• The sound, and then extracted with Taomu Jian, his spirits also like broken glass in general, broken open, and then dissipated in the air.

      Ghost watching all of this, could not help laughing.
      Then a powerful devils, after all, is no match for the spirit, Bo Qin’s strength really should not be underestimated
      She count on to complete the task, stature flash attempted to return to the library in the beginning, but who knows spiritual body half points also move very, very.
      ”how?Think of what fun things?”Because you want to leave, so the ghost is back to everyone.
      It is due to this reason, mildly entertaining to Xu Hong’s voice clearly should have been out of their wits, her whole people are surprised, but not turn inside out.
      Do not wait for her to think clearly awakened them off, she heard another chuckle, it appears to be sent to the Qin Bo, around what has become quiet, with just a noisy crowd could hear the reading room environment very different, more like.Prior to the Library.
      ”It’s finally react,?”Seeing the momentum around her suddenly a close, until no longer is so unassuming, Xu Hong’s voice rang again.
      He removed the illusion that everything is like reading the tide quickly faded from the front of the ghost.
      She looked at the ground nearby, the boy lying in the

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