Rugged mountain road shuttle sky listening to the sound soil, Xu feel the sun shine in the sun.    Side of the heart of the sea, the quiet side, mood mood level students.    The vast sea, the Red rolling, Cheng Mo laugh marriage together.Little place, the situation of this life forever life together.Friend once in Dongguan is played work, but that time is still very young, listening to Fang Tak Chi said: his wife is people in Dongguan, Fang German volunteers for the idea that mind hard and diligent, intelligent and wise, dignified young appearance, cute feeling of admiration, mutual understanding and communication work, gradually want to put the feelings, after all, a girl’s heart is pure, kind, and infatuation, feelings, language contact between the eyebrows, showing a trace of love, happiness often been separated, with the fate of the feelings go hand in hand.    Marriage is the fate of harmony, loving husband and wife grow old obsession mood and foundation, creating a happy family life, living happily together, parents smiling business to Xing’an pleasures, reading his innocent daughter smart and wisdom, reading sixth grade, won first place in an essay contest in Jiangmen city, among the city’s first medal.In the school’s teachers and students for her award and Appreciation encouraged her to redouble their efforts, along with the tri happy happy family happy life of ease.    Nuclear family is a warm earth, simple, not the kind of lofty distraction drink look good life, but for the placement of the music industry is, flat Fanfan practical to live, his wife’s mother admired his candor, honesty and not false, daughter willingly love him, this is a great trust and confidence.    Affections also registered marked in the selection of a happy harmonious life right tick a desire full truth, not the false feelings, emotional obsession agreeable, not each other’s sadness and personality clashes with each other, for girls he was impressed, stretching silly Zhen, plus the girl’s parents liked him, the girl’s mother was an administrator of the factory, in front of Fang looked like a fat Tak Chi and one extra care charity sense of heart, as time goes by will fall in love with each other, the way to come eternal love marriage, the couple now the grace of love for a long time, the warmth of home perfect happiness, I envy him, mother tin hurt him like his own son he and his mother was distressed daughter loved her, but also bought a car given to him.As a son, from mind to appreciate and respect her elderly reward test, which is both wishful flexibility with continued love and cherish such feelings lament.It seems to spark the sun is so hot and transparent Zhicheng, the tri heart for her daughter’s affection stretches, overwhelmed by staying forever dependent accompanying love!    In July 2013, the tri to test a driver’s license, he was good friends with his knowledge to learn to drive, just pay the cost of 4000 yuan apply for the van, he was very happy, because not take it for a week, we learned a wide range of technology of the car, practice makes perfect, is about to face a driving test, written test with a computer, written tests have been successfully cross the border, many of the candidates who, to the signs slalom test, a relatively large degree of difficulty, listening to the tri said: “the road test is and not the same, and although the test is a long road to the city of Taishan in Guangdong Qingyuan City, long-distance road, this is not bother him, but in the traffic police in the infrared test test test first time, the difficulty is indeed worrying puzzled, infrared examination is very strict, when he was about to reverse a success, because it is before and after the body mirrors accidentally ran into infrared sense, did not pass the first test infrared examination, his examination was off the unqualified, then we have to wait for the next once again re-examination, made her frustrated, depressed heart.    Difficulties breakthrough driving test, Xinyou consider, in the days of wandering stretches.Intricate, dazzling sunshine, transparent heart, floating in the clouds obscured when the sun does not illuminate the bottom of my heart, to make yourself more clear, do one thing to try and tempered, bright mature these ups and downs in his life experience of.    It’s just the test of time, in addition to the work, he also learned to go through infrared test study, the coach said to him: “You will not be disappointed, this is just learning phase is over, is a detail, as long as you have a good grasp of technology which and barriers to training techniques, psychological testing, because your tension and neglect, no condensation polymerization of these conceptual, which is the exam break down barriers sense to learn more, the usual attention, careful lightweight no psychological conflicts of vision, it will have to break this into account and hardship.”There is a failure, there will be a breakthrough, the coach of Proverbs, driver’s license will get the coach from the encouragement to teach him, so he did not mind a sense of worry, coach encouraged him said:” I guarantee you can get this driver’s license permit.”This statement forced him to be more self-confidence, to appreciate what he has done coaching force can cause pregnant warm care from the heart, deeply touched the hearts of the tri.    