• Letters came from afar

    A distant letters, there was passionately devoted to beauty; I want to climb mountains, but also fear akin to finding far, really hope not cut; I want to make a phone call, fearing verbal confusion, wasted time wondering why.  With these thoughts only transitory man, let me use this verse to express my love.  Only wish you could read, let me keep your heart.  Whenever the dead of night, I always sleep.  Thinking that wilderness village, and you, beautiful figure, the same good face.  Expecting you, come quietly, clock a minute, I count the quiet, beating heart, desire you give me a hug.  We’ve all gone through the confusion of the rainy season, with the bitter cold with, with blurred.  Very close to the front, but the fog-shrouded, full of temptation, we want to know the answer.  So we accompanied bitter sorrow, but also with a beautiful longing, through one after another fall, maybe that’s become a beautiful memory of the.

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