• A distant dream lonely night

    As long as there are stars will be able to see your shadow as long as there is poetry able to dry the tears dripping midnight knock and then ring the bell, the pace stepped on less than a point less romantic balderdash, are puzzled Chouyuan only singing , you can start a prairie fire to a dream, with poetic inspiration to ignite unburned lonely than a big splash of cigarettes should get rid of carp scales in order to make the dream more and more kind-hearted fairy tales and fables me smile is the best if not the blue temple the Ningcai Chen you’re not waiting for the bird Millennium fox opened his eyes ghost ghost special way people can love you dream is a dream Fuxin Han sitter I see you are worth of tenderness dream and reality through the seventh Star days did not months without firefly night you fiery tenderness Sleeping with my wine and song, life geometry you who do not meet West of Yang Guan a Brewmaster long do you keep a drunk three black her large eyes mounted on the bottom of my heart, the intentions of talking to the dead of night by day, year, or your name will always be remembered to light QQ190253245

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