• Who in love is the same as being single??

    Twelve constellation love, clearly is already in love, but it seems that friends circle, micro blog and so on all can’t see the fact that he is no longer single, 12 constellation who love and single the same?   The difference between love and single can still be seen in Aries. Aries is anxious to tell the world who she likes.! No matter what happens, you will not hide it. You must let others know that you have the master. The happiest thing is you. However, if it lasts for a short time, it will be over.!   Taurus Niu Niu can’t see the difference from the surface, but there is still a difference in the heart. If you are familiar with Taurus, you will find out whether he is in love or not in his speech. If he is in love, his tone is different, and if inside speaks, it is the other side..   Whether Gemini and Gemini are single or not depends on whether they want to send a signal to the outside world that I am in love. They only want to play, and they are absolutely pretending and hiding. You won’t find any trace, but if they give their sincerity, they will announce it to the whole world..   Cancer Cancer The difference between being in love and being single is quite big, because when they have a sweetheart, they will be distracted and only think about that person all day long. When they are in love, they will become special at home, not playing in Coming Out, and they want to be with their other half all the time, just like being autistic all of a sudden..   Leo Leo love and single difference is particularly obvious, the somebody else a love must tell the world, Lao tze A Girl & Three Sweethearts! The lion king means that you can stay away from my boyfriend/girlfriend, touch my people and die.! So domineering, no, domineering do you dare to provoke?   Virgo Virgo is hard to judge whether he is in love or not without carefully observing his changes, because this product is a habitual constellation with beautiful heart. Don’t you want it, you should also wear light clouds and light winds on the surface, but you can’t miss their erotic spirit..   Libra Libra love and single difference is really not big, if you can easily let others see the difference between us then how to develop the secondary line? We must leave enough room and retreat for ourselves. After all, we have not lost the game of love yet.! Tsundere, Thief Tsundere!   Scorpio day scorpion still has a certain difference between being in love and being single. After they fall in love, they are especially easy to talk about the other half and go to extremes. One is to boast excessively about the object, the other is to lose no friends. Being in love with him is also quite vexed.   Sagittarius Sagittarius Sagittarius love is the same as being single. They will not change their way of life because they have an object. You may as well say they are selfish or capricious. You cannot change their way of life, so you can only accept it, and stay away from us if you don’t accept it..   Capricorn Capricorn is hard to judge on the surface, because there is no different performance. If you have to pick out one point, it may be that they want more space for themselves and more quiet when they are in love..   Aquarius Aquarius It’s hard for you to find out if you are in love. The difference between single love is really not very big. Aquarius is a very independent constellation. Love won’t make Tsundere stick to each other. In fact, after you fall in love with them, you would prefer them to be single forever..   The little Pisces princess will smile pink when she falls in love. They are probably the most obvious signs of falling in love, with the four characters “I am in love” written all over her face.! Although their love may not be as satisfactory as imagined, it will also make them seriously run the business.. For Pisces, love is a process from childish to mature.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

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