• Aoyama is still there, How Many Suns

    Part One: Castle is still there, How Many Suns Not only do we miss in this morning; the missing sunset; era also missed the moon.How many people obsessed with feelings rural retreat.Dan says, “A person naturally wants to face, the face of the self, is the need to shut the door leading to the hustle and bustle of a.”What we need to have much courage and perseverance to be able to close that road noise of the door!  Tea, have tea house; drinking, a bar; singing, there are karaoke.In this atmosphere of what needs to pay attention to the times.Good atmosphere, tea, wine, song, itself, the quality of the pros and cons will not seem so important.A confidant tea, drink the results, singing out feelings.A very mixed in official circles open classmates said, “Even though I have something done so Shoudaoqinlai.That may be all wine, drink out of the relationship.”Since drinking will be able to find a relationship to solve things, such as why go around like a grandson ask rebuffed.This world too many people want to cut corners, so it appears to the unspoken rules so Prosperity.  Sometimes, we can not help but feel helpless.Times have changed our environment, we changed our way of life of these people.If we still have a small farm house like home, then put a small table in the verdant, quiet courtyard seats thirty-five.In leisure, visiting friends, girlfriends came together.Around the small table, sit down, drink tea and chat.There are shades of verdant cheer, gorgeous flowers and seductive, quiet get settled in.Not only can taste the taste of tea, more comforting falling Lawton, fame fatigue flashy mood meditation fish have short-term consolidation.  In this era of high cost of land the city.Lined building higher and higher.High people may feel dazzling, fear.Vision reach of the people, more and more narrow.Narrow-minded vision as crowded flat.Dwelling, no less crowded too many people.Front windows of tall buildings, and the windows of tall buildings, squeezed people feel suffocated.Home, can not be given comfortable.Not as good as the birds build nests in the tree end.Even if precarious, there are still a sunny day vistas, wilderness laugh pleasant and safe.  There have been, on the balcony chatting with people drinking tea.Not to mention those eyes unintentionally touched, how it is awkward.What is more, every window on the opposite side, are like a pair of eyes peering.Let the mouth of the little secret has been exposed Fengbo world.Do not talk about what meditation mood to chat.Sometimes, even their own feel, is simply a nuisance.A variety of conditions, simply indescribable.  Cabaret is the place to vent.Crazy sorrows and joys, but reversed day and night.Sunrise, sunset, in this day and age is like a luxury.In short, it holds many lessons, not many people are seriously read the sunrise and sunset, but the process was carefully tasted little of sunrise and sunset.”Close the eyes color of the tower, it was upstairs worry.”This scene, in the end is no.”Blows Out the window more Ming Yue Zhao day skiing.”Such feelings, and the end is gone.  Eternal sunset, the moon through the ages, we have been easily missed.Let us no longer affectionate; no longer brave face their own heart, a duty to explain the truth of their own.Because everything is converted too quickly, there are so many people, got married, divorced Lightning.Can not comment, this is good or bad.This sentiment just hurry emotion, in the end will leave feeling each other’s experience of what.If, after just as some people say, each segment paid a sincere, so this really divided in several times, how many deserve to retain the affection.  This is not the face of lost share of self-contemplation, wake.Tao Yuanming said, “custodial birds nostalgia forest, fish and think deep.”Can we break this limited, bound, confined environment, return to the true nature of freedom and dignity.This can only be attributed to rely on a natural, in the face of self-cultivation settle down.Not as advocates such as Tao Yuanming, “wasteland Minamino occasion, Shouzhuo owned pastoral.”Go back to farming.But, do not miss the original visible sunrise, sunset viewing had, looking at the moon.Without waiting have to spend time and money, go make up with holiday.Because each period of years, some of the plot, once missed all is how to make up for not coming back.  Also, in the bustling among us, holidays are often more tired than working days.Lawton course of time, a rare holiday, and people are always slack.Sleep later, played later.Not to mention the backpack to travel, and able to eat three meals a day on time, but also it is rare.Even had the opportunity to travel, it is more like a travel company would also like to help.Happy flower, non-stop, panoramic views, looked like a landscape painting exhibition.We had a chance to finish, and again covered with tired back on the job.And other sometime, accidentally, I saw those pictures captured one day, to find loaded into the immersive feel the share from the memories.Far out of reach, or even suspect, I am really yet been?That should cheer rustic landscape, so there is time spent in.  Eternal sunset, or that sunset; eternal moon, that the moon is still.But we can not share the sentiment no longer pristine ancient poetry.”Clouds with Chuxiu, birds fly with knowledge is also tired.”Hopefully, we do not always only the clouds, the more drift farther.You can return as like a bird, when tired, also knows the heart, return.We share this insight to really be covered up a little bit flashy, return to the most simple biological, natural essence.Do not miss the dawn, the sun, the moon!    Part II: Castle is still there, How Many Suns after love, life is intoxicated.Although more than dream and nothing, even after these years, the highest power, willingly.Alone silently filling the full tide of love stranded on a desert island rest of his life, so I’m far from knowing that in my madness still ignore the pain and embarrassment for you.  