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    Part one: between Hanada know the occasional return a book, casual Fannong, so they feel into the heart of pain, like cramps, or like another twitch.  Eyeful of purple spread open, but heavy monotonous, unlike cloves, better than the lilies, only quietly open, to uphold the dying, flying straight into the heart of who in a sunny day, scattered into the mud.  Gentian still in, with spring.  The story begins in the finale, compassionate and sighing, but also wishful thinking on duty and free of expectations, everyone is waiting for the regeneration of that particular reader, to accompany her to read deep into the snow, won the world instantly pale, then a cry of ecstasy, to commemorate the passing of the majority.  A half an acre of Fang Tang Kam open sky clouds were hovering.The girl who called Tian-dimensional melting in antique poetry, the imagination Hanada half an acre in front, smiling, syncope, smiling.Circulating for a long time.  Plaid shirt, pure beautiful big eyes, she stood there, I wish to all, like the happiness of all.  Snow in her hands become shy and subtle, and swayed her Ears temples, melted out of the most beautiful in the spring, the winter away.But it was no longer hovering on the edge of the season, enjoy the pure, enjoy deep gradient abrupt cut in pieces and leave the newborn, do a bustling and chill across the old dream, so everything enough, really, nothing more.  I can not imagine, if it was me, was sentenced to death in Japan and a brilliant, then I would choose how to deal with the interpretation of the empty inner life, I know that when I choose to imagine this heart has died.Because I will not be the end for me to honor one kind of self-deception strong in the face of any major grief self-definition, fragile become a habit.  But this fragile woman actually optimistic, she would still choose the same again thanks and enjoy the habit between the bed and desk, and enjoy this world still adhere to the dawn of the sun, as always, brought her to enjoy the bookshelf ink incense, and even enjoy the cold syrup taste hallway and death intertwined.Thanks mother gave birth, thanks to the care of friends, and even cancer so that she can thank awake to write in pain for a long and delicate world.  She is so in love writing, enamored in the text, exchange tempting predecessors, the continuation of human warmth, with her characteristic modesty, compassion she brings interpretation of the text, so that everyone in the sea’s 500,000 words, countenance However, Qi Jing, her innocence as children under a load of taste, the taste Juanxiu expectations fallen stride.  San Mao once touched, touched Huiyin, but after they left for too long, and how to catch up their occupation of delicate and wisdom of life, until I met her, listen to her singing melody in her flower fields, the if nothing had happened to see her play, read her silence intelligence, and understand, it really been looking for life not death was actually swimming in, even showing a younger age.  20 years old, this should hold books in the silence of the street look around, see gluey lovers, day and night, to see their parents loved each other in every possible way, but everything is so unexpected and unpredictable wonderful her beautiful locks in a passionate age, let her no chance to really enjoy this life should be, how this tragedy will make many people flowing tears in my eyes, the moist her world, how many people will fall in love with her after a difficult hinder live pain of lost love, best wishes with her, counting the stars for themselves and for others blessings.  Lu Youqing has to go, they had to go, she also chasing leave their mark, with a smile to say goodbye to her deep love of the world.  Her love is crystal clear, like Ice, like amber, like clean her eye, I hope to encounter her in a dream, her unfulfilled love talking, talking with her peers throbbing, to dawn, to the permanent.  Her love is sincere, like a stream, like a stone milk, like her fine words, I want to remember from the past and present understanding of unrequited love in tears, the desperation with her infiltration of the day with a smile Strolling along Hanada happy to sunset, to the end of the season.  ”We are living in a world of angels.All things beautiful, in the middle of my.”She said the case.  Yes, she was a happy Que of self-direction, so that everyone pity for her, for all the grief I’s overdraft.  Yes, her fleeting lifetime of frustrations and self-redemption, let everyone do nothing for her, for all to much to bear, nowhere to hide.  Hanada open col, open in the wilderness, in a familiar open city, the shuttle in her faith unshaken, the Qingqi Hanada waves with bright, floral listening is strong, everything is strong.  If you can, I would like to get together with her loneliness in a quiet, practical.  If you can, I would like to get together with her strong, humble in pain.  TIAN Wei, not for stretches in the flower fields in just half an acre, in a narrow road in flowers, flowers rife swab, Rui Fu into exhausted.  I looked at her lonely mole, for her tears, pray for her next life must be healthy in his home, next life must be their own happiness.  I ended up in the flower fields in return, beside her quiet star, converted her kindness.  Hanada return, Tian-dimensional still.  ”I cried, I laughed, I loved, I hated.”Part II: return to nature return to nature, that is, people can not always be trapped in their own little world built, needs to return to its natural state to go, can be found in the natural environment of those things to help themselves, to find their destination.  After a long evolution of man from the natural environment in ancient times was produced in a natural environment, after a long-term hardships and death in the face, and finally with the help of wisdom and experience, the establishment of human society.No matter what the definition is given, people are still in a class of biota, ecology and nature there are also inextricably linked.To live in this world worth meaningful, it must be from an in-depth knowledge and understanding of natural.  Since people from nature, it can not be divorced their origin, to be with nature.But what should we do, to what extent, but it has a different story, there is a dispute still exists today, it is no consensus.Sauna net to completely avoid in life and eliminate traces of man, the easiest way is to give up everything, went back in ancient times nascent human life that.But this state of life can only occur under certain circumstances.As compared with natural now natural ancient times, has been a great change in the details of the relationship between population and the environment, there are many differences.Modern human living conditions, but also with the state of early human life is very different.Today human beings are not human in ancient times.In the modern environment of long-term natural nascent life, make people’s living habits and psychological state of great change occurred, gave birth to the human offspring born of this case, because the modern diet can not be obtained, and also lack access to modern wisdom teaching experience, there will be a recession in the physiological and psychological, will eventually degenerate into a modern apes.The process under modern conditions to re-man evolution, will be a long and highly variable process, think again evolved from apes to humans with a high degree of intelligence, the chances of success are very small, almost impossible.  