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    Part One: ravioli husband and wife have a variety of shops on both sides of the street, eat, wear, use, and are very close to the lives of ordinary people, as we mention a convenient supply.I had a small shop on the corner at this ravioli on a side street, very likable.  It endearing, first, because this little shop, but clean up clean, elegant, and second, because it sell fresh ravioli husband and wife deft hands and feet, his face always wearing a modest smile, and saw a regular customer, far that smile on Yang Kai in facial features.  Weekdays hostess has been guarding the stove, cook ravioli guests.I saw her quickly counted out ravioli, next to the pot, and then put seasoning free hand and from the bowl, then add the ravioli scoop out a bowl to mix up material from the pot, very skillful.A little too quickly in turn idle packet ravioli to supplement sell portions.The risk of skin left hand, right hand twist stuffing, a second one at one go, not to worry about them being boiled in the pot: to see her package wonton, really make people gasp in admiration.The hostess is busy in the kitchen, man of the house will be in the shops shuttle for guests to send end, easily deftly clearing the table, has also included money find the money, then scavenge the floor was empty.The couple really act in harmony.  Ravioli enough to feed their family, they are doing pork soup soup, mellow flavor natural home than others, so always customers door.The couple have a small daughter, only three or four large, white skin, big eyes, ringing sound crisp, very cute.When the couple busy to attend to a child, let her play, bored little girl and my parents sometimes want to close it, sprinkle a Johnson will be a rough couple opened the coarse, common grievances to the little girl cry the scene.  Husband and wife is very hard, get up very early every day to start the stove, soup bottom package wonton, from early morning to greet the first guest to shut the shop until three or four o’clock in the afternoon, cleaning, a full day without resting time.Such toil day after day, how there will be so many of his face laughing?    Part II: ravioli taste in the morning, busy day has just begun, rubbing red hands, gently Oh breath.When to depths of winter, on both sides of the leaves already litter, fulfill the vast blue sky.Fluffy clouds, the sun through the clouds stubborn.good morning World.  Blink of an eye, the pace down the scent and went to a breakfast shop.At this store, more and more people have.Hot food in winter leads people to feel at home.Air mixed with the taste of a variety of breakfast, so my stomach instantly surrender.  ”Auntie, ravioli as well as it?”Sauna net” hey, yes, you, etc..”I looked up and looked was a slim woman.Smiled and deft hands and feet insertion of a variety of seasonings, a pot of blooming bubbles in the heart, white face, blue onion is like a bright.Her eyes never left the pot, as if it were her treasures, others are not allowed to grab.  Finally it was my turn ravioli.In fact, breakfast shop also sell sticky rice, not not love to eat, but selling glutinous rice, middle-aged man is very stingy stingy, stirred my good mood.Positive thinking, ravioli has been good code, he is itching pot.In the midst of the fire, their bodies gradually muster, began floating up.  I’m not worried that strong fire, I have repeatedly seen to craft the woman: she Britain Britain was leisurely pot, add seasoning just right, heart-warming smile smile.In this some years she’s kitchen, shine up.This world is dominated by her, her kitchen, no one was allowed near!  A bowl of wonton pan, I stared at her, even if seen countless times, it is difficult not to be impressed by her focus.  A bowl of wonton, a cabbage, a layer of oil slick, enough life!Sip broth, and immediately feel the warmth influx body.More than just food to show his face at the beginning of this, there is also a deep, winding affair of the heart.Ravioli thin as onion skin, like a flood occupy tongue soup.An a, there are big meet.Soon, the bowl has bottomed out, there are still lingering Chunchi Jian.Taste, not because of poor quality, but because of who the United States, the United States due to heart.  This warm ravioli taste is the taste of home!    Part III: ravioli a few days ago Friends packs a lot of ravioli, frozen ready to be enjoyed slowly in the refrigerator.Friends of the package of ravioli filling large thin, a morphological appearance, like a small ingot.UFIDA’s words, shapes small package wonton dumplings.If the hotel sell such a guarantee ravioli was squeezed out of the door frame.Not to mention the Friends of the preparation of chicken soup, dried shrimps, seaweed, mustard, parsley, carrots, etc. Good stuff.People are watching the greedy ah.Friends looked at one by one wrapped in ravioli, wonton remembered a dozen years ago often eat a flea market.At that time I was little, we need to shift work, night commuting drive to the city about eight or nine in the.Then get off at the municipal, as well as four or five miles away from home.Stepping on his shadow walking home along Jiefang Road, often went to Teachers College is in front, that they will see a ravioli share.A cart, a few small table, a few small bench, it’s that simple.Often see a few students there or eat slowly or wolf, or alone or in small groups, enjoy this bustling ravioli.  Whenever I do not know how come there, I felt some hungry belly, would find an empty seat to sit down.To a bowl of wonton.Han Han thick boss, but the deft work, while cooking the ravioli, put away the side of the bowl, shrimp, parsley, seaweed, soy sauce, sesame oil, monosodium glutamate and other spices.Feeling cook wonton soup is white water, when the fish ravioli, and then poured a spoonful of soup, the flavor is blowing out.Then smiling proprietress will give you came, it was kind of like Qingsao.  Looking at the bowl of wonton, through the crystal white leather that you can see pink meat, although only a little bit, but really good-looking white in the rosy, coupled with the black seaweed, green coriander, as well as the bowl those few golden small shrimp, is a Mito.With the heat, the smell of taste, have already reached the nose.At this point we do not put ravioli one by one into his mouth, that goes Chan Chong have to run out.Eating a wonton, also drank a bowl of soup, bowl we only have a few small shrimp soaked up.We say in Jinzhou shrimp really is not a good thing, we are facing the sea, is the worry about eating seafood.Whenever this time but I will put them in a folder up slowly chew, delicious taste has a mouthful.  