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    Part One: Journey noisy waiting room, a constant stream of various dialects poured into the ears, wearing a headset had to force the volume to maximum Walkman.After a series of just reversing, the company arrived at the station I was physically and mentally fatigued.  A few days ago also sunny Beijing yesterday afternoon, suddenly began to rain, this morning came out even more surprised to find that the entire area is a vast expanse of.This is the most beautiful snow I’ve ever seen in Beijing later.Always loved the snow, I had never seen a winter like the snow several times in Beijing.I did not expect before leaving Beijing to send me such a gift.  Pit mouth, someone laughing, some crying, some smug, someone whispered sigh, someone wearing headphones impassive watching people clustered together and spread.This man is my.With both sides of the luggage will stay in the middle of the seats were occupied himself, listening to the song wrote these words in a notebook carry with.  The left Beijing is nothing but just a few tens of days only, but somehow always feel so sad farewells.When looking at the ticket station to apply for accident insurance, think of yesterday and his jokes, no news if I ten and a half, then I probably was sacrificed on the way.  It turned out that life is but I just ephemera, fleeting.Life platform coming and going, you’re here, he’s gone.Someone watching; waiting for someone; someone here have been waiting a long time, perhaps to wait much longer, perhaps, so will wait forever.Like Murakami tree as written, waiting for a man not appear.And you and I, in this endless waiting, but is acting as the role of a passer.  Come, gone.separated.Scattered.  From a starting point to another starting point.And from one end to another end.When one of the end becomes the starting point again, how many times we act as a passer, but also met a number of passing?So, from here, where you will arrive?From here, I will become what?From here, a year later where I will?With what kind of mood, listening to what song?What kind of passing scenery?What kind of story read?What kind of people loved?What kind of tears flowing?  What people ah, ah time, always too harsh, saying that the past is past, forget to say forgotten.Nothing last forever, there is no unbreakable.Not for thousands of years can persist for centuries, only willing lifetime, my memory can retain the good old days, I remember the song I sing too, walked the streets.  I’m a man of contradictions, nostalgic and new love.He will miss a long time in one place, but sinking restless heart has been clamoring to leave to look for new and exciting challenges.Always wanted to take a trip, go to a strange place.Watching strange scenery, take a strange road, for those kind strangers shallow smile.Learning an unfamiliar language, sing a strange song, a strange lifestyle habits.Four Seasons cycle interspersed with more than one and a journey begins and ends.  Walking, endless.    Part II: traveling journey came from time immemorial, mankind has experienced every time a never-ending complaint.Standing in the face of difficulties, wisdom in the direction of forward planning; continuously enrich the knowledge illuminate the future.In hardships, people find ways through the years tempered, spent many levels, so filled with courage to heart.Experience and maturity walking in the intersection, cross the dangerous mountains, wading through rivers to the east, time and again over nature, his own firm, defeat ignorance, challenge ignorance, backwardness aside, standing in the other side of success.  In the early humans to chipped stone tools mainly to hunters and gatherers.Human foods eaten raw, tasteless, dripping with blood, like a ferocious beast.People in rags, leaves for the simple cloth, dignity.The use of fire, bring to eat an immense change, Shredded teeth bite, experienced a long trip.Finally, polished stone, primitive humans began farming and animal husbandry, and gradually settled down.Strong human step forward.In the struggle with life, the level of clothing, housing continues to be improved, the history has been pushed to the front line of the track along the twists and turns of the road, all the way through the clutter, all the way to touch roll to climb all the way to speak with the hardships, all the way fought with attitude, get across the crews are moving.  Life increasingly rich, some of the pottery, bamboo products and wood products, etc. applied in life, instead of the original holding mouth drink.Social rolling like waves, rushing forward, in the era of ebb and flow, in Yunjuanyunshu days, mankind won a convenient dawn of civilization to make the rising sun, lighting up every corner of life.  