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    Part one: not missing the pros and cons, naturally there will be pros and cons.  Both pros and cons, obviously hehe naturally, clear understanding of mind.  EAST date, the loss of bright heaven and earth; Sangyu at sunset, moonlight was tassels.  Gun Gun winter snows since daylight micro Pan horizon slowly coming, go light, airborne, he looked up and looking up.Some eyes and purpose, chill hit some body.At the moment all too hastily Xi, Xi Yu Cang over from the treacherous, blood vicissitudes of Japan.  Lu Yan flutter of luxuriantly, stretched out in the round Huan Yan Yan in the lush buds, this root, grow with this, together with its coveted eyes.Sun and the moon fueled, in reincarnation dream, moon and dark matte.  He looked up looking up, that Liao Factories of the blue, so deep that it sway chaos Sui Yu Qiong, a hand was Secretary, and pick up the floating dense stream.  Snow has not at all like.Since no coolness to that you can pour through the fingers Nama ogle orange, so they are sprinkled on the face, close to you, and are cheering.Lonely, lost, dream no time to retain a lot of spread, they know, they know that to you, they comfort for you.  Ann Chan an idea, an idea bother Yu.Ji Jian dense cold and pure, when the sun and the moon accompanied with you, it will be obscured by those halo blend, he erased Tongmou in Stark Suzhen, leaving realities of Guangguai.  After that, the rise of looking up, so mysterious hidden, there are blue; Cang dogs; there is rain; Snow Jade; wind yarn, then there is tomorrow.  Oh, still hand hide their faces, crevices Mouli, caught a glimpse of graceful, life as a leaf; a glimpse of Miharu benefits, full of thorns way.You will lament: bright world, why it shines place but desultory, not very clear?  Overcast night, burning the candle, I knocked on the window lintel, the moon in my arms, despite the ear.I then looked up, then hung on wheels quiet, well-behaved you look down my head, knowing yo, has been hanging like a sweet crescent arc.I smiled back, nodded quietly as ink night, beneath that, anti-dust away vulgar person, pick Moonlight Head, quiet place no one wiped the dust, ink will smile on the deep, deep lit..  Overcast night, candle went out, I took his hand away, no crevices.As with the previous month, bright predicament, the moon, spend here, it lost its Magnificence, have to meddle thousand nights.But also because at the moment I looked overlooking the untamed land, just like a wheel missing.  May have to reflect on this sentence: to be non-human, to be a non-person.  You and I are both from the right and wrong, right and wrong in Qingming grown up on its own, and then died due to non hastily.  Well, that is, to have, or will lose; not to leave, but to let you know.    Part II: missing Sunday morning, he heard someone knock on the door saying my pet name, opened the door and saw my octogenarian uncle, riding an old bike, risking a dozen miles of traffic hazard to bring me two leeks, see I keep repeating: “spring of the new long, fresh!”At that moment, my eyes full of tears, and I thought my life comfortable and carefree, suddenly understood what the depths of life’s most missing.  Parents good health, his son study hard, happy family, it does not lack affection.Every parent can be there in order to allow parents to rest assured, always proud of his own comfort side show to them, rarely mentioned work and life of bitterness and troubles.In order to give his son a good education conditions, at all costs, no matter how tough hard carrying their own, I do not want to distract the children, and the children also do not have much understanding of consciousness.I only have one hand holding parents hand his son a steady forward the.  Times have changed, love is rendered shades, Chinese foreign Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day, let you look again and again to love, cherish the love.Can be big pressure, a new era of women are not allowed to have too many dependencies, and then the hard stems do not like the weak again and again wound.”Hold your hand, and grow old.”The oath requires two people strive to maintain, watering the flower of love, strong woman, smile, style is essential.Nightlife net a lot of friends, hip-hop joke, reciprocity, can talk of.Hip-hop can be a joke, not nearly far; reciprocity, to maintain a kind of self-explanatory relations; talk it, be regarded as a confidant of it, mention may be made of sorrow and grief, everyone’s stomach is like a high tide of the sea, on the lack of the audience.Users can give a wonderful space for reverie, can then do not say, I do not consider too much, as if suddenly broaden their horizons spirit can chat always like NanKe dream, wake up have to rely on a small rice to eat.  No desire of seeking care, moving and Zhixin love, indeed we should be rooted in every person’s life in Linden.  Two leeks with dew, without any preservation technology, it would have been bright green and tender, passing the love of rustic life.    Part three: lack of trust in order to affirm motivated guys in full swing, summon everybody to continue to go all out, and strive to upstream morale, and everybody work hard and smart to arouse enthusiasm, leadership severely heart, bite the bullet and talk to one person, one box salted duck eggs.  Listen to a share of close friends that she gave relatives, also decided on the way home I got to the brother house to see my mother, this time something more, seems to have no more than ten days to see her.So it turned the corner Qiguaibaguai to the vegetable market, selling vegetables uncle saw a roadside selling vegetables, green beans was very fresh, as if just picked from the ground, watching it on the menu as well as that of native everything I knew approached him, asking about the price, bagging, had said that when I looked down money suddenly found that I did not bring change, so embarrassed and took out a big dime, and embarrassed that there is no change, looking at his expression of frustration, I firmly said to him, I’m going to buy meat of it, there must have change, one will come back to you money.Before he took with his green beans came to the butcher shop, while I say 20 yuan lean meat, put aside the money handed over, but she did not give me a cut, she cut several dollars thirty ribs to another aunt bit, although not buy meat of these acquaintances, but also familiar face flower.I also did not care about the first come first served that reason, I retired and sit when she said again, and she gave me a good cut I waited for her to find the money, but her hand was outstretched to ask me for money, I said no just gave you the yet, she said that when you give, I would just say it, she just said that I have received is that the ribs of it, you have seen people give $ 50 I have yet to find her change.  My goodness!  Now the age up, and things upset, and sometimes even forgetful of things will happen, but still not to the point where, in justnow, in amomentago, just waiting for me to go back to pay back the money that Uncle green beans , I will not have this confused.So I say to you the vexation Yeah, she vexation to say where is it, the face of the person next to meat, and I know getting more and more difficult to explain, something small loss of money, disloyal something big.So I had no choice but it would seem that thieves generally took out a big hairy, but the things that come out gave me a turn for the better.  Years have passed with the money to keep up appearances, usually I seldom hold a lot of money, in the face of sporadic notes, used to always put the money and most people do one off another break to one point four fold to fold up, I do not know since when, but put the money into a vertical cross-fold and then a one off or a vertical fold and then fold to a horizontal fold up, but now I think that it seems to be more texture.I saw this break things up, I suddenly remembered that a just, before they are folded together, fold it.So I say to that butcher, you look again, you see there’s no such creases.Because she did not give me very firm, so she turned down while muttering turn on one side, turn right, turn left, turn after turn before, I stared from hi, note that there’s money is either lying or is shaped bend shaped like a butterfly that only has half stretched.Haha, I saw, as we have seen, she seems to have seen, and while I am sorry to say that when you give me it?While deftly got me zero, this next person have received a sentence.Say that Shane, which is now also the kind of person.But my God, but they just do not send a word, are quietly waiting in the side, as if waiting for something toward their imagination to develop it.  I said nothing, took the money went to buy food that Uncle Tan Qian also the food money.For this rare trust, I bought a big pocket.

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