Invite friends euphemism whisper flowery summer solstice summer is so cruel to kill a dog which is June 22, 2015 the summer solstice, the sky was clear Perak day, full of sunshine and vigor, temperature 34 degrees Celsius, so my body sweating, open motorcycle, along with the wind, the wind all the way to the shade all the way, all the way to the countryside took a dramatic turn, hovering on the road, not far from the city station, just 8 km away and 17 minutes, the temperature at which the native heart Huai road, a friend of Fang Chi Tak pay them go to the countryside, in between his country and the junction of Taishan City, Kaiping City, the construction of his country, it is common, a cement road leading to the village straight, here are some of our customs, the summer solstice this day will go kill a dog eat dog meat to cook, I heard that eating dog meat is a summer gas, gas to ward off evil.    The villagers themselves are like domesticated dogs, the summer solstice day, kill the dog clean out body hair, slashing can not eat, the habit of local flavor, look at all this particular kitchen to cook, just like slaughter swine and sheep, to the ruthless hand this method the dog, blame the poor, like a reluctant spiritual mercy, I heard the sound of a dog hum Hengjiao, make my heart a little creepy recollections, with a master big stick to suppress the dog, and then a special iron clamps to grip the neck of a dog thrown into the boiling water and cook hot dog burnt to death in this method it is too cruel, and the poor dog hey were executed, in this case, there is a heart, not the hand of the cruel heartless, listening to Fang old man said: “the more you soft-hearted, you’ll let it die more cruel, in fact, many of the killings of businessmen are the same, different method is more cruel.    This sounds a dog lasted less than five minutes to kick in..They cooked dog meat is most often good at cooking, because every year it will have a hot summer solstice customs, rural villagers have liked this widely circulated local “Killing a Dog Day” day, although a lot of people love dogs and dog, this is a pet, cute, do not you treat them cruelly, they can catch the bad guy and housekeeping guard the door for us, they are the scouts, players explore thing is hunting taste, very sensitive to the intensity of this is a good thing, the loss of life grow human life in which the value of the gas in full sun.Sadly however, if they make a lot of interesting anecdotes as human beings, human beings can make a good tasting to their body of an acoustic flavor Road, the existence of life and full of sound soil cover strength and nature sunshine Aura.    This may be a very cruel folk practices, we will be here to have a sense of love this holiday, there is a superstition, customs widely circulated, but also no sense to kill a dog is a cruel thing, and big one bear the blame, which is commonly used in the villages a big pot, but also a great boiler in the shade in front of the house, smoke curl, dense rising, Huo firewood, fire was being done to beep, beep Bala sound, flame more violent, at home under the shade of a big wooden pad to separate dog meat, cut into a piece, put into a large basin, this dog’s weight 28 kg weight, the meat is not old and strong, this black dog is a dog, the dog requires a lot of cooking ingredients, ginger, onion, garlic, sun-dried peel of oranges, peanuts, dried bean, star anise, dates and olive vinegar sauce ingredients angle and so on, a wide variety of raw materials to cook wear.Boiled delicious and creamy.First, dried bean in a saucepan saute with pure peanut oil, salvage, aside Shiyi dishes overflowing fragrance.Road nostrils smoke smell, taste in his mouth from the pot temperature yuba, star anise flavor, and embrace a carnivore angle Yi food taste, touch Italian cooking such concise, rich flavor pot, carrying the meat savory smell, taste seem thick, so my lips teeth Jazz sensation of swallowing saliva, in the bottom of the pot flavor comes out, although the private sector often cooking method, they have to pay attention to the correct approach, a spectator, I really phenomenal men can answer me, quietly LOOK at the dog pot.Look around the four weeks of the mountain village, the mountain is not high, like the shape of hills, mountains planted with eucalyptus lobular eucalyptus leaves and large, spaced apart and surrounded by a number of plant species of banana, yellow fruit trees, poplar trees and peach big longan tree, nearly a year in July, this time to the fruit are covered with fruit trees, but this is the old Fang Zhuo Xiao Bo’s hard work results, we did not have the nerve to plant, but only with their own money to buy, but also under the tree there are not a lot of chicken in a latrine, latrine tied in front of two black dog, a stranger passing will be called up, it was not close.     The front is a big village with two acres of ponds, pond heard it before his house a family in his neighborhood of Fang uncle contract, Fang uncle had two sons, the eldest son has come out social work for two years, small a military son, was still in Grade Two, Germany Fang Chih-yi back country, the Arab army would come and play with him fishing, Fang uncle contract ponds, a year will need to pay a contract fee of more than 40,000 yuan, Fang put the old man in the pond a lot of fish, grass carp, carp, crucian carp, loach fish and fish candy, are harvested each year make a lot of money, there are 100,000 or 80,000, but every day he was cutting grass to feed the fish and place the fish diets very hard to cultivate these nursing acres of fish ponds, surrounded by fish ponds are surrounded by fencing, which is afraid of chickens