Bronze smelting technology mastered by people, but the instruments of labor is still the main stone, bronze weapons and mainly as a ritual, human society has undergone tremendous changes.Iron Age, so that human completely turn over.Iron is widely used in the production of tools.Iron tools for the benefit of mankind, in the work the fields, in the glorious history underline the sum, in light of human development in the title page.Painstakingly manual pull the plow to cattle farming, reducing the load of labor, improve efficiency and reduce the sweat of the hard and helpless.Mankind has undergone enormous changes, constantly promote social development, improve the quality of life.Cooking with wok cooking, a plume of smoke suggests that the days of the United States and cilantro rice.That life is booming, it is to smile blooming stage.  The age of steam, machinery production gradually replaced manual labor, traditional handicraft workshops being replaced by large-scale machine factory, advanced technology and social productivity has been an unprecedented rapid development.On transport, can bridge, boats and car applications to improve the pace of life, to shorten the distance with the city’s rural areas, but also to facilitate people coming and going.  Industrial era, a variety of increasingly detailed division of labor, specialization.”Kaoshanchishan utensils”, “sunrise and sunset” in ordinary human life, every step forward, wrote an extraordinary performance, as if the earth nourish all things, life is not interest rates, has been alternately growth, has been thriving.  Previously, traditional wok is fitted Tuzao, coal, Shan Mao, firewood is an integral part of the kitchen; dirt floor, tile walls and the line becomes a moment of time torrent stride, running for a period of not less than the distance.China five thousand years, how much precipitation civilization and culture, has accumulated much knowledge and experience, and constantly push the human race forward travel.In life, generations of spread, not just the blood flowing, but also the progress of sweat, numerous difficulties and obstacles, countless potholes, ups and downs.Up the ladder so that humanity higher and higher, wider field of vision eyes see more farther, to complete and then more glory.  Now, the electronic information age, full of poetic life among the civilian population.Types of food to eat as much, dizzying, enjoy the endless; clothes style, dazzling, cloth very strange fascination; the bustling city, bright night, live in high-rise buildings, rational layout of the neighborhood, it is comfortable and cozy.Development, has already replaced the bright lights dim candlelight; cement pavement, asphalt pavement instead of the face of a dusty dirt road; the great inventions of computers, mobile phones, the network changed people’s way of life.  Easy, smooth, Shun, scene gradually invade day life here and there, unbelievable time has come.All walks of life, with different kinds of motor vehicles in the flow of people in and out, travel on an airplane, where the shuttle boat.Shorten the distance, communication convenient, fast communication straight.Most people can detect the structure of matter as large galaxies, small elementary particles.To carry forward the fine tradition in many, many ideas quietly changed, in many cultural heritage.  People increasingly live and work, care for the young, help dead Ambulance “best behavior” in emerging.Character, the image of the noble increasingly.Of course, there are still ugly, illegal behavior in the community, but, no doubt, the society forward in history.The new generation in feeding, in a growing, maturing in.In life, people get a new generation of old people, a new era to replace an old age, mankind is a step by step to write the next page after page Guanghua.    Part III: lonely journey as the years rush dies, we knew already after a few spring and autumn, and now I had a vague notion of the feelings, all the way down, the pain of countless, countless lonely, array array strikes me that thin figure, tightly squeeze the pain my whole heart.  Fall in love with loneliness, try the patience, boil dry full body and mind saturated with the loneliness, the pain of which and how many twists and turns in order to freeze a yo.No one would deliberately to pursue alone, and no one is born of love lonely, in addition to frustration or helplessness, frustration of being soaked lonely, lonely frustration of being eroded, helpless endure worried, the Gan being affected in tears again and again in weak anti-war.  A big crowd, had long been masked figure flying vicissitudes, who left a scar, who stung simple.Looking up at the deep night sky, the plume of sad emotions, like jumping notes like that, penetrate the specter of falling into a fragrance spread in my heart, deep silence in which want to wake up.  Spring to winter, the waves faded away dream hard back.Here is meet, where is the end of the world can?Chewing give you memories, had tears in her eyes seems to diffuse surplus, if not the end of this road, please let the past wind, I desolate and far away together, why can wind nor mercy heart that?Years sauna net flow slowly, quietly go time, nobody knows Rooms, East Lu Bai, a night so in the past, when the first rays of morning sun pierce my eyes, I felt that the pain is so thorough, could not help live close your eyes and let the tears of pain that ravaged the face of wanton.Looking at the mirror confused face goes pale, reddish touch printed on the orbit, the refraction of the sun appears to be that kind of look sad bear, the corner of the line of sight of a piece of dyed blood red.  