• Who will recognize the unintelligent immediately after the quarrel??

    Who will recognize the unintelligent immediately after the quarrel?? The best way to pretend to be okay after a quarrel is to quarrel, which is a topic everyone can’t get around because we have all experienced it before.. Some people can be invincible in every quarrel and can be strong and domineering at any time. But some people are fiercer than anyone when they quarrel, and they immediately commit cowardice after quarrelling.. Who will recognize the unintelligent immediately after the quarrel?? As if nothing had happened?   Sagittarius Sagittarius never bow their heads when quarreling. Once they are angry, they dare to rancor. Moreover, they are straightforward and not afraid to offend anyone.. In addition, every quarrel is more straightforward, naturally it is easy to say some insincere cruel words, and when you calm down, you will regret your anger and emotion very much.. Only Sagittarians have a strong temper and will never admit their mistakes or bow their heads voluntarily.. The only way is to pretend that nothing has happened, and let all the behaviors during the quarrel not be admitted or denied..   Aries generally don’t turn over old scores when it comes to quarrels.. Because they are more afraid than others to turn over old scores, but also more afraid of each other because they quarrel against their words and really hurt. Therefore, after the quarrel, they will never mention it again without mentioning it. They would rather treat it as if nothing had happened, and they will not show off and publicize their victory in the quarrel.. Even if you take the initiative to mention the cruel words they said during the quarrel, Aries people are likely to pretend to have amnesia. He denies everything you say..   Leo Leo is stronger than anyone when they quarrel, and when their temper comes up, it is difficult to spare flour.. Therefore, when they encounter the strength of others, they will only be fiercer and stronger than others. They will inevitably do some irreparable things in quarrels and will also say some extreme and cruel words.. However, Leo people do not intend to be angry with others all the time. No matter how fierce the quarrel is, they will immediately turn over and stop mentioning it. They will even continue to get along with each other as if nothing had happened.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

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