• Boil jam girl

    Boil jam girl text / tea Mingqian biggest joy in life, than to do what you love to do!    And all the Chinese students studied theater is different from the tall girl Kate Kent, England, to find a job when the graduate is in a jam boil West Point house.The owner of that house between West Point is living in Beijing for the past 20 years of British old man, doing it for years bread, fingers overworked joints like the same old woman out of shape.When he heard Kate complained that the coating can not find good bread with jam boil time is now, elderly people spread out a large hand to her Beijing: All of our dreams and glory come from these hands, girl, why do not you try it yourself boil jam it?    Kate surprise, she came to China, because of interest in the ancient dramatic literature.In the UK, boil jam also grandmothers and mothers do, as 20-year-old girl, can remember in front of a gathering of friends, drove home to get a few bottles of cranberry sauce or orange sauce, it is quite virtuous.Make your own jam?Kate said blankly: In Beijing, a small box of organic blueberries sold for $ 15, just enough to make two teaspoons of jam, the cost is so high, sell to it?    British old man smiled, took out a whole basket of red, yellow, orange and green of fresh fruit to her: Beijing has a delicious Beijing.Shan Lihong, crab apples, bonuses small apple, crystal pear, persimmon wild, these fruits are nature’s heartbeat.How can you say that, from the UK, it is not on the ground to air?    Yes, from mid-summer to late autumn, making jam is what a beautiful bubbling easy life ah, cut 380 cherries, pitted to boil a bottle of cherry sauce, and for 30 bonuses to a small apple peeler nuclear, enough to boil a bottle of apple sauce.    An aunt taught her to sell pear pear sauce boil sugar, said it was a good thing Qiuzao solution.It was quite a test of patience boil method: the need to add a lot of sugar, but can not let a hint of sugar-stick pot, with a burnt taste, so the opening of the jam boil candle fire can only have so much, to keep rotate pan to ensure pear juice has been a central vortex in the open; Finally, to add a little Yellow melon cut into filaments, a miracle happened, pear juice into a soft glass color from light amber Bi Yingying , green melon flesh not only increase the taste is soft and tough pear sauce, also make pear sauce has become particularly crystal clear.    Of course, boil jam is bitter, boiled apricot jam when Kate’s hands were dyed apricot juice, pickled get sore, as if wearing a pair of yellow gloves; boil hawthorn sauce to go nuclear, Kate’s fingers are plan was scarred but what day, stayed up all night than the boiled jam in the morning even more delightful it, jam with sunrise colors, thick colorful and beautiful, stately flowing into one small wide mouth bottle, if with endless love and miss, they end up being tightly cork stopper, Kate put on red scarf to give it a small piece of radiant red flower muffled tight caps, hemp rope is fastened by hand.In this jam will start, to comfort the hearts of the local people, especially away from the hometown of international students, and they can therefore tasted the taste of it mama.    Most Chinese students do not understand the choice of Kate, Kate overseas to study, is not to go back one day, it may become one of the UK Institute of Oriental scholars do?Boil jam?What a waste of talent ah.    In this regard, 23-year-old Kate is explained this way: Not every bit parts eventually aspire to be the first card, for example, she read the book so many years, fierce back, they would understand that she does not want the spotlight on stage, that sing do people read the play, she wants to do, is biased towards the corner, leisurely speaking violin, it is very clear that ultimately any stage musician, he is also one of a drama of the soul, those Jinjinzhangzhang running in the spotlight people, how can a person know how alone a bow, you can manipulate the rhythm of life of proud of it?She wanted nothing more than this threshold closest to accession into the drama, but do not need to appear at ease.    Jam boil work, gave her this opportunity.

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