So this way, once love, Peng Pai’s heart, are being disseminated that touch of color.Perhaps, I just want one of your commitment to this piece of my collection of memories.Persevering, so you hesitate to turn the joy of the body, not the head, left me sad just bursts of flavor and pain trembling heart weep.  Time rush flipping through a needle stab mercilessly splashed the story that no one pity the hearts, spring of light and shadow from the sky had cleared, how much melancholy and seemingly endless spread out in this season, my thoughts of you it swept into the howling wind, blowing hurt me stranded retain between mind, I blew woke up sleeping in the depths of memory drops Fallen flowers.  Listening to you that the same delicate voice, looking at you smile familiar to the bone, the share of long-lost recollections of understanding between our eyes, it seems that everything is so go with the flow, as if this is the case like this, has long been fixed years, the effort has been to integrate.I just know, in front of this scene is the moon in the water flowers in a mirror, but nothing more, after all, drama is drama, no matter how wonderful and tangled process, the outcome of how to accept defeat, do not look back to the last time you were able to escape the sidelines of Stern finish , gently waving Room.  Can, I suffer.  Often thought, if you can accompany me through the end of time, then that is how happy I.Often I thought, if you can laugh with me to the highest power together, then how should I lucky.Unfortunately, you’re not, to accompany me to the last, lonely and helpless I can only learn to struggle, crazy walking text seize curl blowing smoke as partners, desolate and lonely rows of my body and soul will eventually erode, engulfing.  Once again set foot on the boundless mind wandering away, good effort haggard, road cease to have your company, the winter sun brought me back to the previous time, once you no longer next to my heart, leaving only a vague hint of loneliness back, with autumn elegy, rove on this never-ending road.  It is not something you can accompany me to the last?    Part four: the common people subjected to human emotions in the journey of life for me is a journey, it took us time.It lets us know what love is, it is perhaps in this journey the most meaningful thing, adds a bit of warmth for this journey.  Journey we grow up, to meet with the sun in the morning, in the evening to greet the night.We went through the seasons, tasted the ups and downs, which is perhaps the taste of the world, in our growing happy with, happy with.And feel along with the ordinary family brought with every move, but also accompanied by tears and sadness.During the journey we grew up, we knew we wanted to not only care for their families, we need a her, she told us to know what is love.Love is the emotion of her inspiration generated.And this emotion common infection in my life.We love enjoying the happiness brought about by a common feeling innocence and experience the indescribable taste.Since then, life has changed, everything around becomes not important, and makes memories every taste tenderness.I fell in love with her, then married, in order to “hold your hand, and bring the old” common business oath love nest.  During the journey we will pass and a lot of people, often also miss some opportunities.Day in the flat face of grief and emotion is not the same, bear the pressure of life and misfortunes.We have no time to enjoy the sunset sunset, not in the mood to feel the summer sun, we gradually lose the joy of life, numbness and mediocre lives every day, happy lopsided, but we could not find the meaning of life.We never felt tired, complaining, more and more, in the past efforts to create feelings gradually become far.  During the journey the people around from time to time to get off, leave our lives, left our sight, we have evidence that he found alive.Even a look back, saw himself in the mirror, but was taken aback.We have young and frivolous, but change the old indifference.Time imprinted on our faces engraved, white will be our hair dyed white, then we suddenly realize that we are not the young.We wasted too much time, and began to practice all the past and chagrined, the old man began to nostalgia, he began to focus on changing around the love around longer young, but jointly own and experiencing all kinds of hardships come today life, we do not complain, in life and your significant other can go now should be lucky, we should be thankful.We began to cherish every minute from now, and did not complain, holding her hand common to see the sunset together to meet the summer sun, the wave of epiphany feeling the true meaning of living.All this is not too late, in time to the finish, we understand the original meaning of life that is born for love, but to “hold your hand, and bring the old” reached the final in his life, the interpretation of life moving and original ideals.Life ah!Really easy ah.You make me feel too sad, but we have learned tolerance in life, learn to love in the face of everyone in the mood.Ordinary life has given me the most really touched.  