• Boil in the legend

    New Year’s Eve in our country folk have the habit of staying-up.ShouSui starting to eat dinner, this Dayton dinner to eat slowly, take a seat from the candlelight, and some people have to eat late at night.According to Song awe-struck “Jingchu Chronicle” records, at least you have to eat dinner in the Northern and Southern customs.  Stay up customs, both on the water passing year farewell with nostalgia, but also to the advent of the New Year with hope of a better meaning to send.The ancients had a “stay up” the poem says: stay up the nearby A Rong house, red wax torch pass to Bi yarn; the 39 waves all over sixty, partial night from pity for Love.Love treasure is human nature, it is a great poet Su Shi wrote “stay up” line: In next year no power, the fear of wasted minds; efforts to make Jinxi, Junior still can boast!This shows that New Year’s Eve stay up in the positive sense.  New Year’s Eve stay up, the common name of boil.Why is it called a boil in?Folk from generation to generation circulating such an interesting story: Pacific time, there is a ferocious monster, scattered in the mountain forests, people call them in.Morphology of the ferocious, ferocious, special food animals, seafood insects a day, a change of pace from the large living kowtow insect has been eating, people talk about the mere mention of.Slowly, people grasp the activities of the law, had it every three hundred sixty-five days he went to the local people once inhabited the mouth taste fresh, and the haunt of the time after dark until dawn crowing, they It will return to the mountains to go.Considered a quasi-ravaged Date, the men and women who put this terrible night regarded as a brake, referred to the year, and came up with a whole set of measures related to the New Year: to this day every night, every household ahead of dinner, turn off the net stove, then the chicken loop bullpen all tied firmly, then shut the door of the house, hiding in the house to eat dinner – due to this dinner Luck has an uncertain meaning, so repairing a very rich, in addition to the whole family the gods get together outside dining represent harmony reunion, must before dinner for the first ancestors of, pray for ancestors bless them safely through the night.After dinner, no one dared to sleep, sit together chatting crowded embolden.  Was getting dark down in channeling out from the deep forests, deep into the villages inhabited by people.I saw every household rich family closed, sitting on a pile in front of sesame bars, but could not see the streets of a figure.In turn half the night no gain, he had some bite to eat sesame bars.And then after a while, the public cock crow dawn, these brutal and foolish monster only unhappy returns.People get through the year’s delight, thanks to bless the world fathers, would like to congratulate each other not in eaten, but also open the door to set off firecrackers, congratulations to meet with neighbors and relatives, people meet each other hand over Zuo Yi, Zhu Hedao Xi, fortunate not to be Nian eat.This went on for years, not anything about the situation, the people of the beast off guard.Just a year thirty at night, the beast suddenly went to a village south of the.A village almost eaten by the beast, only one hanging red curtains, wearing red newlywed couple without incident.There are several childish, in the yard a pile of bamboo in point play, fire red, pops Baoxiang after burning bamboo, the beast go here and saw the fire scared to turn around and fled.Since then, people knew the beast afraid of red, sensitive to light, fear of noise, every beginning of the year to the end of the year, every household will stick red paper, wearing a red robe, hanging red lights, drums, set off firecrackers, so the beast would not dare to come again.In the “Book of Songs Xiaoya · Ting Liao” chapter, there are records of the court Liao light.The so-called Ting Liao is made with a bamboo pole like a torch.After combustion bamboo, bamboo in the expansion of the air chamber bamboo burst beep snapping, that is, the origin of which firecrackers.But in some places, the villagers do not know the beast afraid of red, is often eaten by the beast.It later spread to the sky Ziwei thing there, in order to save his people, determined to destroy the beast.One year, when he spent years beast out of it with a fireball it down, and then the thick chain lock on the pillars.Since then, every New Year, people always want to burn incense, please MSI purple lower bound for security and peace.  This phenomenon is gradually Wei Chinese New Year and New Year’s customs became a legend of rain, rich New Year’s custom content, the usual order is: first, preparing for the wedding, ancestor worship times, Zaibai Diocese, then go to worship relatives and friendly, also started thanks capitalists, thanks to his wife’s family two days, three days thanks to various relatives and so pay attention, until the fifteenth day of worship, thanks to a so-called old age

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