• ant

    REVIEW ants, although small, but if not pay enough attention to it, it could lead to “disaster ant”.The same is true ant family members.    In animals, the ants should be regarded as a minor.Bad in the eyes of people, a little inattentive, there may be a small step on the ant’s body.High bit dismissive of those who always like to say to those who Suffering: “You trampled to death, like stepping on an ant.”The speaker, always with enough contempt in the eyes, we can see ants in people’s minds is how the tiny creatures.  Small ants, common ants, built into the nest is so humble.But there may be thousands of miles of Long Beach because of the tiny colony collapse.Thus, it concludes that “thousands of miles of Long Beach, a dangerous thing”, that is, to warn people of the world, no matter how small things are to be reckoned with.  Although ants weak, but it is most common on Earth, the largest number of insect species.This helpless creatures, but it has strong vitality.Said ants can transport objects, it may be 30 times the weight of the body.If humans could be like ants so, it will be referred to as “Hercules” of the.At the same time, the ants also has many advantages, such as ants have a higher IQ.According to the relevant studies have shown that ants have 350,000 brain cells, which in all insects, ants are the most intelligent species.  Ants have a spirit of never giving up, if ant to block the path, it will immediately go looking for another forward path.In addition, the ants also have the spirit of hard work attitude and go all out.  Currently, there has been a group of humans and ants have the same characteristics, known as “ant”.It refers to “80” or even “90” a little-known large group – “inhabited by groups of low-income college graduates.”.It refers unable to find a job or work low income students live in the urban fringe.Is the second of the three disadvantaged groups (farmers, migrant workers, laid-off workers) is the fourth largest vulnerable groups.  Ants, although weak, but if not pay enough attention to it, it could lead to “disaster ant”.The same is true ant family members.

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