Small window facing the lonely fireflies, fire screens autumn, meteor flashing, pole a boat, ask a zither, infection lofty mountains and water, the heart and the heart of alienation.  Played a waves of life, listen bamboo tell, tonight, a vertical bamboo flute, fill the gap brushed my eyes mixing classical sadness, sorrow and secular.  That season turns warm again, the dew Cream, you me, second by second in the Mae ethereal water, etc..Chang Wang eagerly.  Whirling wind and rain, rain or shine as green Siqia, just as Su Su Shu hand, I suffered years and love the sting.  Flute, I also!Let a bamboo seven holes of the injury suffered, still can not open the beauty of the lotus as Fangfei.Well, with me, with the way the music world drank bitter feelings.  Sound flute, scared the birds, I worry about drunk!Nightlife net writing, wanton, deterred?  Most dedicated posture alive, preferring life in full bloom the flower of the moment, do not want to live in vain in the ordinary.  A Fu Fu Xiao, a football moonlight, Pinghu boating, you and I together again graceful.  Dial wave strings, from the bent feelings, throw CASTLE wine, Happy together heaven and earth.  A high singing off three Red House, a cavity blood spilled do Qinguan Han City.  Aoyama is still there, How Many Suns.Life is short, with its deep Red earthly, vulgar depravity together with the world.Might as well drive a small boat, Xiao embrace, or singing in the mountains and streams, rivers and lakes Hermitage!  Boat PC World, fishing alone trees; falling clouds lonely duck, relaxed and long days; or hold on and eventually, sword or travel to distant lands, like Suzi calm, Yisuoyanyu Renping Sheng and Wang Bo’s backbone, healthy and strong, rather shift white’s first heart; poor and benefits firm, does not fall Albatron ambition.  Things to hand whisk away, relieved soon as a long laugh, now, I have to go.Fear played a weathered, also Nanjin desolate; the Galaxy fall, it is difficult long ambition.  That the old Aoyama Oh, I wish old with you, carry Zheng resting Aoyama.  Boats, I want to cry I heard the warm sunshine, what riding a boat excursion, Fuqin masturbation, I can not help two tears, boring stroll!Yun Township scattered off, look clear sky, Flying West Side Story, death is not a return to!  Strings broke no sound will be full of sorrow, dusty millennium, forward side: flat waves of the sea, I open up narrow-minded, I Xiaochou, now it has become the dream of mountains and rivers, slim winking, deep in the bottom of my soul House!    Part three: success or a failure turned empty, still in the Castle, How Many Suns sister tomorrow, the college entrance examination, got off the phone, that year’s college entrance examination sudden vivid scene, cordon, students, examination room, like scenes take place in yesterday.Then finished, and we really went their separate ways.Morning very happy to receive many blessings SMS, precisely at noon.A few days ago also stated that Chinese people are how, and how both had played a foreign festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, let me feel a lot of traditional Chinese culture, and have not lost.There is also, high school students are issued, you is not know I think you do?More sleep, and more sleep, do not sleep at night, can not afford the morning, see the message that the time has almost, forgive me just woke up, one by one back to the blessing, warm heart, although to a people did not return messages, or do not affect the mood today, huh.  The more grew more lonely is true, always feel that there are not many people, and this day, thank you for your blessing.I think last night was afraid to call me homesick Chen, think of someone started school we went to school transfer from Beijing to see my horse, most lost during that day, has been accompanied in the side of the beam, birthday today, for several years has been in the sheets, May enjoy playing, entertain us and Zhao Cheng, stay with most of every day and Su Liu, and fooling around with my upper berth, the original friendship, has been in.  And so I began to feel homesick, mother on the phone, they feast, they would dip a little festive atmosphere, chat with your sister is also very speculative, I hope she plays well tomorrow, how suddenly give birth to a lot of emotion from her sister’s college entrance examination, perhaps nostalgia.Still very fond of literature, like poetry, like classical, I think if the teachers do, will be to teach the language, although I am not a very literary man, high school had read poetry, will be very serious, very pleased, I think, this is the deepest like it.Previous good at English, I really should be a sentence, other than the sense of the phrase, I really learned is not good, it does not, began to worry four, and there are 11 days to make personnel, listen to fate it.Still I hate math, unfortunately, when interest in chemistry, and now anyway uninteresting.Recently I fell in love with a “Romance of Three Kingdoms, learning management,” not that there is much interest in professional knowledge management, but added the three countries, perhaps because the three countries to kill the game, I do not like history, always the three countries have a strong interest.  Success or failure turned empty, still in the Castle, How Many Suns, long past, those successes and failures, but also should have wiped out, and we are small, nothing will change for the transfer to us, look, no matter where we are , the entrance is there, or to go on the road.  