• It became a completely free market competition, which gives the opportunity to many small price to win a brand.It is said that in Hong Kong has more than fifty electronics factory began producing a variety of home phone exported to the US.

      But these electronics companies in Hong Kong can only do simple assembly process, the core components of all imported, Europe and parts enterprises began last month to increase the offer of parts, most of the profits they have been seized these upstream companies.Similarly, if we have a part of the company’s own production capacity, while price negotiations with upstream suppliers will have more leeway.We have enough clout and they grind slowly!
      Although there are a large number of picture tubes used in computer monitors and arcade, but what is not considered core technology, the key patents in the hands of other companies, we naturally do not need to put too much effort in this!The construction and management of such a large electronics factory, but a very energy-consuming thing!”
      ”Li Sheng.Hello there!”An old man came Shuoshuo spirit of enthusiasm to greet him.
      ”Yao Shuji, hello!”Li Xuan instantly recognizable voices in the air in front of the full, ruddy old.He is the chairman of China Merchants, Industrial Area Work Committee She Yao Geng.
      By the Dongfang Electronics, RCA and Luks electronic picture tube plant joint venture is not a small factory, but includes color tube factory, CPT glass, phosphor plant, including a series of complete sets of plants with a total investment of up to 200 million Hong Kong dollars.Hong Kong is unlikely to provide such a large electronics factory of cheap industrial land.So the new plant construction in the mainland will choose to address.
      Lu electricity

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