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    Twelve Constellation Analyzes Idol, China Daily Idol Producer Your Choice of Idol Constellation is Larger, China Daily Idol Producer is a Group of Nine, Cai Xukun’s Position C debuts, Who Do You Choose? Do you all know what constellations idols are?? Let’s see if your idol has taken the constellation nature to its fullest!   Leo: Cai Xukun said Leo was the king. Cai Xukun did not live up to his expectations and finally started his career with Nine People Group C.. It can be said that Cai Xukun has been very domineering since he participated in the “Idol Producer” program. In addition to the second place in the first phase of the national producer vote, the following results have been maintained as the first king, and he has held the C position for many times.. In the program, Cai Xukun also gave full play to Leo’s sunshine enthusiasm, smiled superbly, and actively helped others. It may be his sense of responsibility as a lion king. Cai Xukun dotes on Qian Zhenghao’s younger brother. He was especially happy to see his younger brother enter the top 20 because he also voluntarily withdrew from the previously rehearsed group performance..   The following are the contents of Libra: Chen Linong, Libra’s boys are gentle and gentle, and their facial features are quite high.. Chen Linong did live up to Libra in terms of Yan value. He was also very gentle in character. His trademark smile was super healing. I don’t know how many little sister he charmed.. Libra men are very popular, and so is Chen Linong, who won the favor of others in the program.. Libra, who pursues fairness and harmony, is good at observing and observing. At first, when she was interviewed during the “Idol Producer” program, Nong Nong got the routine of the program group and told her friends directly. She was also very cute in honest and frank..   Gemini: Gemini boys in Fan Chengcheng are good at association, cheerful and quick-witted. Fan Chengcheng did show his cheerful flour in the “Idol Producer” program, and often couldn’t help laughing and collapsing.. His cheerfulness can even be said to be funny. He even promised his teammates to wear enchanting wigs when giving birthday dance to Mr. Cheng Xiao. He also performed an exaggerated dance to relax Qian Zhenghao when preparing the stage performance exercise of “Dream” with his teammates.. Gemini is changeable, Fan Chengcheng’s performance is not lost hope, you think he is high cold fan, is actually a little cute.   Pisces Justin Zhu zhengting Pisces men are gentle and affectionate, full of romantic and aesthetic colors. in the program, the national producers must feel the tenderness of Justin and Zhu zhengting, and they are very romantic and aesthetic.. Both of them are very serious people. The seemingly weak Pisces man can show amazing indomitable spirit in the face of difficulties and obstacles. Before attending the “Idol Producer” program, the two agreed that if they want to attend, they must make a debut in Nine People Group together. They did. Justin is a little brother, Zhu Zhengting has always been the role of the elder brother. His speeches are full of words and are also full of charm..   Virgo: Lin Yanjun and You Changjing Virgo are perfectionists. They are naughty and enthusiastic. Looking at the origin of the nickname “Leng Yanjun”, you will find that the cold Lin Yanjun is also a naughty boy who will not pay for the cold death of cold joke.. However, you Changjing did uphold Virgo’s perfectionism in singing and practiced with Wang Ziyi over and over again. However, you did not pursue perfection in body management. Who makes “improvement” a proper chowhound? No matter what you do, you cannot do without eating..   Cancer’s following content: Wang Ziyi Cancer Male has always been a good man’s image. Wang Ziyi has always been quiet in the program. At first, there were not many scenes in the program. Later, it gradually appeared in the career of national producers because of its strength.. Wang Ziyi does have the characteristics of Cancer Man. His personality is gentle, friendly, friendly and loving, and he has always been uncompromising. Like Cai Xukun, he knew that it was difficult for Qian Zhenghao to practice again. He voted himself out. He knew that Fen Qin wanted the opportunity very much and asked the bottle to turn again.. Knowing that the more people in front have more opportunities, Wang Ziyi has put himself in the back.. Flour looks tall and big with no expression, but he is really a considerate and warm-hearted person.   Taurus the following content: imp Taurus male is generally quiet and comfortable image, imp subverts everyone’s impression of Taurus male, has always been very lively, energetic all the time. As a rapper, the first day in the “Idol Producer” dormitory was like a runaway horse, singing and dancing with Xingjie Zhu in the dormitory inside.. Also, trainee has never spoken to an imp, because he is a rapper and looks very serious, fear, but the imp in private is a particularly lively and childish boy.. Yes, this trainee is out of your mind. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

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