accidentally flew into the water, perhaps to avoid some unnecessary things happen, be safe , next to the fish pond built around pigsty, possessor of a few pigs, is a specialist, I remember I had a year ago, I have been to that time, my friend Fang Tak Chi invited me to go fishing, I almost to catch a big carp, but my lack of experience, There are fish hook, fishing line could not take the relaxation along the swimming fish, let the fish in the water tired wandering into it, and then slowly closing fishing line, so that you can catch fish up, listening to the old Fang uncle said: rely on fishing techniques and methods, which makes me a bit to learn this skill, the tri he also told me, Fang uncle is a fish specialist, understand Fang old man as a person, treat people live get along, do not care about the little things, to give the tri caught fish home to eat it themselves, grow their own fruit and longan to him back in town to eat, the tri dig the money to the people, because people are hard to raise fish , No pain no gain, which is supposed to give money, others will have a heart, I feel a sense of warmth and joy!    His eldest son is very competent, often with their own effort to make money to dig wells, build houses and mason would do, listen to the old Fang Bo said: he did after graduating from junior high school in it, together with the village and do mason digging wells, engaged in renovation.Gradually I learned that they have a technical and craft.Until now the eldest son did not use the old Fang Bo worry about him, a month can earn 4000 1000-5000 yuan wages, his son is very ability, not greed, not color cheap, no evil portrait of incest, obsession goodwill and moderate state of mind, did not rely on their parents worry about, full of sunshine Pei air temperature, and learn the way to create wealth is self-sustaining farming Xin.    Plaintive insights on life, but filled with a burst of light floral scent heard in the distance, the night blooming Tuberose, such as jade Fantasy national colors of beauty, hidden dense floating in the street color, between scenery was so beautiful good, seem to be “free May shame to spend the appearance, beauties of the Yung.”It is exceptionally fragrant color dance sound, lilies and roses with Dan Zheng Xi Shi, Wan sand Two Girls Bimei each other, cold flower An Liu, solitary empty horizon moon, shadows the bright moon, meteor rush, floral closed on the shadow, clear sky, the moon guiding.    Suiyueruge life like sunshine and write a poem life seasons, four seasons round Geng, spring blossom, floating soil life, passion bloom summer weather heat wave, heat waves excited tone full of sunshine, cool autumn leaves were gone, covers the Red secular, bleak winter, plum proud frost, as if life curtain call sequence beginning with raw old and sick and feeble, and continue with Qi.    Circling smelled, depression and confusion between rock, sometimes heat waves, mundane human world, the sun of the gas, the trunk of the earth, the essence of heaven and earth, all life is movement.    Sometimes clouds gather, such as thick clouds group ink, fine, sometimes scattered clouds, water clouds roll chaos residual swirling, summer rain, thunder rolling across the burst after burst, loud rumble, stumble listen to rain, the rain spattering fall the sound on the leaves of plants, sultry earth, evaporation of rainwater dripping temperature, exudes waves of heat and timely rain, it gives people a sense of cool, sunny rainbow after the rain, the rain the sun burst forth straight from heaven sound, life Yuhua, it is particularly long,.    Summer mornings, rural hill, layer upon layer of green shade covered with fog gradually dispersed, did Laurel Hill, and plump, top emerald green pine, pine needles hanging drop drops crumbling, damp, dark issue a trace of grass fertile dust atmosphere, under the morning sun, spider web into a silver shape.    Noon, rolling waves of cicadas, tree climbing in the high-end.Hidden in the mountains call this some memories, once past the charming nostalgia of pondering, the exchange of friendship, his mouth warm colorful Zhen feelings, it is a beautiful poem, make you sigh and life the existence and questionable.    Mountains call, the call of the earth in all the songs of life, embodied the essence between heaven and earth.    Came the distant sound condensate fans, this day is approaching dusk, sunset like a cow crude benzene, gradually disappeared in the horizon, the heat of evaporation dusk horizon, the earth is disappearing, refined gas dispersed into a dense fog, shadows swim gravel, climbing Tianding blue, soil covered with a piece of brilliance earth.    White clouds, smug, everything becomes dark in this dark horizon down, the mountains call came during the evening, which is col echo of the mountains, the mountains of Reiki calling, streams will flow ding-dong sound, just floating soul life calling, lane mountain farmers feel the way it was late in coming back to talk to each other words, they speak is so full of life in long cotton crying, intermittent evening there came the cow awkward figure, farmers will plow the road to getting home in time for the cattle call this sound rude breath and footsteps cattle came far, also heard a little girl crying in her mother’s voice shouting, which is pass the mountains life is about to destination, the call of the mountains make life even more far-fetched and wayward, floating marina are all things grow quiet ‘life.

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