Time to get off, and I will leave my life, my love..Every moment in life was impressive, we live this life for love, for love exists, so we should leave with love.A journey over, if there is an afterlife with her and I was willing to jointly open a new journey.    Part five: the journey he knew he had to face in front of all: in front of him, a huge round Jinhuang Yu disk is slowly fall on the horizon, disappeared before it was smashed to powder, still enjoy the show it unstoppable glory.Splash from the golden powder painted that Zhang Jufan west, this yacht is about to bid farewell to late autumn waters meet early winter storm.At the moment, the light emitted is no longer dazzling jade plate, he knew it was no longer the mighty god, but an old back.He also believes that a next reincarnation, it reigns again, with a more intense and more intense ultraviolet ruling on this side of heaven and earth.Just at the moment it had to admit defeat, he watched an era gone.It suddenly a lot of aging, the edge is no longer hot, cold wave has been insufficient to withstand the attack, but can not stop the spread of the night, this is no longer a close fight, which is its destiny – “a heroic ending, total It ended in failure. “.He knows it, but he was never in doubt after a fallen hero rise and there will be a group of teenagers, hero.He turned in his rear, golden jade plate brother is plotting to usurp the throne, at the moment to seize power ambitions have been exposed.That huge body enough to fight it, but younger than it stronger.It was defeated by its brother in a little bit, a little bit of fall, the whole world had to “demise” to its brothers in power.It drove that support boat escaped, before leaving vowed it will come back.But they forget that it is personally trained its sibling – the light, the only difference is only of Ice and Fire.This is a dispute between the brothers has been a long time immemorial, will continue, no war victor, always with the rotation cycle of the iris – he knew that reincarnation.  The north wind blowing, the whole piece whole piece of wheat fields surrender, declaring the advent of an era belongs to winter.This is the era of belonging to the Thinker, the air was filled with a clear taste.At the moment there is still a lonely walk back, no longer ignore that in a thrilling duel.Endless strife made him feel confused and very tired, he did not know where to go next, which made him feel very painful.He no longer think this problem does not make sense, just walking in the Ice and Fire Pro interface, a man walked.Suddenly, he fell heavily on the thorny wilderness.He lay there quietly, then climbs up the exhausted body strength – he has been for a long time without eating, extreme physical weakness.His hands in his face bleeding, blood falls drop by drop upon the thorns of dead branches, he heard the flames they emit shrill laughter.  The sky seems great, full of lint, and a piece fell on his face, who fell into his heart, the dough very warm.He closed his eyes, remembering childhood mother stroked his face, is this feeling.He was sleepy, he really is doing his best.He tired in order to find the legendary prairie he did not know how long to go from the wilderness to the desert, from the plateau to the basin, from the home to a foreign land, far away from a foreign land to.Sand dance, he easily lifted up to heaven higher up, he just felt difficulty breathing cold body, reaching the highest point in the blink of an eye, a sudden sharp fall, he opened his eyes was actually below the lofty ravine, Roughs roll, he desperately shouting.He woke up in horror, found to have a vast expanse of heaven and earth, the blood left on the bush has long been covered by thick snow, as if he had not hurt – the original, is a dream.  He dragged his heavy body continued forward.Smoke rising, in front of a village, he walked quickly.The villagers saw him, as I have met a beast-like escape door closed, he know what to do.Several far to the passer-by asked him to go, he did not answer, he did not know how to answer.There are several vendors taunt him like a madman nothing, he just silence.He could not bother to curse more resentment, just walking.He does not feel proud humble, let those who do not know him at that talking about their inner emptiness and cowardice.A kindly old man told him there in front of the storm, he seemed not to hear, but the direction of the finger against that man walked.The old man seemed puzzled, shaking his head sigh of relief, but still wish him well.He smiled back to the old man, to whom he has been for a long time did not smile.  The snow is getting up, quickly covered his footprints another snow.Leaving only a stumble back between heaven and earth, more and more blurred, and soon disappeared in the distance.Nobody knows him in the end to go, and no one knows how far away in the end he finally parked where it seems to have been unimportant.Suddenly a voice came: “In fact, you do not have to know how far to go, knew from the start he would go where the people are not far away.”

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