• Another year in late autumn when

    After the Mid-Autumn Festival, moon left me alone to the West.    It’s leaving, so I did not miss once landed.They began to wander around, day or night.    Time through the tunnel, I saw the north, is the growth of dense reeds, in the depths of aloe, geese are busy mending broken love nest.Dayan said that this year’s water shortage, bad years, will not delay the child to walk, makes my heart is not at ease.    I saw the West, even the Himalayas snow began to melt, icicles continue to oppress the rocks.Gesang already invisible, and the piece of road to heaven, smoke filled the air, in addition to crows and vultures, who can not climb the mountain in front.Nightlife net I saw the East, early sun on the mountain, the mountain trees are cut down, there is no gold, autumn yellow autumn, the former heavy Tao Heung, also off the skin wildly glowing ash, glowing white, tall chimneys and kept cut off by the dark city and the outside world, so that they suffocate, and nowhere to turn for help.The past glowing Shiba lake, there are no flowers, no dragonflies, covered with frost on the leaves, giving it a world-weary and pessimistic.    And the South, typhoon occupied the sky and the sea.They blew a thousand feet waves, the beach will be flooded, the lights blew out, the bridge washed away, the dark sky blew up, will I miss the Crescent Moon blown into Romance in the Rain, blown into fall apart.    Years really impermanence ah, no crescent of heaven, even the sky is also covered with blue, covered with white, I miss where to go to find the root of it?

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