• Boiled lamp collection of essays “hot milk lips” preface

    Boiled lamp collection of essays “hot milk lips” preface 120,000 word book, “Hot milk lips” 36 separate article gives a broad idea of love, the prose genre based on the use of reviews, essays, stories and performance practices, integration into the historical facts, examples, stories, comments and other forms of writing with a smooth, fresh language and profound implication, detailed historical materials, set literature, history, philosophy as a whole, on the analysis of ancient and modern, modern love as a starting point survival, life, maintaining, safeguarding, continuation and end, because love and be loved triggered by psychological motivation, the concept of thinking, conscious mind, emotional entanglements, life skills and behavior of right and wrong, the reader’s emotions and thought the introduction of magnificent and delicate space of love, give the reader a rational thinking, return Complex, spiritual insights, enhance the quality and beauty of enjoyment.    Preface excited Chung rivers, milk-like feeding the desert Ye Kuang original, mortal beings; eternal sunshine, red lips like a kiss with mountains and fields, things in the world, they love to sway magnificent and delicate, Smart and eternal, then, love, has become the universe there is the source of generation of the pregnant mother, between heaven and earth to create the greatest kinetic energy.    There have perfect love, truth and be going, thriving.Only love and life, nourish the flowers will only multiply, out of love guide, it will paranoia, ridiculous, even destroy Shen silt!For this reason, love is the beginning of life because of the potential energy and endless stretches of mystery.    Eagle protect young eagle, crows feeding, lamb kneeling milk, deer grass-ming was public, in case of bee flower clusters, do not cry when the non-chicken, grass Xiangyang Lu Ying.All for love gives spiritual transcendence.Confine love unlimited expansion, there will be a scientific “true” philosophy of “good”, “beauty”, with a broad mind to go to love, ordinary people will become a saint, sage, great art.Looking back regardless of history or top modern theory of human love has, education, logic, behavior was to create the ultimate fine to, love story of survival, safeguarding, continuation and termination are also omnipresent.Love description, implementation of the most perfect first a religious culture, Buddhist master Fa Xian, Xuan Zang, Jianzhen Yuanshe long, hard Postscript shoe, and no geographical occupy the space deprived of desire, but the release of love, philosophy Station moving, spiritual refuge.They paid unimaginable hard work and sacrifice, through the occlusion to open, with faith and love from the area two levels, connected nerve numerous cultural communities with a total shock stroke, opening people’s narrow field of vision, to bring unheard of countless believers the great spiritual space.    However, any sect did not leave a heaven and hell, reincarnation ultimate trend, which undoubtedly will love the outcome of the high esteem was hard to climb, unattainable, they think love overstating the extent of Yang Zhi, love is the top state.While religion can establish a mutual understanding of common faith, unite into a powerful force, but full of love and unity and harmony of social situation, human domination of the conscious mind with love, the concept of religious behavior is not by building up.    The concept of love, after all, is too broad, and if there is no trace of love from generation to generation layer tired, there would be so many ruins, the ruins of the world; if only eternal love to the world, the world would not have so many joys and sorrows; If there is love there is a beautiful state of mind and behavior, men and women would not have so many emotional entanglements, love too bright dazzling expansion and extension of the end began to seep fantasy fans; too can worship love Hong Weili, it He will be turned away to let you take a look at the back wall of her mottled.To this end, we need to carefully sort out the history of love and get paid, the implementation love to do a deep reflection and filter test: history through prosperity and decline, how much love and extrinsic defects inherent deviation?Whether love guard system of rules need to be amended?Continuation of the ancient expressions of love in modern civilization whether there is still a vast display their world.Discuss different opinions will make no peace in the world, will become increasingly callous indifference cumulative, why not a friendly, flat together, mutually supportive manner: to this end should think?Why always seek stronger in the war, during the confrontation mistrust each other in a struggle to conquer constraints?Love rules common human need to integrate, unprecedented shock the splendid love of the universe need brothers and sisters on earth together to create.    Chinese people rarely get from the history of ultimate concern of love, it is difficult to form a unified world view and values of love, for example, there is no long deep religious and cultural backgrounds, leading to faith force lacking moral restraint fundamentally religious advocacy believers must observe Shi good to help others, honest and trustworthy code of conduct in the minds of indifference, because historically it snobbish, short-sighted, selfish alienation of many of the scum of the nation, traitor; superstructure indulge territory, power, lust disputes, enlightenment and morality can not be enlightened the public realm of sublimation, the whole society will inevitably form excessive utilitarian atmosphere, “everyone minding”, “anti-people can not do without,” “the rich have distant relatives in the mountains” and so selfish, alert, snobbish personality on life skills love becomes a barrier barrier.    Taiwan, a prestigious Buddhist scholar, said: “People’s self-love is the most generally can not let go, but anyone who has to give up that life to dying.”Thus, we do not want anyone to be a metaphor: the every day life will be assumed to be the end, people will forgive mistakes, forgiveness opponents to give up the race, lax burden, cherish the friendship, eager together, smile Zhanlu release the truth.It is said that a few years ago where the “atypical pneumonia” raging, love between people increased significantly, many barriers dissolve, no troubles with each other, more understanding is to understand, if you can imagine the end of humanity on time tomorrow, this is a wonderful realm of Life!    We have a vibrant and self-confidence, happiness and contentment; there are sad loss, regret remorse; ideals of hope, struggle hard, only to build a beautiful feeling and longing.Chen Xia face sunrise, sunset Xi Hui, Yuet Wah Ying Xu, feeling life will actually accept such a gorgeous scene in Fuyangzhijian, the world’s most laudable place is in its cycle of love.    Love is not required to pay the rivers and lakes, mountains and earth, but our hearts and behavior, we must improve the environment and ecology is not, but our consciousness and mentality.Filling with love emotion, it is bound to be a rich ideal, love life and stamina, firmer Yi Heng, love the more lasting honed by injecting effort the more difficult to overcome the greater the more the final success, achievement will surely brilliant.    Social development and achievements of civilization are the crystallization of love, though often achieve the body fit to fruition, a matter of course, but as a profound understanding, careful layout of the whole process, you will find consistently is the main line runs through a set of love, then we world of justice and peace will never be required to create love and care!

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