Easier for people to accept, is an incomplete alternative method.Is the use of rest days or holidays relatively abundant free time, to leave the city jungle, away from the hustle and bustle of downtown, adjacent to where the rural atmosphere, and spend some time, play relax and recuperate role.In this way, to achieve contact between man and nature, relatively simple and practical, it has a positive effect.Through the understanding of local customs and eating habits, you can make the growth of knowledge and experience gained in.Observant people will learn cooking of food to the local population, for the future of home life will go a long way.Fly in the ointment is that just as a guest visit by not taking too long, so the degree of integration with the local environment is not high.Fortunately, people’s mood is constantly changing, even if only one extraordinary experience, will make people’s mental outlook has changed, a new look.  There is also a way to let people return to nature, that is, people lost their lives in the future, it can also be saved in the natural state.The ancients and now folk is still practiced burial, that’s to do.In some parts of the country and religious beliefs, customs retained so.The use of burial of the way to take up a larger number of land less suitable in densely populated areas.But this way, there are some merits, that is, the soil can be activated to reduce soot emissions, but also to facilitate the retention of some commonly used objects and future archaeological research.In advocating ideas to change our habits of modern civilization countries and regions, due to land or other reasons, it can not be used subject to certain restrictions, but generally use the way of cremation.There are also `water burial and burial at sea burial of the way, but also make the dead man and the natural environment that blend better.  Although people have long or short life, living habits are different, there will be a vastly different quality of life, no matter how it changes, people can not completely get rid of all influences from nature.Even if only to maintain the metabolic needs to breathe, it needs oxygen in the air from contacting.For many people, spend months and years living under the protection of the suit, I am afraid it may not be the people to be happy about.  So, in their lifetime, take advantage of opportunities in contact with the natural environment, make their own from this new awareness and perception of many things.Return to nature, people will cherish life.    Part three: return north in the spring is the best season of body and mind, and before you enjoy the silent recollection to grow old.The earth seems like a dream, but the bright early summer full charge approached the vast.Always love outing in small groups of people roaming the wilderness.I alone came to the forest, looking for a shade sat on the floor, his hands kept collecting wild vegetables.He gave up facing the distant clouds, despite the bird between the branches melodious sound.Surrounded by the flowers gently swaying in the wind, waves slowly warm feeling thin.At this time, quiet heart began to perk up ,,,,,, Suddenly, I was touched by this humble life, in the lonely hills are covered with flowers open, endless green growth in joy, again and again to quietly rise and fall, life after life to live in the countryside, enjoying the ups and downs of baptism, a taste test of lightning hail.They troubles away from the hubbub, they ignore the world of love and hate, joy and natural walked season, leaving a touch of beauty to the earth signs.The exhaustion of power of his life, release light of life.Natural mission completed.  Life is much better than this, all this light to walk in shallow season, the mood will be entrusted with a touch of the wind, the clouds roll back and forth to arrange sadness, to deliver this dream scattered text, so beautiful and the flowers bloom in.There may be due to the earth’s bustling, people lonely sometimes Bliss, ups and downs and ups and downs, never stopped before.Love is like a cup of the world by enticing wine, edge to edge to, the ups and downs, like many downtown ephemeral, whether noble or humble, whether rich or poor, whether officials or prisoners are the same fate.Until then spread out your palm, are naked away empty-handed.  It turned out that love fly like water, it is difficult to predict the pace of the end, the wind can not find safe haven.Do not ask whether or not to have, do not ask how beautiful the dream of yesterday there, only a sigh, I loose the passion of the original pieces out just unreal, was hit as the everlasting.Looking back is a touch of yin and yang, like intoxicated Yilianyoumeng, adding to the open fields of a mound, the wind began to punch and green flowers.Once wet heart, ted under the time, really and years of drinking, inviting birds companion.  Chaotic heart like a field of wind, fly vague and distant sky, swaying a cool and fragrant.Early summer confused state of mind in the silence.I should not a man came to the mountains?Inadvertently cultivating the barren lonely hearts, planted the seeds of confusion, let sentimentality into my mind, into a messy flowers bloom, I looked on the wild parcel filled with lying on the hills, hiding behind time, quietly close your eyes, trance into the previous chapter.Unsuspectingly fall there anymore meditations.With the feeling can not tell, pick up a warm Fragmentation.A man went out in Xanadu, a man quietly faint eddies between the painted screen, flipping through memories ever, stay in the mind sees that there Unspoken.As drink a cup of tea, drinking the envelope which marks lingering.  Cloud has been light, the wind has been far, all of this, have felt distant blur.Pink spring, summer cicada language, this moment will I jealously guarding that a persistent joy, uncertain harvest Ruoyouruowu years, somewhere already doomed, blossom, I was past achievements joy, I was tireless efforts to meet.Although with some inadvertently missed, but also achievements inevitable unexpected.Many times, repeat always tell the same theme, such as life, such as loneliness, feeling like a bohemian, The Hills impermeable, the world remains silent, many more than just a feeling.  Siyuan smoke were busy early summer, lying so quietly, quietly thinking mind, any of a number of diverse gradually into nothingness, the sun gradually sink, commanding that the convergence of the scorching insolent, put calm smile, quietly overlooking this piece of woodlands, its burning eyes flushed my cheeks, I carelessly will feel deep trance, with its placid quiet on the TV, then raised his hands gently off a touch of light blue light, hidden in the luggage of the beginning of the return of body and mind.

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