Often went to the boss to see me too familiar, often pay more to give me one or two ravioli, estimates and old customers boss will take care of this.Boss why he did not sound, just smiled, and I just smiled (estimated boss Consider me as a student).Small ravioli share business is so good, the taste is of course important, but also the key operating method boss.Honest boss, the boss smart, perfect match ah.  Then do not shift, no longer go that way in the night, no go also to patronize the stalls.But the ravioli is not to eat less, Jinzhou several famous wonton shop, also visited.They are chicken soup, dried shrimps, and how can eat no taste stalls.Whenever I see selling shrimp also can not help but to buy, on the mouth slowly chewing, flavor still, but less flavor ravioli.  Friends looking at a plate wrapped a dish of ravioli into the fridge freeze up, please know I did not mean to eat, swallow swallowing and had to look back.My recollection of it is delicious in my mind.    Part Four: old Tam yesterday ravioli dinner places close to home with ravioli filled up, perhaps due to holiday leisure too, even bear to think of the past while enjoying the ravioli.  So I know ravioli, should not be derived from a restaurant or home kitchen, and when walking street channeling Lane is the kind of ravioli Tam.Tam was once a kind of ravioli and my people and my contemporaries, and most look forward to miss things, and every dusk approaching, I did give on their own balcony and looked down to see whether ravioli bear came, Once you see the road much of the burden dancing figure the way, I feel unable to control themselves excitement and shouted, “ravioli come!Ravioli come!!”, Then he pulled her mother’s clothes, entangled it took me to go downstairs to eat ravioli.If the time due to rain or other reasons did not come, can not help but be disappointed for a while, can not stand this feeling, you have to ask his family to find a dime, simply go around looking for their own.This experience, now the kids want to come is impossible to understand, and I was about to face the world’s children, only in my description to find the traces of a bear ravioli.  Dan Zhao ravioli is a very unique real thing.A wooden burden, a hotel can escape the bear in his body and walk around.This bear ravioli in about seven meters long eight whole body is wood color, the burden of two showed a cube-shaped, rules and because stable, and all this universe are hidden within this cube ends of the.One end of burden is actually a stove, a good water-filled steel cookware, inserted in the mouth round the top of the cube, the bottom of the pot is a stove, the impression is not burning briquettes, firewood but should also have metal the furnace wall, but it should not be thick, otherwise the burden of component may be necessary to increase the number of.The other end of the burden, it is about three drawers, each of what things are placed, can not completely remember, one layer is about marinated meat ravioli and the prepared skin, one layer is placed dishes , there is a layer should be placed some spices such as type of soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, the shrimp.The middle of the burden of structural seem tricky, but now can not remember its specific structure, such as to know just get up, the number who can take up the pole, if put down, you can open a piece of wood rotating set, which can be a little operating tables, to package meat ravioli, ravioli things like skin placed thereon.In addition to the two ends and the middle of the wonders of the mystery, when the bear start ravioli, but also the most burden hanging set ravioli and a few tables placed in a collapsible Mazar, for customers to use when eating ravioli.  Ravioli does not seem to worry most streets all day long existence, the impression that only began to appear in the upcoming evening when dark to about twelve hours after withdrawal.Lug Tam sell wonton ravioli people, not as business as now “dedicated”, generally sell out only once on the 1st, and perhaps the limited capacity of ravioli bear, as long as the burden of the prepared stuff sold after they no longer go home to pack out.Now think about the rough, coupled with material preparation time, the time of day also work six hours or less, is very elegant leisure.During the day do not sell wonton, there may be sold wonton person at rest, do not want to come out, but more likely it is a question of ideas, then we, from the bones believed, breakfast is a must eat fried fritters and rice porridge lunch must eat rice cooking, with ravioli instead of dinner during the day, especially for lunch, it is contrary to the laws of ordinary life, not reality content, it is inevitable that “idle” “proper job” is suspected.Moreover, ravioli cooking rice can not be replaced, after all it is just a street snack only, early adopters may be, but in any case is not really fill his stomach.Only the evening, this concept is completely changed, evenings at that time also used recreational use, and therefore was not at home with dinner, and went to the bear next to eat wonton ravioli, is commonplace.However, for many adults, out to eat ravioli, or with their children, or accompany being in love partner, is a lifestyle adjustment, shall never become the day to eat dinner date, only occasionally one way.  At dusk, ravioli bear appears most places, various enterprises or family compound, where the children seem most adults also often unattended, over time, sell ravioli is also familiar with the residents there, what’s that sell wonton surname, What, who lives where and even who the father is, but also for the children to eat ravioli with a large well known, sell ravioli of “business” and eat ravioli “customer” Barbara is done effective communication.From this perspective, it seems ravioli bear appears, seems to be more of a culture, not just a trading behavior.For me, that time, ravioli bear more of a leisure life looking forward to the evening, and both can bring delicious to me, and I can make the process most of the eating ravioli, Zhang and three children at home and John Doe playing with children, and so, of course, become a carrier of communication, and now want to come, but also quite miss it.Often to a night nine o’clock, sell wonton ravioli when people take up the bear to leave, we will warm both hands, and asked tomorrow, but also, because this pair of ravioli bear not only responsible for the entire life of the person selling ravioli, also responsible for we look forward to that time of the happy hour.  In fact, both of which bear for ravioli countryman, life is so simple.

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