Write things that are not logical, in short, I think a lot of people happy Dragon Boat Festival, good luck sister college entrance examination refueling ~ ~?Part Four: Castle Peak still, sunset red several times – about her elderly grandmother mentioned child, I wrote articles praising her reasonable.She is a high educational level of rural woman, but also a very intelligent woman will act.But this does not mean that she can have a feast An Yuexiang and old age.  After the child outside his father’s death, an empty courtyard, and the rest of her grandmother, a child who live alone.A 76-year-old woman, a person living alone, body bone ado, perfectly healthy, yourself and clothing also makes sense.But, like last winter, in a continuous rain, which makes small courtyard ground soft and smooth, let the children walk her grandmother accidentally slip his foot, sat crouched on the ground, squatting a spine fracture.This squatting a fracture, bedridden for three months, all of a sudden calm of the original relationship between brothers and sisters Dayton turmoil.  Wife will not lower the white picket fence, shifts sisters serve.No money and waited for start of something brewing dissent, agree.In serve process, some active, some passive, some simply do not move, there’s escape far, but no one person, but not much money, is immune meet.Always affable kindly old lady face piled up piles of melancholy, smile less, more wrinkles; less smiling when more worried when.  Watching the children wasting away of her grandmother goes vicissitudes face, kept my ears echoes the theme song CCTV “sunset red” column “but the most beautiful sunset red, warm and calm.”Said the old man is the wealth of the whole society.His grandmother from the child’s face, do not see anyway warm and calm.She is a treasure, and to contact their children’s attitude, whether wealth or her as a burden?  If the old man compared to the sun, then it may be compared to the young Aoyama.When the sun goes down, still towering majestic mountains.Naturally, the elderly have had a mighty year, young people are not always hard and fast and strong as a mountain.  Years of change, jump naughty child children become vibrant small young, small YMCA to become mature and stable, middle-aged, middle-aged people will be stained temples, change into a doddering old man hale and hearty.Position and role are in constant transformation, illness and death is that everyone really can not escape the law.  A child he did not leave much time deposits outside the Lord leaving, he plainly did not leave any money to the children of his grandmother’s pension solidly out of a big problem.  Old woman and not a national retired cadres, retired workers is not a business, not a penny of pension, a sick body, can not work, can not own farming to support themselves, their children need to take care of life.Several children who are married and have their own work, must earn money to feed their families.Some children are not wealthy, are busy month coming to an end, earn some money a few.One side is the old man, one side is their home, both sides must take into account, so there is a contradiction.  Chinese have a saying called “drip grace, Yongquan”.”Who made the inch of grass, reported in the apartments.”?Opposite we keep we the elderly, busy at work which, out of idle initiative to visit, and he engaged in small talk, expressed interest to buy him something, right and proper; that is, in his own hand was not good situation, ranging from the elderly mouth money, take the initiative to the elderly doctor, took the initiative to giving the elderly, but also a matter of course.  The problem is, a lot of real life is not the case.  Some people excuse busy with work, chores and more, in addition to holidays, rarely went to visit the elderly, that is, the elderly body with the disease, can not be timely detection and timely treatment.Some people say it is not not take the initiative to give money to the elderly, but they had really economy was not good, excuse themselves short of money and the elderly spending forget to back of the head.Old door to beg again, just give a little bit of a, very willing.When some people an excuse for non-separation of property with some chores unfair or improper handling, to whom the old man who is perverse Who thick thin, not to feed the elderly.Some people complain all day long the old man can not hack it, good for nothing, did not give yourself to find a good job, did not give himself a record lucrative family business, do not look at this as an excuse regardless of the elderly, do not give pocket money, do not take care of life of the elderly, the elderly not to treat the sick, the elderly much pain and suffering, to be blunt, then let the elderly die.Etc., etc., like unreasoning phenomenon, very common in real life.  Three elderly is not perfect, of course, the elderly have shortcomings and deficiencies.But the old man, after all, the elderly, after all, from childhood to feed our large family benefactor.When we are young when the old man a bite to feed our meal, we walked tottering gait help learning to walk, to support our school and help us get married, career, until an independent life; and when the gray-haired old man, old and sick, life can not take care of themselves, we need to arm, as long as a conscientious person, as long as there is a conscience of the people, as long as a flesh and blood, no matter how high-sounding reasons, can not constitute sufficient support for the elderly is not reason, can not become an excuse to refuse to visit the elderly care for the elderly, it can not seem to be a willing irrelevant indifferent spectators.  Four illness and death is the law, any person will eventually be dying, can not escape this outcome.One can also no need to fear death, the old man is not afraid of death.Face death calmly, maintain a good attitude, happy live each day.  