• Anvil gold, silver pliers, hammers Jade

    A child my mother talked about such a story: “There was once a rich man, a great affection for her daughter, before his daughter married to the daughter of the rich man prepared a very rich dowry, but also to show off with the meaning of this rich dowry on display , and posted notices that say, who made what is still a lack of dowry, are right to mention the right, you will be rewarded.One notices, boil the sound of the group, but everyone who has failed to provide any dowry still missing, because the dowry is too complete, and can think of have a lot of things did not even seen before, let alone put forward yet What is missing.Just when the rich man triumphantly, ready to end the display, then came a ragged, gaunt old woman, she was begging along the way, passing through here.Read notices, quivering old woman and rich man said, “Your daughter’s dowry anvil missing gold, silver pliers, hammers jade”; the rich have never heard of these things, which is what used hurriedly asked, the old woman said: “the silver grip pliers seeds, on the anvil of gold, jade hammer to knock the seeds to eat; there are three things a year when I married.”.Rich old woman looked puzzled, then thoughtfully, and finally dawned.Heavy rich man thanked the old woman, and all the dowry sealed, only gave her daughter a little daily necessities “. Old rich man to understand the truth, you’re rich with gold to the anvil, silver pliers and a hammer jade melon seeds to eat, but not frugal, rest on its laurels ultimately end up begging on the streets. Mother also used to say this old saying: “Good children from the family business, the women do not wear good clothes when married”; and inappropriate words, but the words of children as an incentive is understandable.Since the reform and opening up, how many children a good start from scratch, worked hard for many years to create their own piece of heaven and earth, the leader is an example of the times.And I waited most of the working class there is no need to shame, at least by their own hands we are self-reliant, we also strive to do their part for the development of the country, and we do not go to the rich and powerful people than property and status, we use Sun Tzu way race, with our first-class horses method than third-class horse, go, than healthy than our strengths, harmony than respecting and caring for the young than the family.I waited too should be proud.(This is not a bit Ah Q spirit) hard work out of the misery wealthy, too afraid to let their children have had their day, with one I did not get past the psychological compensation to children who now do everything for their children accumulate wealth, unavoidably arranged everything for the children, it created a unique Chinese “little emperor” phenomenon, not only ungrateful, more individual “little emperors” intensified, grow up and become a “NEET family “,” sheep kneeling milk grace, crow nurturing the meaning of ‘; but these’ little emperors’ which know how to ‘kneel grace milk it’, but do not assume ‘nurturing meaning’, which is the parent education failed sorrow, do not say there will be the same as the old woman’s fate, but at least it is contrary to the original intention.In this regard, the rich Western countries do relatively more rational, they will huge assets to charity, only to a small number of children, so their children at a later date on their own working life, this is actually their children true love, in which truth is not all parents are aware of. Fives.12 Wenchuan earthquake, ‘eight zero’ performance so that the people themselves, whether it is earthquake relief ‘most beautiful people’, or deciduous teeth is not off pupils, their heroic performance of the people whom admiration, their tragic Shed a tear.They tender shoulders, carry the hope for the future of the Chinese nation, what is more valuable than this it! Flying right!Country eagles!(Read the article Net:.sanwen.COM) 2009-2-26

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