• boil

    In the quiet of the night, quietly write down their feelings sentence, Yi Zizi, a sentence, put together line by line, on the “boil” out of a good heart.    In my mind, the most touching character is from the heart.Lin Yutang said: “holding a teapot, the essence of life is to torment the most essential.”Life, like a pot of tea, you need to slow ‘boil’.The so-called “boil”, is not easily give up, is responsible for life, we are serious about every day of their own.    With the implementation of the assigned job, I started in the “Wuhan Venice Water World” career internships!I was assigned to the ladies, women bath thing responsible for this area, including the bathroom clean, get ready toiletries, clothes sell bath, open cabinets for VIP.Although only a waiter, I was very enjoy my work, and strict demands on themselves.I am a Venetian, my independence, my self, my standard, my professional.End of the day, I have a life experience, but learned a lot.    1: Even standing beside a woman wearing a luxury, but also upright, confident.    2: a woman must be healthy, be sure to dress up, look awfully, and rely on their own hands and make good money.    3: naked than sexy, sexy is not a dress, but a self-confidence, a kind of temperament.    4: The world is neither the rich world, nor the right people in the world, it is the caring people in the world.    5: VIP encounter some tricky, do not let them affect your mood, what people have in this world, ignoring them good.    6: learn to look on the bright side, to keep my optimism.    7: Time to rush, blink of an eye is, one day, cherish today, tomorrow it is the most beautiful memories.    8: each piece of road, is a kind of insight.    Life is an experience, experience is needed is time, and has a colorful life, it needed time to go, “boil”, to experience slowly, slowly to taste, to appreciate slowly.Only through this process, you can feel the ups and downs.Hands to do their thing, a little progress every day, over time, you will see your growth.Everyone in the growth will be a lot of hurt, cry, be sad, feel the pain.But after survive, you’re a new self!Boil boil, you have experienced, they know how; I walked on, you cross over, they mature!

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