Some elderly people all day long thought heavy, too poor to worry about children, grandchildren worry about school fees is no guarantee employment pressure, worried about their suffering from various diseases, uncertain day on the go.Think about it Think about it, always worried worry more and more does not fit.Old people, young do has been done, the obligation to make the best of all, blessing children and grandchildren their own children and grandchildren, or do not think so much, put down the bear in mind, whole body relaxed a little.  Five elderly people have savings or can receive a fixed monthly pension money, in his later years living nature protection, natural endowment is not a problem.Hard on those bitter old man with no money impoverished elderly and no pension for the elderly.Money is not everything, but no pension money is totally unacceptable.  It should be said, there are a considerable number of elderly people, all of them are young hero, although earn much, but save up endowment, absolutely no problem.Was young, still a long way from retirement, the old man is not did not expect to save up the money, but eager parents want, we really mean to live with their children in, careers and so married, will spend more than earn cents no reservations spotless.  Some children themselves can not earn some money, take care of his family always feel stretched hand tight, do look in the eyes of the old man’s pain in the heart, the mouth does not always have the heart to ask their children ask for money, that is sick medicines also may be able to forbearance, never easy to mouth.As children, the elderly do not take the initiative to urgent needs, like old people think, he has said that the elderly can not be wronged?When his son and some even want to say something, but his wife always puzzled face unhappy, do not support, for fear of angry, he had surreptitiously.When children can not remember to wait until the old man met or come to beg for pocket money, when to refuse a euphemistic son, but also not to face once or twice, the old man put up with hardships for decades, can not think about sad?  In this sense, the elderly, ah, at a young age, at the time can make money, or to “hold back”, do not have a dollar, spent two fifty cents on their children.Instead of spending money to their children to ask their children for money does not always righteous, always seemed passive, it is better leave some retirement money, he spent his own money to retirement, who do not see his face.  The elderly to children broad, selfless, noble love, can not solve the severe pension confusion, no substitute for later life miserable.Old people wholeheartedly, there is a force on their children, never out of eight Jin.Just consider how to make their children less and less to go a little circle was a little detour, let the children live a little better.As to personal pension, do not ye be considered.  Law, citizens have the obligation to support the elderly, because they do not obey no care for the elderly and children are not the maintenance obligations also have to court.More elderly pension problem though that a lot of a lot of grievances, but out of fear of shame to say, do not want quiet, chose silence, struggling silently supported, day to day.  Five modern society, fast-paced, intense competition, everyone is busy with work work work, as if to accompany the elderly speak it is very rare a very rare.  I am a student, after his brother went to study in the United States to do a green card to stay in the United States development.His parents more than 70 years of age, the old man let his son go to American life, the elderly do not spade, has lived in a home Qiongshan ditch, often received from the US dollar sent his son.One pair of old man always see his son, his son often miss miss to tears.This is often said to people lonely old lady, dream dream son.If we can often meet and son, I do not care what the dollar, the dollar would prefer not to.  Money can bring convenience to life, can improve quality of life, but in life there are some things money can not make up, it is affection.Old children need money, but also need to accompany their children and comfort.And the elderly chat casually, pulling homemade, talk, but also the elderly abnormal urgent need of a warm.  Six young is not obvious, one to the old, poor health, just like a machine, to the aging period, the various components will fail, and you need to maintain and repair the.A sick, walking out of breath, walk; eating, lost his teeth to bite does not move, my body, there is not here to hurt itch, discomfort is common, but also often go to the doctor for medicine some.Some people dislike the elderly sick, dirty, old people do not want to close.Think about how grown up?Ten million should not have such thoughts.  Many elderly wife died early and would like to find a partner, but their children take into account the division of property, taking into account the social impact, taking into account the customs and habits, is not supported, which is stonewalled, confused old people can not tell the embarrassing say endless sad.Older young people are the same, eager to have a partner to talk about the whispers, the solution to relieve boredom, or even meet physical needs, this is normal.As children, after thinking it over, I think it think it is not standing on the old man’s point of view, not for the old man thought thoughtful.  Elderly happy life, is not limited to food and drink, there is wearing a worn, have play there is music, there is ill health, but also need someone to care, someone to visit someone misses, also you need to feel comfortable, but also emotional communication and exchange.  Old people live happy and smile, but also a symbol of social civilization.With the constant improvement of the social security mechanism, pension, hope is no longer a serious topic, but a synonym for relaxing.

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