• A doll’s chest

    If the scale magnified into reality, then the measurements 99-45-83, Breast, Buttocks, fiber legs Barbie will be the object of every American women who want to transform.Since mid-1959 at the New York Toy Fair debut, this plastic beauty will bring enormous wealth to its owner USA, the United States and Thailand company.However, the “New York Times” bestselling author Jerry Oppenheimer 50th anniversary of the Barbie doll.But enough to make the toy industry say a tsunami Confidential.Titled: Book “Toy huge and ugly beast Mattel world” to expose, Barbie and the image of her show to everyone’s very different.Behind her, in fact, is a greedy about its founder, indulged in wine and women and indulgent story.And that might scare those parents to buy her daughter a Barbie doll.Ruth Hendler until his death, always explain to the world, she is the creator of the Barbie doll.The dispute began in mid-1945, founder of the story.Then 29-year-old Ruth Hendler and her husband, Elliott, Harold Matson friend in California opened a toy company, Mattel named.At that time, American doll market dominated mostly images of children, is a similar to the famous blue Tongxing Xiu Deng Bol chubby little angel.However, this child is not interested.Ruth felt faint, they can see their future needs a playmate.Maybe there is a chest of doll will have a broader market.In mid-1955, Ruth Matson couples and cooperation ending ,, Jack Ryan became the company’s new toy designer.Yale University graduate Ryan, a former weapons designer, also designed missile.It was his outstanding design talent, make this a phase Ruth Height 1.72 m red hair man.A year later, Ruth trip to Switzerland, back to a doll.This is called Beard Lilly German doll from the “West Germany Times Beard” in a famous cartoon character.Her graceful figure, dressed.Beginning in mid-1955 for sale in Germany, the target customers are adults.From the doll’s body, Ruth wanted to feel the kind of doll-like figures appeared.Ryan is also a day in front of neatly arranged plastic chest mold wrestling, hoping to find inspiration from the female secondary sexual characteristics in.And almost from the emergence of the concept of Barbie began, Ruth Ryan and it is in the end who made a rather heated argument Barbie.Ruth believes that his own daughter to see paper dolls wearing different clothes, only to the germination of the idea of Barbie Dress Up.Ryan has found himself by Kai in girls want to play slow clumsy doll, but wants a realistic figure doll fact that, ultimately Lily later transformed into Barbie.Although after the fall after a successful internal Mattel, Barbie controversy has never stopped, but in the outside world, Mattel has achieved great success, especially the introduction of Barbie dolls.The first year, Barbie dolls sold 350 000.By mid-1960, Barbie doll has become the most products in short supply, the store’s owner finally had to sell Barbie VIP customers.And Mattel’s factories in Japan, an average of one week production of 100,000 Barbie doll, still can not meet the influx of.A few years later, Barbie fan club founded.According to Hollywood, said a media columnist, Barbie fan letters received than was the highest social status in Hollywood, the most well-known actress Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn are two add up to more than.Because sales of Barbie does not have strong self-confidence, Ruth couple the Barbie market at the beginning, and Royces agreement, his salary is the total annual sales of 1.5%.But soon, they will regret.As the best-selling Barbie and Ryan have access to more than 750,000 pounds of revenue every year.With the large amount of royalties import bank accounts, Ryan began to indulge in frenzied pursuit of sex, as well as rave parties in.Ryan set in mid-1965 at the mansion, every Thursday, dozens of people will be invited to dinner, and the dinner theme, without exception, are the sexual freedom.The early 1970s, he had a record field of 182 parties held within one year of record.After enduring years of his wife decided to divorce him.At this time, Barbie has a high sales support, but Mattel’s business already put on the spot.Banking business presence in mid-1973, Mattel began to distrust the company financial reports provided by this toy company, Mattel and stop the company’s cooperation.This allows Mattel shares fell sharply, from 1 pound sterling fell to 66 straight.In mid-1975, Ruth couple was forced to leave the board, and cut off their single-handedly created the company’s contact.Worse, in February 1978, Ruth accused of providing false reports to the Securities and Exchange Commission (the major US financial regulatory agencies).Ruth initially refused to plead guilty, but seven months later, the prosecutor would not give her prison under the guarantee, Ruth give up defending the lawsuit, he accepted 2,500 hours of community service, as well as the punishment of a fine of £ 40,000.Mattel live to see the impact of the financial crisis because of its royalties consequent reduction in Barbie’s world, Ryan prosecuted in mid-1974, he pointed out that the company paid less the cost of 16 million pounds.For six years later, when the pre-trial is about to begin, only Mattel agreed to pay 6 million pounds, far less than the required 16 million pounds Ryan.In six years of waiting, the long-lasting legal proceedings, plus income plummeted, Ryan began to intoxicate themselves with alcohol, the body as before, also suffering from heart disease.However, the woman at his side like a revolving door.In other words one after another.Each time, he persuaded his new wife plastic surgery, hoping that they become like Barbie as charming.Ryan’s friend revealed that: Every time he talks about Barbie sounded like he was talking Raunchy, or like listening to a sexual pervert speak in 1989, Ryan stroke, which made him lose language skills.Must travel in a wheelchair.This glamorous life habits of life let this old man living death.August 13, 1991, he shot himself, aged 64 years old.Before the suicide, he left his wife three words on the mirror with lipstick: i love you.

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